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SF anthologies

Aldiss, Brian WBest fantasy stories10, incl 'Cousin Len's wonderful adjective cellar'1962
Aldiss, Brian WMore Penguin SF12, incl 'Monkey wrench', 'Jokester', & 'Tunnel under world'1963
Aldiss, Brian WPenguin SF12, incl 'Grandpa', 'Nightfall' & 'Track 12'1961
Aldiss, Brian WYet more Penguin SF12, incl 'Wall around world', 'Protected species', 'I made you'1964
Amis, KingsleyGolden Age of SF17, incl 'Xi effect', 'Tunnel under the world', 'Student body'1981
Amis, Kingsley; Conquest, RSpectrum 110, incl 'By his bootstraps', 'Midas Plague', 'Null-P'1961
Amis, Kingsley; Conquest, RSpectrum 28, incl 'Beyond Bedlam', 'Sense from thought divide', 'Bridge'1962
Amis, Kingsley; Conquest, RSpectrum 38, incl 'Killdozer!', 'Dreams are sacred', 'The Sentinel'1963
Amis, Kingsley; Conquest, RSpectrum 414, incl 'Marching Morons', 'Planet named Shayol', 'Large ant'1965
Amis, Kingsley; Conquest, RSpectrum 58, incl 'Student Body', 'Noise level', 'Mother of invention'1966
Asimov, IsaacHugo winners9, incl 'Allamagoosa', 'The Star', 'Flowers for Algernon'1962
Asimov, IsaacHugo winners 1963-19676, incl 'Neutron star' 'Soldier, ask not'1971
Asimov, IsaacHugo winners 1968-19708, incl 'Weyr search', 'I have no mouth, and I must scream'1971
Asimov, IsaacTomorrow's children18, incl 'Star bright', 'Gilead' & 'It's a good life'1966
Asimov, IsaacWhere do we go from here? #18, incl 'Surface tension', '--and he built a crooked house--'1971
Asimov, IsaacWhere do we go from here? #29, incl 'Omnilingual', 'Deep Range'1971
Asimov, Isaac; GreenbergGolden Years of SF (6th series)33 from 1949/50 incl 'Karres' 'Mobius' 'Hurkle' 'Cold war'1984
Asimov, Isaac; Jeppson, JLaughing space65+, incl 'Coffin Cure' 'MS fnd in a lbry' & many cartoons1982
Asimov; Greenberg; Olander100 great SF short shortsAveraging just over 2 pages each1978
BelmontMasters of SF7, incl 'Boomer Dukes', 'Early bird', 'Green thumb'1964
BelmontPair from spaceStill unread!195?
Benford, GregoryNew Hugo Winners, Volume IV9 from 1991 - 1993, incl Asimov: 'Gold'1997
Bleiler, F; Dikty, TEImagination Unlimited6, incl 'What dead men tell', 'Old Faithful'1964
Blish, JamesNebula 05 award stories6, incl 'A boy & his dog', 'Not long before the end'1970
Boardman Jr, TomABC of SF24, incl 'Let's be Frank', 'Family resemblance'1966
Bonfiglioli, KyrilSF reprise 323, incl 'Anita', 'Escapism', 'The charm'1967
Bonfiglioli, KyrilSF reprise 413, incl 'The Jennifer', 'War at Foxhanger'1967
Bonfiglioli, KyrilSF reprise 613, incl 'The Middle Earth', 'Xenophilia'1967
Bova, BenSF hall of fame #210, incl 'Universe', 'Marching morons', 'Baby is three'1973
Bulmer, KennethNWSF #259, incl 'Black hole of Negrav'1975
Campbell, John WAnalog 18, incl 'Monument' & 'Join our gang?'1963
Campbell, John WAnalog 28, incl 'Ethical quotient' & 'Novice'1964
Campbell, John WAnalog 38, incl 'World by the tale', 'Thin edge' & 'Hilifter'1965
Campbell, John WAnalog 4 (aka Permanent Implosion)7, incl 'Marie Celeste move' & 'A case of identity'1965
Campbell, John WAnalog 5 (aka Countercommandment)9, incl 'Computers don't argue' & 'Overproof'1966
Campbell, John WAnalog 614, incl 'Light of other days' & '...not a prison make'1967
Campbell, John WAnalog 711, incl 'Weyr search' & 'There is a crooked man'1968
Campbell, John WAstounding SF anthology: #111, incl. 'Meihem in ce klasrum', 'E for Effort', 'Blowups happen'1952
Campbell, John WAstounding SF anthology: #212, incl. 'Child's play', 'Last enemy', 'Protected species'1952
Campbell, John WPrologue to Analog10, incl 'Omnilingual' & 'Minor ingredient'1962
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #038, incl 'Subways of Tazoo', 'The fiend'1964
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #077, incl 'Invader', 'Manscarer'1966
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #086, incl 'The pen and the dark', 'Synth'1966
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #126, incl 'Cloudbuilders', 'Vertigo'1968
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #147, incl 'Blood brother', 'Ballad of Luna Lil'1969
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #166, incl 'Getaway from Getawehi', 'Meatball'1969
Carnell, John (Ted)NWSF #187, incl 'Major operation'1970
Clarke, Arthur CSF hall of fame 416 Nebula award winners from 1965 - 19691981
Conklin, Groff13 above the nightIncl 'Idiot solvant', 'Counter security', 'Prone'1965
Conklin, GroffElsewhere and elsewhen9, incl 'How allied', 'Trouble tide', 'Earthman's burden'1968
Conklin, GroffGreat SF by scientists16, incl 'Neutrino Bomb', 'John Sze's future'1962
Conklin, GroffSeven come infinityIncl 'Panic button', 'Discontinuity', 'Servant problem'1966
Conklin, GroffSeven trips through time and spaceIncl 'Flatlander', 'Overproof', 'Ministry of Disturbance'1968
Conklin, Groff; Fabricant, NGreat SF about doctors18, incl 'Emergency operation', 'Shopdropper'1963
Crispin, EdmundBest SF14, incl 'Ruum'1955
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 214, incl 'Placet is a crazy place'1956
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 311, incl 'Four in one'1958
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 410, incl 'Subway named Moebius' and 'Flowers for Algernon'1961
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 511, incl 'Noise level', 'The prisoner'1956
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 614, incl 'Waitabits'1966
Crispin, EdmundBest SF 712, incl 'Coffin cure'1970
Datlow, Ellen; Winding, TBlack thorn, white rose18, incl 'Sawing boys', 'Ashputtle'1994
Datlow, Ellen; Winding, TSnow white, blood red21, incl 'Frog prince', 'Puss'1993
DeGraeff, AllenHuman and other beings16, including 'Test piece', 'Down among the dead men'1963
Derleth, AugustBeachheads in space7, incl 'Metamorphosite', 'Repetition'1952
Derleth, AugustOther side of the moon10, incl 'Spiro', 'Memorial', 'Cure'1949
Ellison, HarlanAgain, Dangerous visions #119, including 'The word for world is forest', 'Big space fuck'1972
Ellison, HarlanAgain, Dangerous Visions #223, including 'Getting along', 'Milk of Paradise'1972
Ellison, HarlanDangerous visions33, classic, but now rather 'ordinary' seeming1967
Elwood, R; Silverberg, REpoch24, including 'ARM', 'Dogtown tourist agency', 'Durance'1975
Elwood, RogerSix SF playsIncludes original version of 'City on the edge of forever'1976
Gaiman, Neil; Kramer, EdSandman: book of dreams(Text) stories based in the Sandman worlds1996
Haining, PeterWizards of OddComic fantasy anthology1997
Harrison, HarryJW Campbell memorial anthology13, including 'Thiotimoline to the stars', 'Brothers'1973
Hay, GeorgeEdward de Bono SF collectionA 2-page intro doesn't earn credit as the editor!1976
Knight, DamonCentury of great short SF novels5, including 'Gulf', 'E for effort', 'Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde'1964
Knight, DamonThirteen French SF storiesIncluding 'Devil's goddaughter', 'Vana'1965
Malzberg; Greenberg et alNeglected visionsClifton, Anvil, Guin, Neville, Garrett, Phillips, Kagan, Wallace1979
Moorcock, MichaelBest of New Worlds15, including 'Tableau', 'Railways up on Cannis', 'I see you'1965
Moorcock, MichaelTraps of time10, including 'How to construct a time machine'1968
Parry, MichelSuperheroes13, including 'Stuporman', 'Satyr-man', 'Easy way out'1978
Parry, Michel; Subotsky, MSex in the 21st century14, including 'A trick or two', 'The Vana', 'The crooked man'1979
Pohl, Frederik; Pohl, CSF: the great years7, including 'Little black bag', 'Placet is a crazy place'1973
Sallis, JamesWar book13, including (of course!) 'Crab apple crisis', 'The weapon'1969
Santesson, Hans StefanFantastic Universe omnibus19, including 'Amazing Mrs Mimms', 'Velvet glove', 'Mex'1960
Scithers, GH; Schweitzer, DTales from the Spaceport Bar22, including 'Green marauder', 'For a foggy night'1987
Shippey, TomOxford book of science fiction stories30, from early Wells, to recent Brin1992
Silverberg, RobertSF hall of fame #126, including 'Cold equations', 'First contact', 'Arena'1970
Silverberg, RobertVoyagers in Time12, & brief notes, including 'Wrong-way Street', 'Flux'1967
Silverberg, RobertWorlds of wonder13 hand-picked stories wrapped in his essays on the craft1987
Sloane, WilliamStories for tomorrow22, including 'Noise level', 'First contact', 'Beep'1954
Stewart, AlexArrows of Eros16, including 'Odd attachment', 'Mela worms'1989
Stone, Idella PurnellFourteen great tales of ESP13, including 'What thin partitions' + item by EF Russell1969
Warner, MarinaWonder Tales6 from round the globe1994
Wilson, Robin ScottThose who canAn SF reader; stories & critiques by their authors1973
Wollheim, D; Carr, TWorld's best SF 116, incl Kapp, Ellison, Niven. Bought in Oxford1969


Allen, J; Holden, JHome ArtistDIY techniques1979
AnonymousLover's alphabetNicely-illustrated little tome1991
Arwas, VictorFelicien RopsBelgian erotic artist of considerable skill1972
Baglee, C; Morley, AArt of Street JewelleryMorley is an artist friend of Tom Grieve2006
Ballivet, SuzanneEPS: Initiation amoureuse#641: her scorching illustrations. 1994 printing1943
Barthelmeh, VolkerStreet muralsSome fine off-the-wall stuff on the walls1982
Bayley, StephenSex: the Erotic ReviewEssentially an expanded EPS catalogue!2001
Baynes, KenArt and society: sexIdiosyncratic1972
Beagle, Peter SGarden of Earthly Delights (Bosch)Good1982
Benedict, BradBlue Book: modern erotic artSome excellent work1983
Benedict, BradLove: the art of romanceNice art1981
Bentley, RichardErotic artNice, albeit tame, selection1984
Berona, David AEric Gill's Masterpieces of wood engraving250 examples in a nice Dover edition2013
Bertrand, RaymondDrawings of BertrandOn cover of Oz schoolkids issue1971
Black, CandiceHeat: erotic art, literature & photosBought in Compendium, Camden. Well weird1997
Blinkhorn, AnnieEPS: Illustrated book of oral sexMouth-watering, of course2002
Brett, Simon (2)Forty nudes: wood engravingsExquisite selection, incl. Gwen Raverat, Gill, le Campion1988
Brophy, BrigidBlack and White: Aubrey Beardsley44 plates, each analysed1968
Brower, StevenBreathless homicidal slime mutantsThe art of the (largely pulp) paperback2010
Brown, Curtis FStar-spangled kitschJust wonderful. Who said kitsch is bad?1975
Brunn, Ludwig vonAmorous Drawings of Marquis von BayrosTracked down after 24+ years via Tyson's Books1968
Buckland, ElfredaWorld of Donald McGillThat man could draw English humour1984
Buckley, PaulClassic Penguin: cover to coverBeautiful survey of Penguin's cover art and book design2016
Buechner, Thomas SNorman Rockwell: a 60 year retrospectiveSoft-edged imagery of a cosy world1972
Burton, PeterPillow book: art of gay lovePredictable little selection1995
Calloway, StephenAubrey BeardsleyBy curator of the Centenary exhibition. Wonderful1998
Carandente, GiovanniBalthus: drawings and watercoloursSome gems1983
Cawthorne, NigelSecrets of love: erotic arts thru the agesSurprisingly good; tasty selection, certainly1997
Civardi, GiovanniDrawing the female nudeGorgeous sketches & advice, overlaid with gentle eroticism1992
Claridge, ElizabethMel RamosNice survey1975
Claridge, LauraTamara de Lempicka: life of deco & .... decadence. With a vengeance1999
Cohn, Nik; Peellaert, Guy20th Century DreamsMontages coupling some extremely unlikely icons1999
Cole, B; Durack, RRailway Posters, 1923 - 1947From National Railway Museum, York. Excellent range1992
Collins, JudithEric Gill: sculptureLovely stuff1992
Combalía, VictoriaJardín de erosBarcelona Exhibition catalogue of erotic art1999
Constance, DianaLife drawing class20+ lessons & some gorgeous examples1991
Cook, BerylBeryl Cook's New YorkCheerful dancers, joggers, cops, culture addicts etc1985
Cook, BerylBumper EditionEight books' worth of her paintings2000
Cook, BerylWorksNaive paintings of roly-polys1978
Cooper, G; Sargent, DPainting the townMurals in the UK1979
Cribb, Ruth and JoeEric Gill: lust for letter and lineFrom British Museum Press. Nice little overview2011
Curtis, AnnetteErotic antiquesLovely little items & piles of kitsch, too1990
Curtis, Tony; Taylor, ED20th Century antiquesSupposedly desirable collectibles1989
DaliDali by DaliDuring my Dali phase1970
de Berardinis, OliviaLet them eat cheesecakeWonderful erotic artist1993
de Berardinis, OliviaSecond sliceOf cheesecake, that is1997
de la Serna, Ramon GomezDaliGood coverage1977
de Rola, Stanislas KBalthusGood selection of 80 plates1983
de Rola, Stanislas KBalthusUpdates & enlarges on the 1983 edition (107 plates)1996
de Sainte-Croix, GeorgesEPS: Clayton's College#100: text by Connie O'Hara - who she?195?
de Smedt, MarcChinese art of lovingNice imagery1980
de Smedt, MarcKama-Sutra: erotic figures in Indian artCuriously unerotic1980
Delaye, LaurentEPS: Master of the College NurseConcocted story to accompany 1950s art2005
Descharnes, RobertDali catalogue 1920-1980Comprehensive1979
Descharnes, RobertWorld of Salvador DaliGood; my apprenticeship prize1972
Descharnes, Robert; Néret, GDaliTaschen anniversary edition2006
Descharnes, Robert; Néret, GDali: the paintingsTaschen comprehensiveness rules, OK! 2001 reprint1993
Döpp, Hans-JürgenEncyclopedia of EroticaSumptuous, but marred by typos & translation errors2005
Döpp, Hans-JürgenIn praise of the backsideProletariat of body parts, indeed2003
Döpp, Hans-JürgenObjects of Desire: eroticism of touchSex objects and sex toys2001
Döpp, Hans-JürgenSadomasochism: ecstasies of the whip171,000 hits on Google, begorrah, but they miss the pun2003
Döpp, Hans-JürgenSapphic ArtMarred by some grotesque typos (Frank von Bayros?!)2003
Döpp, Hans-JürgenTemple of Venus: Sex museum, AmsterdamIncludes yet another Tauzin2001
Dorfles, GilloKitsch: an anthology of bad tasteMy own taste developed early, I note1968
Doyle, TimUnReal Estate: iconic Pop Culture locationsRealised by a talented artist. Present for 65th2016
Eichenberg, FritzMasterpieces of lithography & silkscreenNot sure I entirely agree1976
Ellridge, ArthurMucha: triumph of Art NouveauSumptuously illustrated & workmanlike survey1992
English, MichaelAnatomy of illusionMore airbrush super-realism1989
English, RonPopaganda: art & subversionCartoon-based cultural subverting2001
Ernst, BrunoMagic mirror of M C EscherBrilliant (but I'm biased)1976
Erotic Print SocietyEPS: Catalogue1996 set of available & proposed offerings1996
Escher, MCEscher on Escher: exploring the infinite120 pictures & Escher's own words about them1986
Escher, MCGraphic work of M C EscherGreat stuff1972
Escher, MCPop-up book of M C EscherAscending/descending, Hands, puddle, reflecting sphere, Moebius1991
Essers, VolkmarMatisseTaschen overview1989
Evans, Tom & Mary AnneShunga: Japanese erotic artIncludes infamous Hokusai octopus; bought in WH Smith!1975
Ferrara, Lidia GuibertReclining NudeAbout 130 examples of this specialist genre2002
Ferrero, Carlo ScipioneEros: an erotic journey thru the sensesExcellent, picked up in Salisbury1988
Fischer, Wolfgang GeorgEgon Schiele: desire and decayTypical Taschen thoroughness in illustrated life story1999
Ford, EmilyEPS: Emily Ford's pillow bookTheir secretary comes on strong!2002
Forrer, MatthiHokusaiBeautiful overview, albeit French text1996
Fowkes, CharlesPillow Book: Eastern eroticaChrista bought me this in Covent Garden1988
Francis, CliveLaugh lines: theatrical caricaturesSkilled portraits1989
Franklin, ConstanceErotic art by living artistsNot very inspired1988
Frazetta, FrankFantastic art of Frank Frazetta 1Not so fantastic1975
Frazetta, FrankFantastic art of Frank Frazetta 2Muscles, dripping fangs and bosoms, basically1977
Frazetta, FrankFrazetta pillow bookCharming contrast1994
Froud, BrianLand of FroudElves1977
Gablik, SuziMagritteSensible survey by knowledgeable critic1970
Gabor, MarkArt of the calendarOK1976
Gaiman, Neil; McKean, DaveDustcovers: Sandman covers, 1989-1997New story + commentary by Gaiman, & McKean's colour artwork1997
Garner, PhillipeContemporary decorative artsGood overview1980
Gaunt, WilliamSurrealistsLarge format. I still find Delvaux erotic!1972
Gerard, MaxDali...Dali...Dali...OK...OK...OK...1974
Gerhard, PoulPillow Book: history of naughty picturesCompanion piece. Some excellent Bayros, incidentally1971
Gerhard, PoulPornography or Art?Good survey during a brief freedom of expression1968
Giger, HRHR Giger's film designAll the usual suspects1996
Giger, HRNecronomiconAlienated before 'Alien'1977
Giger, HRA Rh+Weird1991
Giger, HRwww HR Giger comGiger meets Taschen books, but designs his own1997
Gill, EricEngravingsWonderful & weighty retrospective1990
Gill, EricTwenty five nudesWonderful, wonderfully simple etchings1938
Gill, Robert WRendering with pen and inkExcellent examples (revised edition, 1984)1973
Goss, Michael REPS: Young lusty sluts!Pictorial history of erotic pulp fiction & cover artwork2004
Grafton, Carol B1001 spot illustrations of the lively 20sOK1986
Grafton, Carol BNaughty French spot illustrationsUseful1989
Grafton, Carol BOptical designs in motion (Moire)OK1976
Grant, Michael; Mulas, AEros in PompeiiErotic art from museum of Naples1974
Grosz, GeorgeEcce Homo: 100 drawingsBanned for its political criticism, not its nudes1976
Guedras, AnnieJean Cocteau: erotic drawingsTaschen does it again: 140 or so sketches of large lads1999
Guégan, StéphaneIngres: erotic drawingsMaking hay with forbidden imagery of 16th century2006
Guerrilla GirlsConfessions of the Guerrilla GirlsMasked avengers fighting sexism & racism in the art world1995
Guevara, MonicaEPS: Six works on paper#276: delicately indelicate pastels1996
Guptill, Arthur LNorman Rockwell: illustratorOK1970
Hamilton, JamesArthur RackhamNicely produced overview1990
Hamilton, JamesWilliam Heath RobinsonLovely summary; lovely edition, too1992
Harding, MikeLittle Book of GargoylesFrom Roger Figg1998
Harper, CliffordCountry Diary drawings26 beautifully simple pictures, many from the Grauniad2003
Haslam, MalcolmSalvador Dali portfolioOK1978
Haught, James AArt of love-making: illustrated tributePleasant collection of monochrome pictures1992
Heller, Steven; Oberg, RichMen's Adventure MagazinesLow culture from Taschen2008
Henderson, S; Landau, RBillboard artOK1980
Hendrickson, JanisLichtensteinTaschen overview1993
Hennig, Jean-LucRear ViewBrief & elegant history of bottoms1995
Hersey, George LEvolution of Allure: sexual selection..... from Medici Venus to Incredible Hulk1996
Hess, TB; Nochlin, LWoman as sex object: erotic art 1730-1970Worthy, dull, & unerotic1972
Hill, C; Wallace, WIllustrated anthology of erotica #1Excellent selection, initially 'anonymous'1992
Hill, C; Wallace, WIllustrated anthology of erotica #2Excellent follow-up1993
Hill, C; Wallace, WIllustrated anthology of erotica #3Excellent, & has my 13th Tauzin (bought in Danbury Mall)1996
Hillier, Bevis100 years of posters21st birthday present from Leigh1972
Hillier, BevisAusterity binge: arts of the 40s and 50sInteresting overview1975
Hillier, Bevis; McIntyre, KStyle of the Century (2nd ed)Actually, new chapter is by Kate McIntyre1998
Hofstatter, Hans HArt Nouveau: prints, posters etcVery nice selection1968
Hogarth, BurneDynamic light and shadeSkilful examples1981
Holdsworth, S; Crossley, JInnocence and ExperienceImages of children in British Art; 1600 to the present1992
Hopkinson, MartinEx Libris: the art of bookplatesFrom British Museum Press. Nice little overview2011
Hughes, RobertShock of the NewAustralian's insightful take on European art1980
Humphries, BarryTreasury of Australian kitschBrill, possums1980
Jackson, LawrenceEPS: Illustrated book of breastsRise & fall of the bosom1999
Jacobs, MichaelNude paintingOKish1979
Johns, CatherineBritish Museum Little Book of EroticaTiny little tome1997
Johns, CatherineSex or symbol?Erotic images of Greece & Rome; bought at Fishbourne Palace!1982
Jones, B; Ouellette, WErotic postcardsOK, but uninspired1977
Jones, JeffreyAge of Innocence: his romantic artSame guy who did 'Idyl' in National Lampoon1994
Jones, JeffreyIdylAs in 'National Lampoon'1979
Jones, JeffreySketchbookSketches plus an extended conversation2000
Jones, Kaluta et alStudioIncludes some of Vaughan Bodé's Purple Pictography1979
Jones, NicoletteRaymond Briggs - Blooming BooksInteresting retrospective2003
Kent, Sarah; Morreau, JWomen's images of menBased on 1980 ICA exhibition1985
Kent, Sarah; Morreau, JWomen's images of men (revised ed)Adds index & contributors' notes1990
Klanten, Robert et alAll allure: eroticism outside mainstreamPhotos, collages, drawings & paintings2006
Klimt, GustavErotic drawingsHuge! Limited edition, nicely done1979
Kobayashi, TadashiUtamaro: great Japanese artGreat, wonderful images1982
Koons, JeffJeff KoonsRoom-sized anal sex, Ganz in Farben!1992
Kozloff, JoycePatterns of desireClever reworkings of various famous erotic artworks1990
Kranzfelder, IvoHopperTaschen anniversary edition2006
Kronhausen, P & EL'Art Erotique: 2nd international showCatalogue; my first exposure to Mario Tauzin1969
Kronhausen, P & EComplete book of erotic artTwo-volume omnibus, bought in Slough. Excellent1978
Kronhausen, P & EInternational Museum of erotic artSan Francisco mini catalogue, & my second Tauzin1973
Krystof, DorisModiglianiTaschen overview1996
Lambirth, AndrewAllen Jones (pocket library of art)23 miniature images & accompanying commentary1997
Lanes, Selma GArt of Maurice SendakUnique; bought in Putney on my last trip to ICL's HQ1980
Larkin, DavidDaliAnother long time favourite1974
Larkin, DavidMagritteAn early favourite; amazing images1972
Larsson, CarlDas Haus in Der SonneFrom Mutti1922
Larsson, CarlPaintings (edited, David Larkin)Christa & Mutti share my liking for this1976
Lattimore, Colin RErotic bookplates: an introductionGreat stuff; simple & often overlooked1990
Leaning, RayEPS: Muse, the art of Ray LeaningReminiscent of Sorayama & Aslan2004
Leeman, FredHidden images: anamorphic artCylindrical mirror required1975
Leman, MartinLovely ladiesSomewhat reminiscent of Beryl Cook2005
Levin, GailEdward Hopper: art and the artistSometimes very bleak, but compelling1980
Levine, Nancy BruningHardcore crafts: erotic artworksAmusing range of oddities1976
Leydolt, Maria GabrielaKama sutraFrom Georg!2001
Leymarie, JeanBalthusGood1982
Locher, J LEscher: the complete graphic workAs described!1981
Locher, JLWorld of M C EscherGood1971
Lorenzoni, PieroEnglish eroticismOK of its genre1984
Lucie-Smith, EdwardArs EroticaNicely-balanced textual & pictorial history of erotic art1997
Lucie-Smith, EdwardBody: images of the nudeGood1981
Lucie-Smith, EdwardCultural calendar of the 20th centuryUseful survey1979
Lucie-Smith, EdwardEroticism in Western ArtFirst edition, notable for many curious major omissions1972
Lucie-Smith, EdwardSexuality in Western art (2nd edition)Revamped, but not really much! Better paper1991
Ludwig, CoyMaxfield ParrishNice to see1973
MacCarthy, FionaStanley Spencer: an English VisionExcellent survey of his life, art, and extra-curricular energies1997
Maclean, J; Hobart, TForbidden library: erotic illustrationExcellent exhibition catalogue from 'Private Case'1986
Maillol, AristideErotic woodcutsAnother from Dover1988
Maillol, AristideNudes: 35 lithographsNice Dover reprint1980
Maitland, OliverEPS: Illustrated book of 'country matters'A discursive ramble around the female pudenda2000
Maitland, OliverEPS: Illustrated book of bottomsMiniature cheeky gem, fundamentally1996
Mandel, GabrielePoem of the pillow: Japanese methodsNice enough1984
Manning, LeeEPS: Illustrated book of anal sexMixture has gone with jokey captions this time2003
Marbeck, GeorgesOrgiesIllustrated history -- if that's possible1999
Marlborough Fine ArtMagritte (retrospective catalogue)Wonderfully weird stuff from the Master1973
Marling, Karal AnnRockwellTaschen tackles our Norman2005
Marlow, TimRodinStone me!1992
Martin, GregoryCanaletto: Paintings, Drawings & EtchingsFolio Society1967
McDonald, DeeEPS: Purple Pillow BookMore in Emily Ford's mould2003
Meuris, JacquesMagritteTypically Taschen thoroughness1998
Misstear, C; Scott-Harman, HAdvanced airbrush bookGood1984
Moebius (Jean Giraud)Art of MoebiusGreat stylist1989
Mounce, DCArt of Franz von Bayros48 pages for now1997
Murphy, JulianEPS: Singular art of Julian MurphyCool hi-tech graphic erotica1999
Nagel, PatrickNagel: the art of Patrick NagelPlayboy's artist; distinctive & stylish1989
Nash, Elizabeth; Fox, RPleasures of Love: erotic guide to sensesBeautifully-illustrated themed tour of erotic art1995
Néret, GillesAubrey BeardsleyWell-illustrated biographical overview1998
Néret, GillesBalthusaka King of Cats, it seems2003
Néret, GillesErotic artOddly cold survey from Taschen1993
Néret, GillesErotica 20th Century Volume IMini Taschen2000
Néret, GillesErotica 20th Century Volume IIMini Taschen2001
Néret, GillesErotica UniversalisExcellent Taschen 'brick book' (2 copies!)1994
Néret, GillesErotica Universalis, volume IITakes more time on individual artists2000
Néret, GillesKlimtTaschen overview2000
Néret, GillesMatisseTaschen anniversary edition2006
Néret, GillesMichelangeloTaschen overview2000
Néret, GillesPussycatsTaschen having at country affairs2003
Néret, GillesTamara de LempickaTypical Taschen mini survey1991
Norden, GregLandscapes under the luggage racksTears-inspiringly nostalgic views of Britain2001
O'Connor, PatrickToulouse-Lautrec: nightlife of ParisIncludes my favourite image - Two Friends1991
Oakley, GrahamMagical changesClever combinations of artwork laid out with split pages1979
Oka, IsaburoHiroshige: great Japanese artBeautifully coloured stylised landscapes & vistas1982
Olley, MichelleArs Erotica: best modern erotic artShe has a good eye for Eros2005
Ovenden, Graham; Davis, JIllustrators of 'Alice in Wonderland'Simply far too short1979
Paquet, MarcelMagritteTaschen overview1992
Payne, LauraEssential Klimt250 page study, well-illustrated2000
Pearce, Chris20th Century Design ClassicsPhotographic survey from Anglepoise to Zippo1991
Pearsall, RonaldTell me, pretty maidenVictorian & Edwardian nudes1981
Perry, Steve AMartin Van Maele: Illustrated Bibliographical.... Checklist of a fairly obscure artist2014
Piper, DavidGreat TraditionsTwo-page spread approach to art. Book Club offer1981
Piper, DavidNew horizonsBook Club offer1981
Piper, DavidUnderstanding ArtBook Club offer1981
Postle, Martin; Vaughan, WArtist's model: from Etty to SpencerFor York's 1999 exhibition: all the nudes fit to print :-)1999
Potter, JKNeurotica: images of the bizarreSome nice, weird images & montages akin to Bellmer1996
Poulton, TomEPS: An Artist's Secret Sketchbook#201: second excellent volume, also assembled by AJ Maclean1999
Poulton, TomEPS: Secret art of Tom Poulton#367: assembled by AJ Maclean; prosecutable art of 1940s/50s1998
Poulton, TomEPS: The Lost Drawings#253: probably final collection - superb2000
Poulton, Tom (ed D Hanson)Tom Poulton: secret art of an English....gentleman. Nice, one-volume collection2006
Poulton, Tom (ed D Hanson)Tom Poulton: secret art of an English....gentleman. Sacrificial copy for scanning2012
Prestel VerlagEgon Schiele: erotic sketchesSomewhat tortured style2005
Prestel VerlagGustav Klimt: erotic sketchesAlways a favourite2005
Puvogel, RenateCarl Larsson: watercolours and drawingsLovely stuff1994
Ramos, MelPostcards30 examples1994
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Rawson, PhilipOriental erotic artNothing special1981
Re/searchRe/search #11: pranks!In this context, performance art would be nearer1987
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Rojankovski, FeodorSpring romance30 'libertine drawings' dating from 19342000
Rosenblum, RobertMel Ramos: pop art imagesRamos claims to avoid work that's 'overly erotic'1994
Rowlands, JohnBosch's Garden of earthly delightsI bought 3 to take apart & mount. Far too weird to finish!1977
Rowlandson, ThomasAmorous illustrationsA Bibliophile special of pictures in HM Queen's collection1983
Russell, JamesRavilious: full-length critical studyCoinciding with Dulwich Picture Gallery exhibition2015
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Treadwell, NicholasSuperhumanism 2Ditto1981
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V & A MuseumEngraved work of Eric GillMagical1977
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Vallejo, BorisMirageMuscles & bosoms1982
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van Roojen, PepinErotic images & alphabetsDuplicated on CDROM, too2003
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Williams, RobertMalicious resplendenceSplendiforous retrospective1997
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Windsor-Smith, BarryOpus Volume Two, 2000Just as sumptuous but the screws are looser2000
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Woodroffe, PatrickHallelujah anywayHe draws such beautiful breasts!1984
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Wyatt, JoanMiddle Earth albumWorthy, yet amateurish somehow1977
Wyeth, AndrewHelga picturesPowerful1987
Yokoo, Tadanori100 postersGood1978
Zaczek, IainEssential Art DecoSee p188 for our old bedside cabinets!2000
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Zone, RayMondo 3-DAnaglyphs1992


Abboud, Joseph; Stern, EllenThreads: my life behind the high-stakes world of fashion. Amusingly recounted2004
Ackerley, JRHindoo holiday: an Indian journalCompanion to Maharajah of Chhokrapur in 1923 for 5 months1932
Ackerley, JRMy dog TulipHappiest 15 years of his life, with Alsatian bitch1956
Ackerley, JRMy father and myselfTurns out 'Dad' had a mistress & three daughters1968
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Acton, HaroldMore memoirs of an aestheteContinuing his life story up to 1969. He knew everybody1970
Alda, AlanNever have your dog stuffedHeard him chatter about this on NPR2006
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AnonymousTouch Wood: true tales &....secrets from the Porn industry2007
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Asimov, IsaacIn memory yet green 1920-1954See other comment! Bought in Reading1979
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Bakewell, JoanCentre of the BedThinking man's crumpet tells some, not all2003
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Balfour, SandyVulnerable in Hearts: memoir of....fathers, sons & contract bridge2005
Ballard, JGMiracles of lifeHis autobiography2008
Barber, LynnEducationHer memoir is being filmed, scripted by Nick Hornby2009
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Bentine, MichaelReluctant jesterDecade & a half on, revisiting his life story1992
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Bron, EleanorLife and other puncturesWhimsical accounts of cycling trips in Holland & France1978
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Brooks, LouiseLulu in Hollywood (2nd edition)Throws in a Kenneth Tynan essay2000
Brown, ChesterI never liked youHis adolescence overlaps mine!1994
Brown, ChesterPlayboySquirmingly self-revelatory comix. Brave & honest1992
Brown, Robert HanburyBoffin: personal story of radar..... radio astronomy & quantum optics. See also Robert Buderi1991
Buerk, MichaelRoad Taken: an autobiographySounds like a decent chap!2004
Burgess, AnthonyYou've had your timeFrom 1959 to 1990, including Quest for Fire anecdotes1990
Burningham, John (ed)Time of your life: getting on with....getting on. An 'Oldie' style collection2002
Burningham, John (ed)When we were youngCompendium of (remembered) childhoods2004
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Burroughs, WilliamLast Words: the final journalsAn offbeat testament2000
Caffiere, BlancheMuch laughter, a few tearsHer friendship with Betty MacDonald1992
Callow, SimonBeing an actorUnread, but still languishing on my list1984
Calman, MelWhat else do you do?Some sketches from a cartoonist's life1986
Cameron, JamesPoint of DepartureHas a 1980 Foreword1967
Campbell, BruceIf chins could kill: confessions of a....B movie actor. Likeable memories/memoirs2002
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Carter, PaulDon't tell Mum I work on the rigs....she thinks I'm a piano player in a whorehouse2006
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Critchley, JulianBag of boiled sweetsNice humour from a wicked Tory observer of Tories1994
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Darrow, PaulYou're him, aren't you?Of course he is!2006
Davis, Miles; Troupe, QuincyMiles: the autobiographyI hate to say it, but the guy was a mess!1989
Day, SidneyLondon born: memoir of forgotten cityCaptured by his granddaughter2004
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Derman, EmanuelMy life as a QuantPhysics & finance2004
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Dickens, MonicaChronicle of a working lifeOne pair of hands; feet; & making the tea2004
Didion, JoanYear of magical thinkingMemoir of her first year as a widow2005
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Dougall, RobertIn & Out of the BoxFrom Reithian era onwards1973
Doyle, Arthur ConanMemories and AdventuresHow did he ever find time to write?1924
Drew, LinziTry everything once except... incest..... & Morris Dancing. Interesting, possibly ghost-written1993
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Durrell, GeraldPicnic and suchlike pandemoniumSlices of life as short stories1979
Eddington, PaulSo far, so goodHe did very little harm1995
Edwards, RobertGoodbye Fleet Street'Reading Mercury' to 'Sunday Mirror' via 'Daily Express'1988
Ellison, HarlanMemos from PurgatoryEssentially 4th revised edition, bought in Florida1961
Enright, DJInjury Time: a memoirHis final notes & memoirs2003
Erdal, JennieGhostingFor Naim Attalah, I believe2004
Eszterhas, JoeHollywood AnimalScreenwriter lets rip2004
Evans, RobertKid stays in the pictureSkimmed1994
Everett, KennyCustard stops at HatfieldPrior to any major revelations, of course1982
Everett, RupertRed Carpets & other banana skinsOur Rupe sounding off2006
Everett, RupertVanished YearsAmusingly scandalous dose of further anecdotage2011
Faithfull, M; Dalton, DFaithfullNot your average showbiz autobiog by a long chalk1994
Faithfull, MarianneMemories, dreams and reflectionsContinues her story2007
Farren, MickGive the anarchist a cigaretteLovingly jaundiced view, according to Jenny Fabian :-)2001
Faulkner, Ronald "Trader"Inside TraderActor's memoirs2012
Feig, PaulKick meAdolescence of creator of 'Freaks and Geeks' (US TV)2002
Feig, PaulSuperstud: how I became a ....24-year-old virgin2005
Feynman, Richard PSurely you're joking, Mr FeynmanSafe & wise-cracking, bongo playing. Nearly perfect1985
Feynman, Richard PWhat do you care what other people think?Amazing character1988
Firlik, Katrina SAnother day in the Frontal LobeNeurosurgeon, as it were, opens up. Was 'Brain matters'2006
Flintoff, John-PaulComp: a survivor's taleLife in early 1980s Holland Park comprehensive school1998
Flynn, NikiDances with werewolvesStrange CP memoir2007
Fonda, JaneMy life so farAlternately sobbing & reading a novel by Amos Oz!2005
Fowler, ChristopherFilm FreakSecond batch of memories2013
Fowler, ChristopherPaperboyChildhood life in suburban London, post war2009
Foxton, MichaelBedside storiesFrom Guardian's Junior Doctor columns2003
Fragoso, MargauxTiger, Tiger: a memoirLolita from her viewpoint2011
Frampton, PhilGolly in the CupboardDecidedly different take on Barnardos2004
Franklin, BenjaminAutobiographyAs described1868
Franklin, BenjaminBenjamin Franklin: his life as he wrote itAs described1790
Fraser, George MacDonaldLight's on at SignpostMovie, & other, memoirs. Most unPC2002
French, SeanFatherhood16 assorted novelists, journalists, critics & poets1992
Frisch, OttoWhat little I rememberBasically, a long life in atomic physics1979
Fry, StephenMoab is my washpotFry's journey thru UK public schooling1997
Fussell, SamMuscle: self-absorbed confessions.....of an unlikely bodybuilder; 'Bicep of the Vanities'1991
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Garfield, SimonError worldMemoir of obsessional stamp collecting2008
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Glover, FiI am an oil tankerTravels with her radio2001
Goldberg, WhoopiBookHer ghosted Pensées, including auto-cunnilingus1997
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Grade, MichaelIt seemed like a good idea at the timeVery nicely put!1999
Graham, Jane; Lamb, XtinaFloozyVaried confessions of a brash Northern lass1998
Graham, WinstonMemoirs of a private manKindle edition of his autobiography, finished just before he died2003
Grant, LindaI murdered my libraryKindle edition of her Guardian piece2014
Gray, AlasdairLife in picturesHe's a talented artist, too2010
Gray, SpaldingSwimming to Cambodia et alMonologous; I'd rather hear it than read it1985
Greenfield, GeorgeSmattering of monsters: a kind of memoirEnglish gentleman publisher & agent; good anecdotes1995
Gronow, Howell ReesReminiscences of Captain GronowFolio Society edition1865
Grosch, Herbert R JComputer: bit slices from a lifeGreat! IBM's 1st chief scientist & he likes van Bayros, too1991
Guareschi, GiovanniHouse that Nino builtLife with Margherita & the Red Duchess1953
Guinness, AlecBlessings in disguiseA long life of stage & screen; many anecdotes1985
Hall, PeterMaking an exhibition of myselfDevoured his diaries; now his autobio1993
Hamper, BenRivethead: tales from the assembly lineHammers its point home via General Motors in Flint1992
Hanson, MicheleLiving with MotherRight to the (not) bitter end2006
Harris, JohnEchoing VoicesMore Country House snooping memories2002
Harris, JohnNo voice from the HallMemories of a Country House snooper1998
Harrison, FrederickTravelling catWhimsy from the 'Guardian'; feline fellow traveller Pugwash1988
Hart-Davis, RupertHalfway to Heaven: final memoirsCovering the (50!) years not dealt with in his letters (qv)1998
Hartley, JeanPhilip Larkin, the Marvell Press and meUnfussy, evocative; yet now his work is off reading lists1989
Harvey-Jones, JohnGetting it together: memoirs of a....troubleshooter. Ex-chairman of ICI1991
Haynes, JimThanks for coming!Characters include Lennon, Whitehouse, Greer, Tynan, Ono, Jagger1984
Hayridge, HattieRandom abstract memory'Holly' from Red Dwarf; this is her first autobiography1997
Healey, DenisTime of my lifeOne of our great Labour bruisers of our time1989
Heller, EricaYossarian slept hereHeller's daughter gets things off her chest2011
Heller, JosephNow and Then, a memoirFrom Coney Island to Here...1998
Heller, Joseph; Vogel, SNo laughing matterHeller's unfunny bout with Guillain-Barré1986
Helman, CecilSuburban Shaman: medicine's frontlineGP and anthropologist2004
Heston, CharletonActor's Life: journals 1956-1976Somewhat self-serving, but you can get into it1976
Higashida, NaokiReason I jumpAutistic boy's own insights, translated by David Mitchell2013
Hill, SusanHowards End is on the landingA year of her reading2009
Hill, TrevorOver the airwaves: my life in....broadcasting (at BBC radio & with Sooty etc.)2005
Hitchens, ChristopherHitch-22: a memoirOne of a kind2011
Hogben, LancelotScientific Humanist: an unauthorised..... autobiography, edited by his son1998
Hooker, Stanley (Sir)Not much of an engineerAero engine legend in his own words1984
Howells, ValentineSailing into SolitudeKindle edition of his earlier book with 6 extra chapters2011
Hoyle, FredHome is where the wind blowsAt last, a full autobiography - a lifetime of crabwise thinking1994
Hughes, RobertThings I didn't knowMemoir kick-starts with his car crash2006
Humphries, BarryMore pleaseOK1992
Hunter, EvanLet's talk: story of cancer & loveEd McBain speaks out, having lost his voice2005
Hunting, GuyAdventures of a gentleman's gentlemanThe Queen, Noël Coward and I2002
Hussey, MarmadukeChance governs all: a memoirAlready seems one of history's men2001
Huston, JohnOpen bookWhat a man!1980
Ironside, VirginiaJaney and me: growing up with my....mother. Which of us hasn't?2003
Ironside, VirginiaProblems! Problems! (Agony aunt)13 years working on the problem page1991
Jacobson, HowardRoots SchmootsJourneys among Jews1993
James, CliveCultural amnesia: notes in the....margin of my time. Autobiographical essays2007
James, CliveLife #1: Unreliable memoirsScreamingly funny, but of dubious authenticity!1980
James, CliveLife #2: Falling towards EnglandExcellent1985
James, CliveLife #3: May week was in JuneOnly skimmed1990
James, CliveLife #4: North face of SohoUnreliability continues2006
James, CliveLife #5: Blaze of obscurityOnly skimmed2010
James, ErwinHome stretchGetting ready for freedom2005
James, ErwinLife InsidePrison, that is2003
James, PDTime to be in earnest: fragment of autobioDiary & memories begun in 19971999
Jansson, ToveSculptor's daughter: a childhood memoirFrom the creator of Moomin1968
Jarman, DerekAt your own riskHeart-rending to read, but should be force-fed to some people1992
Jarman, DerekModern natureJournals from Jan 1989 through Aug 1990, plus many memories1991
Jarman, DerekSmiling in slow motionFinal journals & notes2000
Jarvis, MartinActing strangelySupposedly a funny kind of life2000
Joad, CEMTestament of JoadAutobio of a man of fantastic common sense1937
Johnson, RWLook back in laughter: Oxford's post-war.... golden age. Stuffed with amusing stories of donnish strife and life2015
Jones, CarrieCutting up PlaygirlMemoir of sexual disappointment, engagingly recounted2008
Jones, ChuckChuck amuck (the animator)Nice man1989
Jones, Griff RhysSemi-detached"There is only a fucking side entrance" (of the Minack)2006
Judt, TonyMemory ChaletPosthumously published final autobiographical essays2008
Jupitus, PhillGood morning Nantwich: adventures in....breakfast radio, from one of the best DJs I've ever heard2010
Juska, JaneUnaccompanied womenMore interesting follow-up2006
Kaplan, JonathanContact wounds: war surgeon' Fascinating travels & travails2005
Kaplan, JonathanDressing Station: a surgeon's odysseyGripping reminiscences to put life in focus2001
Karr, MaryCherryFurther reminiscences2000
Karr, MaryLiar's Clubvia Amazon after hearing on NPR1995
Kashner, SamWhen I was COOLJack Kerouac's school of disembodied poetics2003
Kenny, AnthonyPath from Rome: Catholic priest's trainingFrom priest to philosophy don, recalled after 20 years1985
Kerman, PiperOrange is the New Black: my time in a women's.... prison. Brilliantly reworked by Jenji Kohan2010
Kershaw, AndyNo Off SwitchOne of the BBC's best musical enthusiasts2011
King, FlorenceConfessions of a failed Southern ladyI could not now conceive of a life without cunnilingus...1985
King, StephenOn writingMemoirs & advice combined2000
Kington, MilesSomeone like me: tales from a....borrowed childhood. Funny, whether true or not2005
Kinski, KlausKinski uncutSexually relentless, it seems. Rather boring, though1991
Knox-Mawer, RonnieCase of bananas & other South Sea trialsA British Judge in the South Pacific1992
Knox-Mawer, RonnieTales from a Palm CourtPacific anecdotage1986
Kuper, PeterStrippedUnauthorised comix autobiography1995
Kurtz, IrmaDear London: notes from a big cityCosmo's female Bryson1997
Landesman, JayRebel without applauseMemories of bohemian America in 1950s & 1960s1987
Law, RogerStill spitting at sixtySatirical puppeteer2005
Lawrence, TESeven pillars of wisdomDesert warfare on camels, Arab/Turk politics1926
Leach, BernardBeyond East and WestPotter's tale; memoirs, portraits & essays1978
Lear, FrancesSecond seductionPainfully honest anecdotes from an abused life1992
Lee, AbbyGirl with a one track mindFrom her blog2006
Lee, Christopher (1)Tall, dark and gruesomeLife story including fate of 'The Wicker Man'1977
Leech, MarkProduct of the system: life in prisonInsider dope on life inside1992
Lees-Milne, JamesAnother self150 pp on his first 35 years in 1920s & 1930s1970
Lees-Milne, JamesPeople and Places: Country House....Donors & the National Trust1992
Leith, WilliamBits of me are falling apartYoungish middle-aged angst2008
Leonowens, Anna HarrietteEnglish governess at the Siamese CourtFolio Society edition of 'The King and I'1870
Leslie, AnnKilling my own snakesMrs Fleet Street of her day2008
Levi, PrimoPeriodic TableEach element illuminates part of his past1975
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Lipman, MaureenThank you for having meMore updates from the madcap Maureen1990
Lipman, MaureenWhen's it coming out?4th set of thoughts of Chairperson Mo1992
Lipman, MaureenYou can read me like a bookShe can come to our house any time!1995
Lively, PenelopeAmmonites and Leaping Fish: a life in TimeHer views, at 80, from 'old age'2013
Livings, HenryRough side of the BoardsRueful & mendacious theatrical memoir1994
Llewellyn, RobertThin he was and filthy-hairedMore from Red Dwarf's Kryten actor1996
Lodge, DavidQuite a good time to be born: a memoir.... 1935 to 1975. Plenty more to come, I hope2015
Logue, ChristopherPrince Charming: a memoirHis slice of this seedy century!1999
London, Herbert IDiary of a DeanShort, anecdotal autobiography of his time at NYU2010
Lovell, BernardAstronomer by chanceHis fantastic life, intertwined with story of Jodrell Bank1991
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Lyttelton, HumphreyLast Chorus: autobiographical medleyUtterly superb, like the man himself2008
MacDonald, BettyAnybody can do anythingUndepressing Depression memories1950
MacDonald, BettyEgg and IIs seminal a lousy pun?1945
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Mantel HilaryGiving up the ghostEngaging memoir2003
Marks, HowardMr NiceFlip side of Robert Sabbag1996
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Mars-Jones, AdamKid Gloves: a voyage round my fatherAn insightful whinge2013
Marsh, HenryDo no harm: stories of life, death, and.... brain surgery. Absolutely enthralling and very humane2015
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McAlpine, AlistairAdventures of a CollectorObsessive craving, or is that squirreling?2002
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Melly, GeorgeSlowing downAt 80, down but not out2006
Miles, SarahBolt from the BluePassion, betrayal, rejection, reconciliation, stroke, death1996
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Milligan, SpikeMil #3: Monty: his part in my victoryFall of Tunis to Salerno Landing, Sept 19431976
Milligan, SpikeMil #4: Mussolini: his part in my downfallSalerno to Battle Fatigue in Feb 19441978
Milligan, SpikeMil #5: Where have all the bullets gone?From the front line to 'khaki limbo'1985
Milligan, SpikeMil #6: Goodbye soldierJune 1946 & show-biz beckons1986
Milligan, SpikeMil #7: Peace workPeace/war autobio1991
Milne, ChristopherBeyond the world of PoohSelections from his memoirs2000
Mitchell, DavidBack StoryKindle edition; a memoir2013
Monkhouse, BobCrying with laughterSurprisingly good. New insights into his character1993
Monkhouse, BobOver the limit (70)Updating his life story1998
Monsarrat, NicholasLife is a four letter wordCovers his life until 19562001
Moore, PatrickPatrick Moore: the autobiographyLest there be any doubt! (aka 80, not out)2003
Morley, SheridanAsking for troubleHis own story, for once2002
Morris, JohnnyThere's lovelyWhat a nice chap!1989
Mortimer, JohnClinging to the wreckageNice retelling of his childhood & early life1982
Mortimer, JohnMurderers and Other FriendsSubtitled 'another part of life'1994
Mortimer, JohnSummer of a dormouseSlice #3 of his autobio: growing old disgracefully2000
Mortimer, JohnWhere there's a willDescribing (his) decent life2003
Mount, FerdinandCold CreamHis early life, discursively recounted2008
Mount, HarryMy brief careerShort life in the legal trade2004
Muir, FrankKentish Lad: autobiographyMany years of warm anecdotage1997
Mullin, ChrisHinterlandHis new memoir2016
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Newton, HelmutAutobiographyJust before he died2003
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Norman, BarryAnd why not?Memoirs of an affable-sounding film-lover2002
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Oakley, AnnTaking it like a womanInteresting angles1984
Oldham, Andrew LoogStonedLife inside the UK rock music business2000
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Owen, BenWith Popski's Private ArmyYet another take on Popski & his cronies1993
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Parris, MatthewChance witness: an outsider's politics2002
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Peel, JohnMargrave of the marshesFinished by his wife2005
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Perkins, SueSpectacles: a memoirAmusingly told2015
Phillips, JuliaDriving under the affluenceBasically more of the same Hollywood dementia; fiction?!1996
Phillips, JuliaYou'll never eat lunch in this town againSleazy revelations of deals & drugs & loose screws1991
Phinn, GervaseSchool Inspector callsPenguin 70th mini2005
Plater, AlanDoggin' aroundMemoirs of a jazz-crazed playwright2006
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Powell, MichaelLife in moviesA long one, at that1986
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Ransome, ArthurAutobiographyWhat a smashing chap!1976
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Richardson, JohnSorcerer's Apprentice: Picasso, Provence.... & Douglas Cooper. Collective artists' biographical romp1999
Richmond, FionaTell tale titsVicar's daughter!1987
Robbins, ChristopherEmpress of IrelandHilarious memoir of an unusual friendship2004
Roberts, RachelNo bells on SundaySad journal, ended only by her suicide1984
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Robinson, RobertSkip all that: memoirsA look back, at the age of 701997
Rogers, ByronMe: the authorised biographyWho better to write this?2009
Rolls, EricCelebration of the sensesSensual, literally & necessarily. Excellent & moving1984
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Rolph, CHLondon ParticularsFirst 17 years - an Edwardian boyhood1980
Roosevelt, EleanorOn my ownHer life after the White House, 1945 - 19581958
Rosen, MichaelCarrying the elephantRosen lost his 18 year old son to meningitis2002
Rosenthal, JackBy Jack Rosenthal: six acts. Completed by Maureen Lipman2005
Rothschild, VictorRandom VariablesWonderfully discursive, well-written ramblings1984
Rousseau, Jean-JacquesConfessionsHis first 53 years of life, published posthumously1781
Rowson, MartinStuffWonderfully recalled and written2007
Rudolf, AnthonyArithmetic of memoryCurious autobio study of memory1999
Runciman, StevenTraveller's alphabet: partial memoirsBeautifully depicted global trottings1991
Russell, BertrandAutobiographyFrom 1967-1969 (720 pp), much of it in letter form1971
Ryan, MichaelSecret life: an autobiographyMemoir of a (young) sex addict1995
Sacks, OliverUncle Tungsten: a chemical boyhoodUpbringing in wartime England2001
Salinger, Margaret ADream catcher: a memoirJD's daughter tells her own story2000
Sapolsky, Robert MPrimate's Memoir: love, death & baboons.... in East Africa2001
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Scott, JeremyFast and loucheI didn't always fish with grenades...2002
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Seitz, RaymondOver hereMemoirs from 3x US ambassador to UK1998
Sergeant, JohnGive me ten secondsPolitically-oriented correspondent's tale2001
Shapley, OliveBroadcasting a lifeRespected BBC radio pioneer/heroine1996
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Shepard, Ernest HDrawn from memoryGentle whimsy1957
Shepherd, CybillCybill DisobedienceUnwholesomely entertaining2000
Sher, AntonyBeside myselfSir Antony's done good, heh?2001
Sherrin, NedAutobiographyFurther insights into 60s and 70s media scenes2005
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Shulman, NeilDoc HollywoodAnecdotes aplenty, basis of the film1979
Shute, NevilSlide ruleHis autobiography1954
Siegel, DonSiegel filmSolid insights into this film-maker's work1993
Silverman, SarahBedwetter: stories of courage, redemption... (yeah, yeah), pee, and arguments with TV network execs2010
Simkins, MichaelFatty Batter: how cricket saved my lifeThen ruined it.2007
Simkins, MichaelWhat's my motivation?Literate & well-informed actor's story so far2003
Simmons, GeneKiss and make-upHe made mincemeat of Terri Gross on NPR!2001
Simmons, Hubert AMemoirs of a station masterLife on Great Western Railway in 1860s/1870s. Good1879
Sitwell, OsbertLeft hand right handWonderful title for his autobiography1946
Slater, NigelToast: story of a boy's hungerSuburban Wolverhampton in the 1960s2003
Smith, EmmaGreat Western Beach: memoir of a....Cornish childhood between the wars2008
Smith, JonathanLearning Game: teacher's storyQuite brilliant, see page 61 (Churchill learns Latin)2000
Smith, LizOur Betty: scenes from my lifeWith her own artwork, too!2006
Smith, PageLetter from my fatherOne long outrageous sexual boast1976
Spain (Manuel Rodriguez)My true storyComix autobiography & history (literally)1994
Sparrow, MichaelCountry DoctorUK rural GP with excellent sense of humour2002
Sparrow, MichaelCountry Doctor: tales of a rural GPOnly his name rings false2002
Sparrow, MichaelRepeat Prescription: further talesWhat is it about Devon & Cornwall?2004
Spence, JoPutting myself in the pictureHer political, personal & photographic autobiography1986
Stahl, JerryPermanent midnightWhy not to do drugs, from a screenwriter1995
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Stein, BenHollywood days, Hollywood nightsSkimmed1988
Stern, HowardPrivate partsComing to the big screen; US radio shock jock1993
Steward, Sam MBad boys and tough tattoosTattoos; sailors, punks & street gangs, 1950-1965. Great1990
Stravinsky, IgorAutobiographyReprint with a 1975 intro by Eric White1936
Sutherland, JohnBoy who loved booksGrammar school, national service, redbrick uni, alcohol2007
Swofford, AnthonyJarhead: soldier's story of modern war19 year old sniper in the Gulf, 19902003
TakiNothing to declareExcept cocaine, & this consequent Pentonville diary1991
Tanner, RobinDouble HarnessTeacher & etcher's long (1904) life story1987
Tarbox, My storyInternet mediated sexual predation2000
Teller, EdwardMemoirs: A Twentieth Century Journey in scienceAnd politics. The supposed model for Dr Strangelove, in his own words2002
Terkel, StudsTalking to myselfOral histories, not least of himself for a change1986
Tesla, NikolaMy inventions, and other writingsHis 1919 autobiography and three articles2011
Thirlwell, AngelaFolio anthology of autobiographyMany good snippets; set in beautiful Bembo, too1994
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Thompson, JimRoughneckHybrid literary memoir & tall tale1954
Thompson, JosiahGumshoePhilosophy professor to private eye1988
Thomson, George LMy life as a scribeBasically a calligrapher's amazing life1988
Thorne, TonyBrasso, Blanco & Bullaka Army life in the 1950s during National Service1998
Tidy, BillIs there any news of the iceberg?Illustrated autobiography; excellent1995
Tompkins, PtolemyParadise FeverCurious upbringing by New Age utopian1997
Townsend, SuePublic confessions of a middle-aged womanAged 55ish, collected columns from Sainsbury's magazine!2001
TrevanianCrazy ladies of Pearl StreetMay be fictional but very interesting2005
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Twigger, RobertAngry white pyjamasOxford poet trains with Tokyo riot police1997
Ungerer, TomiFar out isn't far enoughJournal of Nova Scotia farmsteading1983
Vance, JackThis is me, Jack VanceKindle edition of his recent autobio. Highly readable2011
Vaughan, PaulExciting times in the Accounts DepartmentBBC R4 veteran, with Oxford degree to dreary post-war London1995
Vidal, GorePalimpsest: a memoirElegant anecdotes from his first 40 years1995
Vigors, TimLife's too short to cryBattle of Britain ace tells his story2006
Vine, JeremyIt's all news to meJokey memoir of 25 years 'locked in the BBC'2012
Vonnegut, KurtFates worse than death: collage of 1980sGreat variety of memories and anecdotes1991
Vonnegut, KurtIf this isn't nice, what is?Kindle edition. Advice for the young2013
Vonnegut, KurtMan without a country: memoir of George W Bush's America2005
Walden, GeorgeLucky George: memoirs of anti-politicianInteresting yet Tory1999
Walker, TedLast of EnglandMemoir of the loss of his wife to long illness1992
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Waters, JohnRole modelsVery amusing essays that form a memoir2010
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Waugh, EvelynLittle learningAdolescent memoirs, incl. 'most satisfying emissions' recalled!1964
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Welch, PeterAnd then I thought I was a fishKindle edition of his earlier blog of a psychotic breakdown2012
West, TimothyMoment towards the end of the play...Memoirs & theatrical anecdotage2001
Wharton, MichaelMissing will / Dubious codicilaka Peter Simple in the 'Telegraph'; deadpan memories1991
Wharton, WilliamHouseboat on the SeineShades of 'Racundra' in this insane memoir1996
Wheeler, John ArchibaldGeons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam: a life.... in (often gravitational) science2000
Whicker, AlanWhicker's WarSicily to the Alps, basically & laconically2005
White, EdmundMy livesGay version of Frank Harris?2005
White, Edmund; Sorin, HSketches from memory: ParisIllustrated by Sorin in his last months of life1994
White, THEngland have my bonesVery good1936
Whitehorn, KatharineSelective MemoryLong awaited2008
Whitelaw, BillieBillie Whitelaw... who he?Practically the history of post-WWII UK theatre1995
Wildeblood, PeterAgainst the LawClassic account of gay life in 1950s Britain1955
Wilder, GeneKiss me like a strangeraka my search for love and art2005
Williamson, JackWonder's Child: my life in SF20 years of updates to the 1984 original edition2005
Wilson, ColinDreaming to some purposeCompletely fascinating recollections & anecdotes2004
Windsor, EdwardKing's Story: memoirs of Duke of WindsorOne of a kind1951
Winger, DebraUndiscoveredDiscursive memoir of sorts2008
Winner, MichaelWinner takes allA life of sorts, engagingly told2004
Wintle, Edwin JohnBreakfast with TiffanyGay uncle takes in a problem child for his sister2005
Wodehouse, PGWodehouse on WodehouseBring on the girls, Performing flea, Over seventy; brilliant!1980
Wollheim, RichardGerms: a memoir of childhoodEnglish suburbia in the 1920s & 30s, recollected carefully2004
Wood, Gloria et alNineties: personal recollectionsOf the 20th Century by people now in their 90s1993
Woodhead, LeslieMy life as a spyGraduate of the National Service Linguistics School2005
Woods, Leslie CAgainst the Tide: autobiography of a..... professional outsider. Kiwi engineer/physicist/iconoclast2000
Woodward, AntonyPropellerheadSecond childhood as a pilot2001
Woronov, MarySwimming underground: my years in the.... Warhol factory1995
Worsthorne, PeregrineTricks of memoryIronical eye not just on his own life1993
Wyndham, JoanAnything onceLast volume of memoirs to date; damn!1992
Wyndham, JoanDawn chorusShe's 84, but not much like dear Mama!2004
Yunnie, ParkFighting with Popski's Private ArmyUpdated edition2002
Yunnie, ParkWarriors on wheelsOne view of Popski's Private Army exploits. Was John's1959
Zappa, F; Occhiogrosso, PReal Frank Zappa bookCompelling, & brilliant view of/views on US culture1989
Zweig, StefanWorld of YesterdayElegant memoir of pre-war European culture1942


Ahlberg, AllanJanet's last bookFond memento of the illustrator, 1944-19941996
Albin-Dyer, BarryDon't drop the coffin!Funereal memoirs, as transcribed2002
Albom, MitchTuesdays with MorrieOld tutor/mentor revisited as he is dying1997
Aldersey-Williams, HughAdventures of Sir Thomas Browne in the....21st century. Playfully erudite sort-of biography2015
Alexander, Robert CharlesLife & Works of Alan Dower BlumleinInventor of stereo (& much else) finally gets bio he deserves1999
Atkinson, NormanSir Joseph Whitworth: world's best..... mechanician & a giant of Victorian practical engineering1996
Aubrey, JohnBrief LivesBoswell of the first coffee houses2000
Austen-Leigh, JEMemoir of Jane Austen, & recollections. Material from 1871 & much earlier, too2002
Barber, MichaelCaptain: life & times of Simon RavenSimply brilliant. See p190 for one of many classic quotes1996
Barlow, BrigitFamily affairInvolvement with the Darwin clan1990
Barnes, JulianLevels of LifeThree essays, ending with the story of his own loss2013
Barnett, KristineSpark: mother's story of nurturing genius.. and autism2013
Barrow, Sir JohnMutiny & piratical seizure of HMS BountyBarrow was senior Admiralty civil servant. Folio Society freebie1831
Beard, RichardBecoming DrusillaOne life, two friends, three genders2009
Beauchamp, MonteLife and Times of R CrumbComments from 40 or so contemporaries. Wonderful1998
Bergan, RonaldBeyond the fringe ... and beyondCritical biography of Bennett, Cook, Miller, & Moore1989
Bird, Kai; Sherwin, Martin JAmerican Prometheus: triumph &....tragedy of J Robert Oppenheimer2005
Blacker, TerenceYou cannot live as I have and not.... end up like this. Willie Donaldson, RIP2007
Blaise, ClarkTime LordSir Sandford Fleming & standard time2000
Bloch, MichaelCloset Queens: Some 20th Century British.... Politicians, concentrating on non-straight ones (less boring, mainly!)2015
Bloch, MichaelJames Lees-Milne: the lifePerfect complement to the vast set of diaries2009
Blofeld, JohnCity of lingering splendourExotic pleasures of old Peking in mid 1930s1961
Bonfiglioli, MargaretMortdecai ABCBiblio/bio of fascinating rascal2001
Booth, JamesPhilip Larkin: Life, Art and LoveInteresting and not uncomplicated chap2014
Boothroyd, BasilPhilip: an informal biographyThe good ol' Duke of Edinburgh. Given to dear Mama originally1971
Bostridge, Mark (ed)Lives for sale: biographers' talesIncludes Fiona MacCarthy's baptism by fire with Eric Gill2004
Boswell, JamesLondon Journal 1762-1763Folio Society edition, edited by Frederick Pottle1950
Brady, FrankCitizen WellesWelles-sized biography1989
Briggs, RaymondEthel & Ernest: a true storyHis parents lives; immensely touching1998
Brightman, CarolWriting dangerously: Mary McCarthyUnread, apart from sections on The Group1992
Brogan, HughLife of Arthur RansomeHow Swallows & Amazons got written is anybody's guess1984
Brome, VincentOther PepysNice counterweight to the Diary1992
Brunskill, Ian (ed)Great Lives: obituaries from The TimesDefining the 20th Century2005
Buxton, Harry WilmotMemoir of the life & labours of BabbageWritten in 1872-1880 after Babbage's death, but at his request1988
Byrne, PaulaReal Jane Austen: a life in small thingsPromising new appraisal of one of my favourites2013
Byrne, SandieUnbearable Saki: work of HH MunroLong-overdue re-appraisal of this literary genius2007
Callow, SimonCharles Laughton: a difficult actorCallow has too much talent1987
Callow, SimonLove is where it fallsFriendship with the knickerless Peggy Ramsay1999
Canemaker, JohnWinsor McCay: his life and artWonderful, large-format, overview; well-illustrated1987
Cannadine, DavidAristocratic Adventurer (Churchill)Penguin 70th mini1994
Cannell, JCSecrets of HoudiniBiographical overview & many detailed explanations1931
Carpenter, HumphreyBrideshead generationEvelyn Waugh's generation of writers & their 'circle'1989
Carter, MirandaAnthony Blunt: his livesAmazing story of Establishment & 'traitors'2001
Chandler, CharlotteIt's only a movie: Alfred HitchcockThe self-declared frightmare expert2006
Chandler, CharlotteNobody's Perfect: Billy Wilder biographyTranscripts of the man & his many chums2002
Chelsea, DavidDavid Chelsea in loveButtock-clenching comix self-revelations1993
Citron, StephenNoël & Cole: the sophisticatesNicely drawn parallel careers & lives1992
Collins, AndrewBilly Bragg: still suitable for minersExcellent & updated musical memoir2007
Collis, RoseColonel Barker's monstrous regimentA tale, if you please, of female husbandry2001
Collis, RoseTrouser-wearing characterLife & times of Nancy Spain; UK's all-media action lesbian1997
Connolly, JosephPG Wodehouse: illustrated biography #1Written by a life-long collector1979
Connolly, JosephPG Wodehouse: illustrated biography #2Revisions hinge on inflated cost of collecting Plum1987
Cook, LinSomething like fire: Peter Cook rememberedBest kind of composite biography: reminiscences of friends1996
Cooke, AlistairSix men: portraits in essayChaplin, Edward VIII, Mencken, Bogart, Stevenson, Russell1977
Coram, RobertBoyd: the fighter pilot who changed the art.... of war (Kindle) A bold claim, but justified. Fascinating insights2002
Coveney, MichaelKen Campbell: the great caperAs authorised by the great caperer2011
Crompton, AlastairMan who drew tomorrow (Frank Hampson)Good bio of Dan Dare's creator1985
Crosland, SusanTony CroslandThree years to write; a gripping read by his widow1982
Daniels, SimonWake of the CachalotsTales of the Southampton master mariners1992
Dann, John CNagle JournalAmazing naval diary1988
Daugherty, TracyJust One Catch: the passionate life of.... Joseph Heller. Coney Island kid made good, heh?2011
Davenport-Hines, RichardNight at the MajesticProust & his varied circle2006
Davenport-Hines, RichardUniversal Man: the seven lives of John Maynard.... Keynes. Altruist, boy prodigy, official, public man, all fascinating2015
Davies, HunterWainwright: the biographyFellwalker & self-publisher's life, by a fan1995
Davis, Nuel PharrLawrence & OppenheimerFlorid style but fascinating memoir1968
Day, Barry; Ring, TonyPG Wodehouse in his own wordsWYSIWY affectionately G2001
Deedes, WFBrief Lives18 mini-biographies2004
Delaforce, Patrick274 things you should know about ChurchillPerfectly described, though a tad arguable2006
Denti, AlbertoCure for serpents (Duke of Pirajno)Italian doctor (Denti) in N Africa, 1924-421955
Donaldson, FrancesPG Wodehouse: authorised biographyThorough, & specially so on the wartime broadcasts1982
Downing, ChristopherBurton storiesAnecdotage aplenty1990
Dry, SarahCurie (Life and Times)Radiation pioneer2003
Eckersley, MylesProspero's wireless: biography of Peter.... Pendleton Eckersley, UK radio broadcasting pioneer1999
Eliot, MarcPhil Ochs: death of a rebelFriend of Ron Cobb, oddly1979
Ellmann, RichardOscar WildeTruly comprehensive1987
Farmelo, GrahamStrangest Man: hidden life of Paul Dirac...."quantum genius" (as if that means anything)2009
Farnes, NormaMemories of MilliganInterviews of his friends by Spike's own manager and friend2010
Farr, MichaelTintin: the complete companionFrom Ottakars (whose MD named the store after King O's sceptre)2001
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Honeysett, MartinJoy of headachesHow to survive the sexual revolution1984
Honeysett, MartinMicro PhobiaSurviving your computer & technological revolution in general1982
Honeysett, MartinWitch Doctor?Surviving alternative medicine1985
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Kliban, BernardCat'If I had two dead rats, I'd give you one!'1975
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Kliban, BernardNever eat anything bigger than your headWhat a sense of humour! 'And bring some shit for my fly'1976
Kliban, BernardTiny footprintsUnclassifiable, but amazing1978
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Larson, GaryHound of the far sideFrom Carol1987
Larson, GaryIn search of the far sideQuirky1985
Larson, GaryNight of the crash-test dummiesFrom Carol1988
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Boorman, JohnProjections 08: film makers on film makingCritics & criticism of their criticism1998
Boorman, JohnProjections 09: French film makersInterviews from 1980s & 1990s1999
Boorman, John et alProjections 12: film schoolsFilm schools, directors, digital video etc2002
Boorman, John et alProjections 13: women film-makersIncludes a diary of 'Personal Velocity'2004
Bougie, RobinCinema Sewer, volume #1Gonzo writing of reviews, opinions, illustrations and comics2007
Bougie, RobinCinema Sewer, volume #2Gonzo writing of reviews, opinions, illustrations and comics2009
Bougie, RobinCinema Sewer, volume #3Gonzo writing of reviews, opinions, illustrations and comics2011
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Givens, BillFlubs #3: Film flubs: the sequelInexhaustible?1992
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Kael, PaulineKael #07. Taking it all in: 1980-1983From Diner via Eating Raoul to Victor/Victoria & Used Cars1986
Kael, PaulineKael #08. State of the art: 1983-1985Flashdance to Amadeus via Prizzi, Gremlins & Ladyhawke1987
Kael, PaulineKael #09. Hooked: 1985-1988After Hours to Willow via the Big Easy. I disagree totally!1990
Kael, PaulineKael #10. Movie love: 1988-1991Dream Team to Things Change via Miss Firecracker & Rain Man1992
Karney, RobynChronicle of CinemaGood, fat, coverage1995
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Lippy, TodProjections 11: New York film-makersMore excellent interview transcripts2000
Lloyd, AnnMovies of the 30sOK1983
Lloyd, AnnMovies of the 40sOK1982
Lloyd, AnnMovies of the 50sGood1982
Lloyd, AnnMovies of the 60sGood1983
Lloyd, AnnMovies of the 70sGood1984
Lumet, SidneyMaking moviesAs good as Goldman, to coin a phrase!1995
Maio, KathiPopcorn and sexual politicsQuirky film reviews1991
Mamet, DavidJafsie and John HenryEssays on Hollywood, Bad Boys, Perfect Poker...1999
Mamet, DavidSome freaksEssays on screen-writing, directing & aspects of US life1989
Mathews, Tom DeweCensored: film censorship in BritainWhat they cut, & why; fascinating, insulting & ridiculous1994
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Medavoy, MikeYou're only as good as your next oneNext film, in Hollywood, that is2002
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Monaco, JamesHow to read a filmArt, technology, language, history & theory of film & media1981
Muller, Eddie; Faris, DanielThat's sexploitation!! forbidden world..... of adults only cinema (aka Grindhouse)1996
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Muller, JurgenMovies of the 90sTaschen's turn to analyse2001
Mulvey, LauraCitizen KaneBFI commissioned critical study1992
Naha, EdMaking of 'Dune'Great book. Shame about the film! But now see James Van Hise...1984
Nashawaty, ChrisCrab monsters, teenage cavemen, and candy.... stripe nurses. What else but Roger Corman's films?2013
Peary, DannyAlternate OscarsBrilliant idea: capture the (usually better) also-rans1993
Peary, DannyCloseups: profiles of movie starsSilly but fascinating1978
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Peary, DannyCult movies 2Ditto1983
Peary, DannyCult movies 3Starting to scrape the celluloid barrel1988
Peary, DannyGuide for the film fanaticI guess that's me, from time to time1986
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Philips, BaxterCut: the unseen cinemaSee my early interests? Sex, politics & transgressive images1975
Pierson, JohnSpike Mike Slackers & Dykes10 years of independent US cinema1995
Pym, JohnTimeOut film guide12th edition, & much improved2004
Queenan, JoeConfessions of a cineplex hecklerKael on acid with added attitude2000
Queenan, JoeIf you're talking to me, your career..... must be in trouble. Excellent essays & insights1994
Quinlan, DavidQuinlan's film starsPricey but comprehensive1996
Re/searchIncredibly strange filmsAs described!1986
Robb, Brian JPocket Essentials: James CameronEgo-driven monomaniac?2002
Robertson, PatrickGuinness book of movie facts & featsTrivia-packed & wonderful1993
Rohdie, SamRocco & his brothers (Visconti)BFI film classic essay free with 'Sight & Sound' April 20001992
Rosenblum, R; Karen, RWhen the shooting stops... cutting beginsMemoirs from editor of Woody Allen, Friedkin, Brooks et al1979
Salamon, JulieDevil's candySkimmed only1991
Salisbury, MarkTim Burton's Corpse Bride: an the Wedding. Lavish tribute2005
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Simpson, PaulRough Guide to Cult moviesSome weird categories2004
Smoodin, EricAnimating culture: Hollywood cartoons..... from the sound era1993
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Solomon, JackDisney's Snow WhiteOK1979
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Stevenson, JackFleshpot: cinema's sexual myth makers &....taboo breakers. Outré realms of erotic cinema2000
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Thompson, DavidLast tango in ParisBFI modern classic essay1998
Thompson, EmmaSense & Sensibility: screenplay &.... film production diaries1995
Thompson, P; Usukawa, SHard-boiled: great lines from classic..... noir films. 'Be smart, Charlie. Act dumb'1995
Thomson, DavidBeneath MulhollandThoughts (essays) on Hollywood & its ghosts1997
Thomson, DavidBig SleepBFI modern classic essay on film of Chandler story1997
Thomson, DavidHave you seen...?Covers 1000 films, one per page2008
Thomson, DavidRosebud: the story of Orson WellesEnigma that was Welles1996
Time-LifeLife goes to the moviesGood1975
Travers, PeterRolling Stone film readerExcellent range of interviews1996
Truffaut, FrancoisFilms in my lifeEssays on specific films & film-makers1975
Vachon, ChristineShooting to killDiary of independent film production. Excellent stuff1998
Van Gelder, PeterOffscreen onscreen: 60 inside storiesPlenty of inside info1990
VariousHow do I look? Queer film and video6 interesting essays1991
Vaz, Mark CottaBreaking Dawn #1: movie companionNice overview2011
Vaz, Mark CottaEclipse: illustrated movie companionNice overview2010
Vaz, Mark CottaNew Moon: illustrated movie companionNice overview2009
Vaz, Mark CottaTwilight: illustrated movie companionNice overview2009
Verhoeven, Paul et alShowgirls: portrait of a filmSleazy but actually rather good1995
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Walker, AlexanderNational Heroes: UK cinema in 70s & 80sStudy of the industry & its infrastructure1985
Warshow, RobertImmediate experienceSeminal film criticism1962
Webb, MichaelHollywood: legend and realityUnremembered1986
Weiss, AndreaVampires and violets (lesbians in films)Long-standing love/hate affair. Pre-dates 'Bound', sadly1992
Whedon, JossSerenity: official visual companionIncludes screenplay & loads of production shots2005
Wiegand, ChrisFederico Fellini: complete filmsTaschen overview2003
Williams, Linda RuthErotic thriller in contemporary cinemaMrs Mark Kermode cuts loose fascinatingly & wittily2005
Wilson, DavidSight and Sound 50th anniversaryGood stuff1982
Wistrich, EnidI don't mind the sex, it's the violenceChairman of GLC film censors: a sane voice in an endless debate1978
Wolf, WilliamLandmark filmsOK, though arguable choices1979
Working Title FilmsLaundrettes & Lovers: 20 years....of a British film company2003
Wortley, RichardErotic moviesSee what I mean about Wortley's interests?1975
Yacowar, MauriceLoser take allWoody Allen's comic art as far as 19791979

SF collections

Aldiss, Brian WSupertoys last all summer long19, including basis of Kubrick/Spielberg's 'A.I.'2001
Anthony, PiersAnthonology21, including 'Up Schist Creek' interspersed with autobio notes1985
Ashley, MikeMammoth book of seriously comic fantasy34, incl WS Gilbert!1999
Asimov, IsaacAzazel18 tales of a little fantasy demon1988
Asimov, IsaacBuy Jupiter...24, incl 4th 'Thiotimoline' tale1975
Asimov, IsaacEarly Asimov #37, incl 'Thiotimoline'1972
Asimov, IsaacFinal Gold SF collectionLast 15 stories, & final homilies from the good Doctor1995
Baker, KageCompany #00: Black Projects, White KnightsRundown of the 'Company' characters in various short stories2001
Baker, KageCompany #08: Gods and Pawns8 linked tales2001
Ballard, JGAtrocity exhibition15, incl 'You & me & the continuum', 'Crash!'1969
Ballard, JGAtrocity exhibition (rev ed.)Re/Search illustrated edition, with Ballard's annotations1990
Ballard, JGDay of forever10, incl 'Assassination of JFK', 'Man on the 99th floor'1967
Ballard, JGDisaster Area9, incl 'Subliminal man', 'Concentration city'1967
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Ballard, JGFour-dimensional nightmare (revised)8, incl 'Sound-sweep', 'Garden of Time'1977
Ballard, JGLow-flying aircraft9, incl 'Comsat Angels'1976
Ballard, JGOverloaded man10, incl 'Venus hunters', 'Track 12'1967
Ballard, JGTerminal beach12, incl 'Billennium'1964
Ballard, JGVermilion sands9, incl 'Singing statues', 'Cloud-sculptors of Coral D'1971
Blish, JamesGalactic cluster5, incl 'Beep', 'Nor iron bars', 'Common time'1960
Brown, FredricBest of Fredric Brown29, edited by Rob Bloch, incl 'Answer', 'Letter to a Phoenix'1977
Brown, FredricDaymares7, incl 'Honeymoon in Hell'1968
Brown, FredricNightmares and GeezenstacksOver 45 classic, ultra-short pieces1961
Brunner, JohnBook of John BrunnerHis own selection of material & stories1976
Brunner, JohnNo future in it11, incl 'Report on the nature of the Lunar Surface'1962
Brunner, JohnNot before time10, incl 'Warp & the woof-woof'1968
Brunner, JohnNow then3: 'Some lapse of time', 'Imprint of chaos', 'Thou good & faithful'1965
Brunner, JohnOut of my mind10, incl 'When Gabriel...', 'Last lonely man'1968
Charnas, Suzy McKeeVampire tapestryGripping & sympathetic; five linked stories1980
Clarke, Arthur CCollected Stories966 pages: cor, what a set of whoppers!2000
Clarke, Arthur CExpedition to Earth11, incl 'Sentinel', 'Breaking strain', 'Loophole'1954
Clarke, Arthur COther side of the sky24 ultra-shorts, written between 1947 & 19571961
Clarke, Arthur CReach for tomorrow12, incl 'Forgotten enemy', 'Time's arrow', 'Rescue party'1956
Clarke, Arthur CTales from the White Hart15, incl 'Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch', 'Silence please'1957
Clarke, Arthur CTales of ten worlds15, incl 'Slight case of sunstroke', 'I remember Babylon'1962
Clarke, Arthur CWind from the sun18 from the 1960s, incl 'Neutron Tide'1973
Clement, HalBest of Hal Clement10, incl 'Technical error', 'Stuck with it'1979
Cogswell, Theodore RThird eye16, incl 'Disassembly line', 'Impact with the devil'1968
Cogswell, Theodore RWall around the world10, incl 'Specter General', 'Wolfie', 'Thimgs'1962
de Camp, L SpragueBest of Lyon Sprague De Camp18, including 'Gnarly Man', 'Language for time travelers'1978
Del Rey, LesterBest of Lester del Rey16, including 'Helen O'Loy', 'Hereafter, Inc.', 'Instinct'1978
Dickson, Gordon RIn the bone11 often-collected tales1987
Dickson, Gordon RLost DorsaiContains 'Lost Dorsai' & 'Warrior' & a critical essay1980
Ellison, HarlanAll the sounds of fear8, including 'Silver corridor', 'Discarded', 'Bright eyes'1971
Ellison, HarlanAngry Candy17 stories & a heart-felt introduction1989
Ellison, HarlanApproaching oblivion11, including 'Silent in Gehenna', 'Erotophobia', 'Catman'1974
Ellison, HarlanBeast that shouted love...15, including 'Shattered like a glass goblin', 'Phoenix'1969
Ellison, HarlanDeathbird stories19, including 'Whimper of whipped dogs', 'Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes'1975
Ellison, HarlanEarthman, go home! (Ellison Wonderland)16, including 'Do-it-yourself', 'Battlefield', 'Gnomebody'1962
Ellison, HarlanEllison wonderland16, 'Back to the drawing boards' replacing 'Forces that crush'1962
Ellison, HarlanEssential EllisonAccurate description, & some hilarious rants1991
Ellison, HarlanFrom the land of fear11, including 2 versions of 'Soldier'1967
Ellison, HarlanIllustrated Harlan EllisonTales with art by Steranko, Reese, the Dillons & others1978
Ellison, HarlanShatterday16, including 'Flop sweat', 'All the lies that are my life'1980
Ellison, HarlanSlippage: uncollected stories etc.Possibly his last?1997
Ellison, HarlanStalking the nightmare16, including 'Grail'; bought in Texas1982
Ellison, HarlanTime of the eye12, including 'Are you listening?', 'Nothing for my noon meal'1971
Ellison, Harlan et alPartners in wonderEllison plus 15 other writers1971
Garrett, RandallLord Darcy11, including 'Too many magicians' (novel length) and 10 more stories2014
Gibson, WilliamBurning chrome10, including 'Johnny Mnemonic', 'Dogfight'1986
Gotlieb, PhyllisSon of the morning10, including 'Tauf Aleph', 'Blue apes', 'Grain of manhood'1983
Hamilton, Peter FDawn #0: Second chance at Eden7, all set in same milieu as Night's Dawn trilogy1998
Harness, Charles LOrnament to his Profession, AnVery large collection (Kindle edition)2015
Harness, Charles LRoseVery unusual metamorphosis novella, + 2 shorts1968
Heinlein, Robert AAssignment in Eternity4: Gulf; Elsewhen; Lost legacy; Jerry was a man1953
Heinlein, Robert AExpanded UniverseCourtesy of Ken Goddard; this was limited to the US1980
Heinlein, Robert AGreen hills of Earth10, including 'Gentlemen, be seated', 'Ordeal in Space'1954
Heinlein, Robert AMan who sold the moon6, including 'Life-line', 'Requiem', 'Blow-ups happen'1953
Heinlein, Robert AMenace from Earth8, including 'Water is for washing', 'Goldfish Bowl', 'Sky lift'1959
Heinlein, Robert ARevolt in 21003: If this goes on...; Coventry; Misfit1953
Heinlein, Robert AUnpleasant profession of Jonathan HoagWe are all property (Charles Fort)1959
Heinlein, Robert AWaldo and Magic Inc.Physically helpless genius; racketeers v witchcraft1951
Henderson, ZennaAnything box14, including 'Something bright', 'Food to all flesh'1965
Henderson, ZennaHolding wonder20, including 'Through a glass˜darkly', 'Ad Astra'1971
Henderson, ZennaIngathering: complete People CollectionFinally, the full set! (2nd hand, from Atlanta)1995
Henderson, ZennaPeople Collection16 linked stories, not including 'That Boy' (F&SF, Nov 1971)1991
Kapp, ColinUnorthodox EngineersFive collected stories1979
Kornbluth, Cyril MBest of CM KornbluthEdited by Pohl; 19, including 'Little Black Bag', 'Silly Season'1976
Kuttner, HenryAhead of time9, including 'Or else', 'Deadlock', 'Pile of trouble'1953
Kuttner, HenryBest of Kuttner 115, including 'Ego machine', 'Absalom', 'Housing problem'1965
Kuttner, HenryBest of Kuttner 214, including 'Endowment policy', 'Twonky', 'Clash by night'1966
Kuttner, HenryReturn to otherness8, including 'See you later', 'Android', 'Sky is falling'1962
Kuttner, HenryRobots have no tails5 tales of post-hangover problems of inventor Gallegher1952
Lang, AndrewBrown fairy book32 examples1904
Lang, AndrewCrimson fairy book43 examples1903
Lang, AndrewGreen fairy book42 examples1893
Lang, AndrewGrey fairy book35 from around the world1900
Lang, AndrewLilac fairy book33 examples1910
Lang, AndrewOlive fairy book29 examples1907
Lang, AndrewOrange fairy book33 examples1906
Lang, AndrewPink fairy book41 examples1897
Lang, AndrewRed fairy book27 examples from 'the second gleaning'1890
Lang, AndrewViolet fairy book35 from around the world1901
Lang, AndrewYellow fairy book48 examples1894
Laumer, KeithEnvoy to new worlds6 outings for the James Bond of the 29th Century: Jame Retief1963
Laumer, KeithGalactic Diplomat9, including 'Saline solution', 'Wicker wonderland'1966
Laumer, KeithRetief of the CDT5, including 'Pime doesn't Cray', Piecemakers'1971
Laumer, KeithRetief: ambassador to space7, including 'Grime & Punishment', 'Forest in the sky'1970
Laumer, KeithRetief: emissary to the stars5, including 'Garbage Invasion' & excerpt from 'Warlords'1975
Le Guin, Ursula KTales from Earthsea5 stories excellently filling in gaps and cracks2001
Le Guin, Ursula; Attebery, BNorton Book of Science FictionCovering 1960 to 1990, & North America only1993
Leinster, MurrayBest of Murray Leinster10, including 'Ethical equations', 'De Profundis', 'Scrimshaw'1976
Leinster, MurrayBest of Murray Leinster13, including 'First contact', 'Sidewise in Time', 'Symbiosis'1978
Leinster, MurrayDoctor to the stars'Grandfathers' war', 'Med ship man', 'Tallien three'1964
Leinster, MurrayLogic named JoeKindle edition of classic tales2010
Leinster, MurrayMed Series4, including 'Plague on Kryder II', 'Ribbon in the sky'1983
Leinster, MurrayPlanet explorer (aka Colonial survey)'Solar constant', 'Combat team', 'Swamp was upside down'1957
Lovecraft, Howard PCall of Cthulhu & other weird storiesDefinitive texts annotated by ST Joshi1999
Malzberg, Barry NBest of Barry MalzbergBoy, what an ego! 38 stories + top & tail pieces1976
McKenna, RichardCasey Agonistes & other SF&F stories5, incl 'Hunter, come home', 'Secret place', 'Fiddler's Green'1973
Moore, CLBest of CL Moore10, including 'Shambleau', 'Vintage season', 'No woman born'1975
Niven, LarryAll the myriad ways14, including 'Man of Steel, woman of Kleenex', 'Passerby'1971
Niven, LarryConvergent Series21, including 'The subject is closed', 'Plaything', 'Mistake'1979
Niven, LarryCrashlanderOne new Beowulf Shaeffer story1994
Niven, LarryDraco Tavern27, in an updated collection from that polar bar2006
Niven, LarryFlight of the Horse7 tales of Svetz, time-travelling civil servant1973
Niven, LarryHole in Space10, including 'There is a tide', 'Rammer', 'Fourth profession'1974
Niven, LarryInconstant moon12, in a UK-only variant. Includes 'Convergent Series', 'Passerby'1973
Niven, LarryLimits12, including 'Roentgen Standard' & 5 from Draco's Tavern1985
Niven, LarryLong ARM of Gil Hamilton3: 'Death by ecstasy', 'Defenseless Dead', 'ARM'1976
Niven, LarryN-Space30 or so retrospectively collected, including snippets & excerpts1990
Niven, LarryNeutron star8, including 'At the Core', 'Flatlander', 'Grendel'1968
Niven, LarryTales of known space13, including 'Safe at any speed', 'Becalmed in Hell'1975
Nourse, Alan EBeyond infinity9, including 'PRoblem', 'Coffin cure', 'Family resemblance'1962
Nourse, Alan ECounterfeit man11, including 'Ounce of cure', 'Second sight'1964
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Piper, H BeamEmpire4, including 'Edge of the knife', 'Ministry of Disturbance'1981
Piper, H BeamFederation5, including 'Omnilingual'1981
Piper, H BeamParatime5, including 'Last enemy', 'Time crime', 'Temple trouble'1981
Pohl, FrederikFrederik Pohl Omnibus13, including 'Day of the Boomer Dukes', 'I Plinglot, who you?'1966
Porges, ArthurRescuer, and other SF stories18, including 'A Specimen for the Queen'2014
Porges, ArthurRuum, and other SF stories14, including 'The Ruum' (obviously!)2013
Reynolds, MackBest of Mack Reynolds22, including 'Pacifist', 'Earthlings, go home!'1976
Robinson, SpiderCallahan's Crosstime Saloon9, including 'Guy with the eyes', 'Time-traveler'1977
Robinson, SpiderCallahan's Secret4, including 'Involuntary man's laughter', 'Mick of Time'1986
Robinson, SpiderLady slings the booze17 good-natured tales that are 'writing of prostitutes'1992
Robinson, SpiderTime travellers strictly cash11, including 'Rah Rah R.A.H.' (Heinlein tribute)1981
Russell, Eric FrankBest of Eric Frank Russell13, including 'Homo Saps', 'Late night final', 'Dear Devil'1978
Russell, Eric FrankDeep space9, including 'First person singular', 'Second genesis'1954
Russell, Eric FrankLike nothing on Earth7, including 'Allamagoosa', 'Hobbyist', 'Ultima Thule'1975
Russell, Eric FrankMajor Ingredients30 excellent examples, edited by Rick Katze1998
Russell, Eric FrankMen, Martians and machines'Jay Score', 'Mechanistria', 'Symbiotica', 'Mesmerica'1955
Russell, Eric FrankSix worlds yonder6, including 'Waitabits', 'Diabologic', 'Nothing new'1958
Schmitz, James HTelzey toy'Telzey Toy', 'Resident witch', 'Compulsion', 'Company planet'1973
Sheckley, RobertRobert Sheckley omnibus12, excluding 'Immortality, Inc.'1973
Simak, Clifford DBest of Clifford D Simak10, including 'Final Gentleman' + intro & bibliography1975
Sladek, John TSteam-driven boy13, plus 10 parodies (not sure Sladek is that good)1973
Smith, CordwainerBest of Cordwainer Smith12, incl. 'Scanners live in vain' & good intro by JJ Pierce1975
Smith, CordwainerInstrumentality of mankind14, including 'No, no, not Rogov!', 'Think blue, count two'1979
Smith, CordwainerQuest of the three worlds4, including 'On the gem planet', 'On the storm planet'1966
Smith, CordwainerSpace lords5, including 'Drunkboat', 'Planet named Shayol'1965
Smith, CordwainerUnder old Earth7, including 'Crime & glory of Commander Suzdal'1966
Sturgeon, TheodoreCaviar8, including 'Microcosmic God', 'Twink', 'Medusa'1955
Sturgeon, TheodoreWay Home9, including 'Hurkle is a happy beast', 'Special aptitude'1955
Sturgeon, TheodoreWorlds of Theodore Sturgeon9, including 'Skills of Xanadu', 'There is no defense'1972
Tenn, WilliamTime in advance4, including 'Winthrop was stubborn', 'Firewater', 'Sickness'1958
Tiptree, James JrCrown of StarsLast 10, including 'In midst of life'1988
Tiptree, James JrStar songs of an old primate7, including 'Your haploid heart' + Le Guin intro1978
Tiptree, James JrTen thousand light years from home15, including 'Faithful to thee, Terra, in our fashion'1973
Tiptree, James JrWarm worlds and otherwise12, including 'Through a lass darkly' + Silverberg intro1975
Vinge, VernorCollected stories of Vernor Vinge17, incl mid-60s Analog material2001
Wells, HGSelected short stories21, including Pyecraft. 'Dickens meets Poe' according to HE Bates1927
Westlake, Donald ETomorrow's crimesIncludes 'Anarchaos' (novel) & 9 stories1989
White, JamesAliens among usGood1969
Wyndham, JohnConsider her ways and OthersTitle novella plus 5 shorts1961
Wyndham, JohnGooseflesh and laughter11 stories1956
Wyndham, JohnJizzle15, a superset of 'Gooseflesh & laughter'1954
Wyndham, JohnSeeds of time10, including 'Pawley's peepholes'1956
Wyndham, JohnWanderers of time5 from the 1930s1939
Zelazny, RogerDoors of his face, lamps of his mouth15, including 'Great slow kings', 'Rose for Ecclesiastes'1971
Zelazny, RogerFour for tomorrowIncludes 'A Rose for Ecclesiastes', 'Doors of his face...'1967
Zelazny, RogerUnicorn variations21 stories with 'wrappers' round them1983


Aragones, SergioBuzz and Bell: space cadetsWonderful comix1990
Aragones, SergioDeath of GrooVery funny comix1987
Badajos, EdFilipino FoodCompletely brilliantly-drawn acid trip. Bought in Hatfield1972
Bagge, PeterAdventures of Junior and other losersExcellent, insightful comix1990
Bagge, PeterBradleysDysfunctional family rules OK comix1989
Barela, TimL&L #1: Domesticity isn't prettyLife with gay comix partners Leonard & Larry1993
Barela, TimL&L #2: Kurt Cobain and Mozart are....both dead. More angst with Leonard & Larry1996
Barela, TimL&L #3: Excerpts from the Ring Cycle in....Royal Albert Hall.2000
Barela, TimL&L #4: How real men do itLeonard & Larry, of course!2003
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #01: Dykes to watch out for (twof)Great romances that never were. Excellent stuff1986
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #02: More dykes (twof)Includes Mo & Harriet's first night together! Wonderful1988
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #03: New, Improved! Dykes (twof)Soap opera was never like this1990
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #04: Dykes (twof): the sequelIncludes 'Serial Monogamy' - a documentary1992
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #05: Spawn of dykes (twof)Includes 'Flesh & Blood' - birth of Toni & Clarice's baby boy1993
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #06: Unnatural dykes (twof)Includes 'Sentimental Education' - the group 15 years ago1995
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #07: Hot, throbbing dykes (twof)Tsunami of lesbian erotica surging through dykedom1997
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #08: Split Level dykes (twof)Perils of house-buying split the 'community'1998
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #09: Post-Dykes (twof)Put the Mo back in PoMo!2000
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #10: & sundry other carbon-basedlifeforms (twof). 20 years on!2003
Bechdel, AlisonDykes #11: Invasion of the dykes (twof)In the rainbow land of (home)land security2005
Bechdel, AlisonEssential dykes to watch out forUseful catch-up compendium2008
Boatner, C; Parkhouse, SHiding PlaceLast members of each species go here1990
Bodé, VaughanCheech wizard #01From National Lampoon & earlier. 1956 - 19741990
Bodé, VaughanCheech wizard #02From National Lampoon & earlier. mid 60s - 19751990
Bodé, VaughanDeadbone (b&w from 1968)Early pencil material & character sketches. 1969 - 19701989
Bodé, VaughanDeadbone erotica #02Colour material (Cavalier & Swank) from 1971 - 19741988
Bodé, VaughanDeadbone erotica #03Colour material from Cavalier. 1972 - 731997
Bodé, VaughanDiary sketchbook for 1965Good stuff1990
Bodé, VaughanJunkwaffel, #01Material from 1968 - 1975. Nearly all b&w1993
Bodé, VaughanPoem ToonsHe got a 1969 Hugo for best fan artist! Slim but pretty1989
Bodé, VaughanSchizophreniaScraping up loose jottings & manifestos2001
Bodé, Vaughan; Wrightson, BCollected purple pictographyFun, but surely not complete! I want more1991
Bolland, BrianBolland strips!Actress & the Bishop, et al2005
Boys, P; Pearlman, CComic book of first loveGood selection1988
Boys, P; Pearlman, CComic book of the facts of lifeExcellent selection1991
Burns, CharlesBlack HoleFat monochrome saga of high school alienation2005
Campbell, EddieComplete EricWeird but engaging1990
Cannon, MaxMore red meatJust as zany1998
Cannon, MaxRed MeatDeceptively simple 3-frame format hard-hitters1996
Chapman, Robyn; Nelson, KTrue Porn 2Autobiographical sex stories in comix form2005
Charlesworth, KateSeven ages of womanWonderful stuff1990
Christina, GretaBest erotic comics 2008Clowes, Gloeckner, Hernandez et al2007
Christina, GretaBest erotic comics 2009Bechdel, Kuper, Coover et al2009
Christina, GretaBest erotic comics #3Not yet released2009
Collier, DavidJust the facts: a decade of comics essaysCollection of comix sideways views. Quirky1998
Colwell, GuyDollManara territory but worthier; collects 3x 'Doll' comix1989
Colwell, GuyInner City RomanceSome hard-hitting commentary2014
Coover, Colleen; Tobin, PaulSmall Favors, book oneGirly porno comix collection2002
Crane, Tristan; Naifeh, TedHow loathsomeSubjective nature of gender, huh?2004
CreativeForce DesignsCFD book of lingerieSummer 1994 edition, bought in Forbidden Planet1994
Crumb, Maxon; Zwigoff, TerryCrumb family comicsCrazy? Perhaps, but amazing talents all round, too1998
Crumb, RobertArt & Beauty magazineThe copyright says 'beaty' not beauty! To uplift & enlighten...1996
Crumb, RobertArt & Beauty magazine #2Marvellous work2003
Crumb, RobertBest Buy comicsWunnerful1979
Crumb, RobertBig Yum Yum bookSweet! (And wasted on its recipient)1975
Crumb, RobertBook of GenesisFive years of work2009
Crumb, RobertBook of Mr NaturalOutrageous1995
Crumb, RobertBook of PostcardslUnearthed in Portswood2006
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 01Words fail me: the early years of bitter struggle1987
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 02Some more early years of bitter struggle1988
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 03Starring Fritz the Cat1988
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 04Mr Sixties1989
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 05Happy Hippy Comix1990
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 06On the crest of a wave1991
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 07Hot 'n' Heavy1991
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 08Carol bought this for me in NY - death of Fritz the Cat1992
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 09R Crumb versus the Sisterhood1992
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 10Crumb advocates violent overthrow1994
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 11Mr Natural committed to a mental institution1995
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 12We're livin' in the "Lap o' luxury"1997
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 13Season of the Snoid, intro by Maxon1998
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 14Early '80s & Weirdo magazine, bought in Bluewater2000
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 15Covers 1983 to 85 and early Weirdos, Mode O'Day etc.2000
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 16Mid 1980s & severe depressions sweep the Crumb2002
Crumb, RobertComplete Crumb comics: 17Cave Wimp, Mode O'Day, Academy Awards, France, late 80s2005
Crumb, RobertEndzeit comics (in German)For Christa as a taster1986
Crumb, RobertHead comix (with 1987 introduction)Excellent1968
Crumb, RobertHome Grown Funnies #116th printing (Dec 1997) & going strong!1971
Crumb, RobertHup #1 - #4Incredible1992
Crumb, RobertLife and death of Fritz the CatExcellent1993
Crumb, RobertLove to ten: Crumb in Zap comixWonderful stuff198?
Crumb, RobertMiettes (Crumbs) aka 'Odds & Ends'Beautifully produced (French) retrospective of small-scale Crumb2000
Crumb, RobertMotor City comics #1/#2Kicking butt with Leonore Goldberg1991
Crumb, RobertMy troubles with womenBanned, unbelievably1990
Crumb, RobertMystic Funnies #1In colour, yet! Mr Natural & the gang1997
Crumb, RobertOdds & EndsEnglish version for completeness2001
Crumb, RobertR Crumb Coffee Table Art BookCrumb's whole career from Shack to Chateau! Now in colour!!1997
Crumb, RobertR Crumb draws the BluesAnd how!1992
Crumb, RobertR Crumb postcard bookNow mounted in my study1992
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #11964 to mid-19651992
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #2mid-1965 to early 19661992
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #31966 material1993
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #4late 1966 to mid-19671994
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #5late 1967 to early 19681995
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #6mid-1968 to mid-19691997
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #7mid-1969 to end 19701999
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #8Fall 1970 to Fall 19722000
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #9In the mid 1970s2002
Crumb, RobertR Crumb sketchbooks #101975 to 19772004
Crumb, RobertR Crumb's AmericaBiting1994
Crumb, RobertR Crumb's Carload o'comicsExcellent; surprised to find this in London1996
Crumb, RobertR Crumb's heroes of blues, country & jazzGuess what the subject is?2010
Crumb, RobertRip the lid off the ID #1From sketchbooks circa May 19901990
Crumb, RobertRobert Crumb's sex obsessionsGuess what the subject is? Finally, an affordable edition! (after six years)2015
Crumb, RobertSketch book 1966 to 1967Zweitausendeins edition; 360 glorious pages, some colour1981
Crumb, RobertSketch book 1967 to 1974Wunnerful. Another 380+ pages, some colour1986
Crumb, RobertSketch book 1974 to 1978Further 310 pages with zany Uncle Bob1978
Crumb, RobertSketch book 1978 to 1983370 pages of (among others) pregnant bliss1984
Crumb, RobertSketch book 1983 to 1987Final 370+ pages so far, including Sophie1989
Crumb, RobertSweeter side of R CrumbNo, really! Recent work, mostly2006
Crumb, RobertWorld according to Crumb (interviews)A strange hero, perhaps1992
Crumb, RobertZap #00Amazing solo debut1967
Crumb, RobertZap #01Still self-penned & astounding1967
Crumb, Robert and AlineDrawn together: the complete worksWorld's only cartooning couple?2012
Crumb, Robert and familyComplete dirty laundry comicsWow1993
Crumb, Robert et alKnockabout comics 'obscene' issueSome good stuff1982
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #03Includes Boswell's London Journal & some Max Crumb1981
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #04Includes I remember the 60s, Seda's Nude photography class1982
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #05Includes Peter the pet penis, The old songs are the best songs1982
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #06Includes Fried nuts, Trash, Woman's plight1982
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #07Seda's Life cycle of an artist, Uncle Bob's mid-life crisis1983
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #08George 'Murky' Murkoid, Seda's Older women & younger men1983
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #09Seda's Crabs eating Raoul, Max Crumb, Elf Squelch, Mode O'Day1984
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #10Mode O'Day, The Reject, Delirious, MidWestern wedding1984
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #11Crumb's Goldilocks, Deitch's Jews from Yonkers1984
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #12Mode O'Day, Sour Grapes, Popoff Hayes (drug fiend)1985
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #13Psychopathia Sexualis (which Crumb evidently got off on!)1985
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #14Clay Wilson's Checkered Demon, Crumb's old music1985
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #15Deitch's Murder on the Midway, Seda's people in hell1986
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #16Deitch's Mystic Shrine, Collier's Jeff, Jeff & Mike1986
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #17Didi (finally) has an orgasm!1986
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #18Seda's Cleanliness is next to Dogliness, Mode O'Day, Glitz to go1986
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #19Crumb's Mother Hulda, Deitch's Young Ledicker1987
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #20TV evangelist, Tyler's Uncovered property, Footsy, Seda's Family1987
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #21Spain's Big Bitch, Crumb's Calvacade, Mickey Rat1987
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #22Seda's Let's eat brains, plus memorial Bimbos from Hell1988
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #23Deitch's Pong Wook-ee, Big Bitch, + letters of UK seizures1988
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #24Parody of Omaha cat dancer, La Bunch hits 40, etc.1988
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #26Heavy Flow, Quaker School Q-ties, Big Bitch1989
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #27Nuts to a plank, Carol Lay's Prince & the art girl, Mode O'Day1990
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo #28 aka 'Verre d'eau'The last one ever?! Martini Baton, Armstrong's sketchbooks1993
Crumb, Robert et alWeirdo Years 1982-1993Gift from Peter2013
Crumb, Robert et alZap #02Kozmic trooths1968
Crumb, Robert et alZap #03Issue that 69s in the middle, courtesy of Moscoso1968
Crumb, Robert et alZap #04Wonder Wart-Hog & Muthalode smut ring! Joe Blow, too.1969
Crumb, Robert et alZap #05The comic that frenches your mind...1970
Crumb, Robert et alZap #06Griffin, Moscosco, Shelton, Spain, Williams, Wilson!1978
Crumb, Robert et alZap #07The mentor in the Mason jar1974
Crumb, Robert et alZap #08Spain's Field Meet1975
Crumb, Robert et alZap #0910th anniversary issue1978
Crumb, Robert et alZap #10Still amazing1982
Crumb, Robert et alZap #11Dare to moon the devil1985
Crumb, Robert et alZap #12Cave wimp1989
Crumb, Robert et alZap #13Includes the Shaggy Fish Story jam1994
Crumb, Robert et alZap #14I've had it (in the wake of Zwigoff's 'Crumb' film)!1998
Crumb, Robert; Pekar, HarveyBob and Harv's comics (American Splendor)Miracles of the mundane1996
Crumb, Robert; Poplaski, PR Crumb handbookI'm not here to be polite!2005
Cruse, HowardDancin' nekkid with the angelsWonderful1987
Cruse, HowardEarly Barefootz (1970-73)Good1990
Cruse, HowardWendel All Together: complete editionIncludes cameos from other appearances, too2001
Cruse, HowardWendel comix #1Brilliant1989
Cruse, HowardWendel on the reboundBrilliant1989
Cunningham, ScottWorld War 3: confrontational comicsSome great stuff buried in here1995
Daniels, JackBreaking free: revolutionary TintinDedicated to all those fighting against capitalism1989
Deitch, KimEating RaoulComix of sublime Paul Bartel film1982
Ditko, SteveDitko collection '66-'73Excellent artwork1985
Donahue, Don; Goodrick, SueApex Treasury of Underground ComixMagical compendium of amazing talents (reprint)1974
Donahue, Don; Kane, KateDori Stories: the complete Dori SedaIneffable mix of artwork & biographical data1999
Doucet, JulieLong time relationshipEssentially a sketch book - excellent2001
Doucet, JulieMy most secret desireDreams from 'Dirty Plotte', apparently1995
Drechsler, DebbieDaddy's girlHeartrending look at American female adolescence1995
Emerson, HuntAliens ate my trousers!From 'Fortean Times'1998
Emerson, Hunt; Manley, TymFirkin (7 parts)Riotous details observed by the randy cat1993
Evans, BridgetXXX(Strip)burgerFrom Slovenia, but powerfully universal sexuality1999
Farmer, Joyce et alTits and clits #2, #3, #5Simply sublime; not to say seminal!1979
Fisher, RobinWhat Right? Graphic interpretations vs.censorship. In aid of Little Sister's defense fund, Canada2002
Flenniken, Shary et alSeattle LaughsI was amazed to succeed in getting this from Tatelman's press1994
Foglio, PhilPsmith (Buck Godot)Peter & I both want more!1987
Foglio, PhilWhat's new?Phil & Dixie from 'Dragon' magazine1991
Foglio, PhilWhat's new? #3Magic years from 'Duellist" #01-#40, 1992 onward2000
Foglio, PhilXXXenophile big book o'funWonderfully light erotica1994
Foglio, PhilZap gun for hire (Buck Godot)Wonderful stuff1986
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #01From the 1989 comix1989
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #02Ineffable1990
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #03Non-stop1991
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #04More joyful inking1992
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #05Last of Palliard Press reprints1998
Foglio, Phil et alXXXenophile #06Moving onto newer multi-author ground2000
Franson, LeanneAssume nothing: evolution of a bi-dykeComix: Her semi-autobiographical character Liliane1997
Gifford, DenisBest of 'Eagle Annual' 1951-1959Very good1989
Green, JustinBinky Brown samplerSuperb: out-Crumbs Crumb with ex-Catholic guilt1995
Greenerger, DavidNo more shavesVoices from elderly nursing homes2003
Griffith, BillFrom A to ZippyWonderful ironic satire1991
Gurewitch, NicholasTrial of Colonel SweetoPerry Bible Fellowship comic strips2007
Harrison, HankArt of Jack DavisGreat way of outlining artist's work1987
HergéComplete Tintin collectionSuperb, & witty in both senses1980
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1918Limbo of useless unconsciousness1989
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1922Katnip Kantata in the key of K + a 'Little Nemo' parody (Major Ozone)1991
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1923Inna Yott on the muddy Geranium1991
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1925 - 1926There is a heppy land-fur, fur awa-a-ay2002
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1927 - 1928Love letters in ancient brick2002
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1929 - 1930A Mice, a Brick, a Lovely Night2003
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1931 - 1932A Kat a'Lilt with Song2004
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1933 - 1934Necromancy by the Blue Bean Bush2004
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1935 - 1936A wild warmth of chromatic gravy (ie colour!)2005
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1937 - 1938Shifting sands dusts its cheeks in powdered beauty2006
Herriman, GeorgeKrazy & Ignatz, 1939 - 1940A Brick stuffed with Moom-Bims2007
Jansson, ToveMoomin: complete comic strip, book 1Utterly charming, reminiscent of 'Trog'2006
Kinney, Jay et alYoung lust 1, 5, 6, 7, 8Incredible & seminal & all rather rude. Lovely!1993
Knockabout comicsDyke's delight! #1Kate Charlesworth, Roberta Gregory & others1993
Knockabout comicsFanny #1 - CeasefireOK1991
Knockabout comicsFanny #2 - VoyeuseOK1991
Knockabout comicsKnock #08 - hell on EarthIncludes Hunt Emerson, Steve Gibson, Pokketz1984
Knockabout comicsKnock #09 - (no title)Includes Emerson, Pokketz, Harper, Campbell1985
Knockabout comicsKnock #10 - moral talesIncludes Hunt Emerson, Max, Kim Deitch1985
Knockabout comicsKnock #11 - cold storeIncludes Emerson, Shelton, Mavrides, Pokketz, Sheridan1985
Knockabout comicsKnock #12 - daydreams and night fearsIncludes Shelton, Max, Emerson, Irons1986
Knockabout comicsKnock #13 - there's a funny spell in hereIncludes Justin Green, Emerson, Max, Matthews, Shelton1987
Knockabout comicsKnock #14 - sons and mothersIncludes Edika, Emerson, Max, Ted Richards1988
Knockabout comicsOutrageous tales from the Old Testament13 wonderfully zany sets of illustrations1987
Knockabout comicsSeven deadly sinsExcellent collaborations1989
Knockabout comicsTrombone #1Skimmed1990
Knockabout comicsWomen: out of lineFrom 'Fanny' offshoot; 15 contributors1997
Koenig, RalfMaybe... maybe notBisexual comix, translated by Jeff Krell1987
Koenig, RalfMaybe... maybe not again!Sequel (natch), Jeff Krell again too1988
Kominsky-Crumb, AlineLove that bunchMore amazingly self-revelatory family stuff; distaff side1990
Kominsky-Crumb, AlineNeed more loveMore amazingly self-revelatory family stuff; distaff side2007
Krell, JeffJayson: a new collectionOstensibly retrograde humour! Howard Cruse, watch out1997
Kurtzman, HarveyHarvey Kurtzman's strange adventuresParody style collaborations: Crumb, Geary, Aragones, Downs1990
Kurtzman, HarveyMAD: complete first six issuesPlus interviews with the guiltiest parties 30 years on1952
Kurtzman, Harvey; Downs, SBetsy's buddiesSarah Downs was Kurtzman's assistant, colourist etc. Betsy's a hoot1988
Kurtzman, Harvey; Elder, WGoodman Beaver4 wacky & wonderful episodes, plus excellent notes1962
Kurtzman, Harvey; Elder, WPlayboy's Little Annie Fanny, 1962-1970Replete with annotations2000
Kurtzman, Harvey; Elder, WPlayboy's Little Annie Fanny, 1970-1988Sumptuously produced2001
LaBan, TerryEno and PlumSex, death, greed, envy & alienated whimsy!1997
LaBan, TerryInternational BobAmazing stuff1993
LaBan, TerryLove's not a three dollar fareIncredible1995
Loveday, PeteBig Trip travel agency #1 - #4Russell regresses in bite-sized chunks!1997
Loveday, PeteRussell's big strip stupormarketVery good1995
Loveday, PeteRussell: saga of a peaceful man 1An English Crumb? Not quite, but pretty good1991
Loveday, PeteRussell: saga of a peaceful man 2Very good1993
Lynch, JayBest of Bijou FunniesMagical compendium of classic Underground work (reprint)1975
Mercier, Jean-PierreWho's afraid of Robert Crumb?From Jan 2000 exhibition; excellent retrospective2000
Millionaire, TonyAdventures of Sock MonkeyHappy endings & random destruction2000
Millionaire, TonyMaakiesStrangely nostalgic strips2000
Moore, Alan et alWorm: longest comic strip in the world75 metres portraying rise of the cartoonist1999
Motter, DeanMister XCollection from Peter2008
Mounce, DCRon Cobb: the collected cartoonsOne day!1995
Mounce, DCShary Flenniken: a personal selectionMaybe soon!1995
National LampoonFrench comics: the kind men likeAnd me! Superb '47th way of viewing Mt. Fuji' (F'Murr)1977
Noomin, DianeTwisted sisters #1: bad girl art14 artists, including Dori Seda, & good wicked stuff1991
Noomin, DianeTwisted sisters #2: drawing the line16 artists: magic -- mostly banned in UK1995
Oliveros, Chris et alDrawn and Quarterly: 25 years of cartooning.... comics, and graphic novels (770 pages) WYSIWYG2015
Pekar, HarveyAmerican Splendor: our movie yearInevitable self-documentation2004
Pekar, Harvey; VariousNew American Splendor anthologyWonderful underdog territory1991
Robbins, TrinaBest of Wimmen's ComixIncludes Flenniken's delicious 'Hot breakfast'1979
Robbins, Trina et alStrip AIDS USAHeart-breakingly good benefit book1988
Sacco, JoeNotes from a defeatistYouth indiscretions & mature masterworks!2003
Schreiner, DaveAll-American hippie comix (Dope Comix)Bought in Danbury Mall. Wonderful reprint1994
Serpieri, PaoloSketchbookFrench artist of considerable sexual talent from Heavy Metal1995
Shelton, GilbertAdventures of Fat Freddy's catZen yoga lessons & further fabulous stuff1977
Shelton, GilbertBest of Fat Freddy's CatWide range of excellent strips1983
Shelton, GilbertComplete Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. #1Joint Knockabout/Rip Off Press venture2001
Shelton, GilbertComplete Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. #2Ganz in farben!2003
Shelton, GilbertFabulous furry freak brothers 1, 3, 5, 71970 (Shelton solo) to 1982 (with Sheridan & Mavrides)1976
Shelton, GilbertFabulous Furry Freak Brothers OmnibusFrom Peter and signed #184/2002008
Shelton, GilbertFamous tales of Fat Freddy's CatWait till he puts on the stereo headphones! & many more1994
Shelton, GilbertFat Freddy's cat OmnibusFrom Peter and signed2009
Shelton, GilbertFreak brothers collection #1Tales from very early 1970s1986
Shelton, GilbertFreak brothers collection #2Early to mid-70s work & Sheridan as co-author1988
Shelton, GilbertFreak brothers collection #3Further drug-hazed mayhem1989
Shelton, GilbertFreak brothers collection #4Also has Paul Mavrides1989
Shelton, GilbertIdiots abroadTotal hoot as freak brothers wreak global havoc1987
Shelton, GilbertMore fabulous furry freak brothersaka Rip Off Press, Volume #41980
Shelton, GilbertThoroughly rippedRevised colour Furry Freak Brothers reprints from 1976-781981
Shelton, GilbertWonder Wart-hog Book one'Hog of Steel' predates all his other characters1985
Sickman-Garner, PeteHey, Mister: the Fall collectionFour issues + outtakes and commentary2001
Silke, JimBettie Page: Queen of the NileDark Horse from 1997 onward2000
Smith, KevinBluntman and ChronicShameless tie-in2001
Smith, KevinClerks (the comic books)Dante, Randal, Jay & Silent Bob2000
Smith, KevinJay & Silent Bob: Chasing DogmaComix prequel to film1999
Spain (Manuel Rodriguez)SHE comics: anthology of Big BitchWith intro by Susie Bright!1993
Spiegelman, Art; Mouly, FLittle Lit: strange stories for strange.... kids. Includes Posy Simmonds & Maurice Sendak! (RAW Junior)2001
Spiegelman, Art; Mouly, FRAW Volume 2 (#1 to #3)Burns, Deitch, Barry + a full Krazy Kat adventure1991
Spiegelman, Art; Mouly, FRead yourself RAW (anthology)Some fine work here1987
Stack, FrankDorman's doggieNeurotic but accurate portraits1990
Tolputt, SherryCartoon Kama SutraSuitably, if not subtly, reinterpreted1998
Triptow, RobertGay comicsHe has a Web site, too!1989
Vachss, Andrew et alAnother chance to get it rightUnusual approach1993
VariousAmazing Heroes' swimsuit special 1990Cute, I think!1990
VariousBest of Dark Horse, vol. 2Good1991
VariousDark Horse 5th anniversary specialSome very good pieces here1991
VariousGirl frenzy #2OK1992
VariousMcSweeney's Quarterly Concern #13Beautiful compilation of many fine comics/comix artists2004
VariousReal girl #1Weird1990
VariousWitzend #3 good girlsGood1990
Various artistsBizarro WorldReconstructed comic super heros2005
Veitch, RickPocket Universe: more rarebit fiendsDirect lines to the unconscious1996
Veitch, RickRabid Eye: the collected rarebit fiendsDream art from an amazing imagination1995
von Götha, ErichVery Special PrisonVia EPS, a Last Gasp product2000
Waller, ReedErotic art of Reed WallerGreat stuff1996
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #01Wonderful1987
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #02Wonderful1988
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #03Wonderful1989
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #04Wonderful1990
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #05Wonderful1993
Waller, Reed; Worley, KateOmaha - cat dancer #06Sadly likely to be final collection1998
Warren, RozDyke strippers: lesbian cartoonists A - ZWonderful1995
Warren, RozWeenie-toons!Mocked cocks. Direct from Roz herself; includes Flenniken1992
Warren, RozWhat is this thing called sex?Essential1993
Welz, LarryCherry Deluxe #1Nice collaboration with Neil Gaiman1998
Whiteland, DavidBook of PagesYoung monk's journey to modern world Metropolis2000
Wilber, RonDomino Lady + Jungle adventureBound to succeed!1995
Williamson, AlArt of Al WilliamsonGreat stuff1983
Williamson, SkipHalsted StreetTales of the (Chicago) hog butcher1990
Williamson, SkipScum also risesPowerful1988
Wilson, GahanClassics Illustrated Devil's DictionaryPlus Boarded Window, Dead, & Imperfect Conflagration1991
Wilson, S ClayCollected Checkered Demon #1Long overdue; scabrous & intelligent1998
Wilson, S ClayDemons and AngelsThe Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 22014
Wilson, S ClayPirates in the HeartlandThe Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 12014
Wilson, S ClaySpotsSmall artworks, largely from 'Screw' magazine1989
Wolverton, BasilWolvertoons: the art of Basil WolvertonZany and ugly1989
Woodring, JimBook of JimStrange indeed1993
Woodring, JimFrankWeird1996
Wright, NickyClassic Era of American Comics1930s to 1950s but, of course, not a Crumb insight!2000
Yoe, CraigClean cartoonists' dirty drawingsSchulz, Kirby, Shuster, Caniff, Dr Seuss etc2007
Yoe, CraigSecret identity: fetish art of Joe....Shuster (co-creator of Superman)2009
Yronwode, CatherineArt of Will EisnerExcellent1989

Comix (NF)

Adelman, BobTijuana BiblesArt & Wit in forbidden funnies, 1930s onward1997
Barker, MartinComics: ideology, power & the criticsDeconstructing Donald (Duck), among many others1989
Barker, MartinHaunt of fears: horror comix campaignSome things never change in this benighted isle1984
Bender, HySandman CompanionInterviews with Gaiman & many of his artists1999
Brownstein, CharlesEisner (Will)/Miller (Frank) interviewConducted in May 20022005
Brunetti, Ivan (ed)Anthology of Graphic Fiction, cartoons.... & true stories2006
Brunetti, Ivan (ed)Anthology of Graphic Fiction, vol. 2Mixture as before2008
Callahan, BobNew Comics anthologyComprehensive coverage of many talents1991
Callahan, BobNew Smithsonian book of comic-book....stories. From Crumb to Clowes2004
Choquette, MichelSomeday Funnies39 years later; a look at the 1960s in the early 1970s2013
Crumb, RobertComics Journal Library, #3Fabulous encapsulations via interviews2004
Daniels, LesDC Comics: 60 years of comic book heroesJust call me an anorak1995
Daniels, LesWonder Woman: the complete historyWYSIWYG, majoring on aspects of bondage, curiously2000
Danky, James P; Kitchen, DUnderground classics: transformation....of comics into comix. Beautifully illustrated2009
Diehl, DigbyTales from the Crypt: official archivesSome might say grotesquely well-illustrated1996
Duin, Steve; Richardson, MComics: between the panelsLavish tome from founder of Dark Horse. Wonderful1998
Eisner, WillComics and sequential artClassic examination1985
Estren, Mark JamesHistory of Underground Comix (2nd ed)Brilliant & awesome in its range1986
Estren, Mark JamesHistory of Underground Comix (3rd ed)Just as amazing1993
Estren, Mark JamesHistory of Underground Comix (4th ed)For the 20th anniversary (of the 3rd edition!)2012
Evanier, MarkComic Books & other necessities of lifeCollected POV columns2002
Fingeroth, DannyRough Guide to Graphic NovelsNicely illustrated little overview2008
Garriock, PRMasters of comic book artGood biographical & work details of some major artists1978
Geissman, GrantFoul play! Art & artists of notorious....1950s E.C. comics. Lavishly done, too2005
Geissman, Grant et alTales of Terror!Compendium of old EC Comics etc. Many interviews2000
Gifford, DenisInternational book of comicsGood overview1984
Gravett, PaulComics ArtWell-illustrated international overview2013
Gravett, PaulGraphic novels: stories to change....your life. Includes Posy, Crumb, Miller. Beautifully researched2005
Gravett, Paul, Dunning, JHComics unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UKAccompanying a British Library exhibition in 20142014
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Groth, GaryComics Journal #115 Apr 1987Coverage of libel trial provoked by Harlan Ellison's interview1987
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Groth, GaryComics Journal: SE02: musicFlenniken, Crumb, Kliban2002
Groth, GaryComics Journal: SE03: patriotismWilliam Stout, Tom Hart, James Thurber2003
Groth, GaryComics Journal: SE04, conversationsAl Hirschfield, Feiffer, Speigelman, Ware2004
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Lofficier, Jean-Marc & RandyTintin... pocket essentialOverviews and plot summaries etc2002
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Perry, G; Aldridge, AlanPenguin book of comicsNot very wide range, but gorgeously-illustrated1971
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Robbins, TrinaCentury of women cartoonistsExcellent history of comic strip artistes1993
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Trombetta, JimHorror! The Horror! comic books the.... government didn't want you to read. Plus an archival DVD2010
Whyte, MalcolmUnderground comix family albumPhotos/bios of 50+ heroes & heroines, including Shary Flenniken1998
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Agar, JonTuring & the Universal MachineMaking of the modern computer (it says here!)2001
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Current affairs

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Brandreth, GylesSomething sensational to the train. His diary, what else?2009
Brett, Simon (1)Faber book of diariesArranged through a year, many many contributions1987
Carradine, DavidKill Bill diaryFilm-making captured to perfection2006
Clark, AlanDiariesRacy & sleazy. Very readable, for a Tory MP1993
Clark, AlanDiaries: into politicsEarlier years of the entertaining semi-fascist2000
Clark, AlanLast DiariesFinished after his death in 1999 with his wife's account2002
Clark, ColinMy week with MarilynWeek omitted from his other diary2000
Clark, ColinPrince, the showgirl, and meJust as candid as older brother Alan1995
Colville, JohnFringes of power: 1939 to Oct. 1941Downing Street diaries, Vol 11985
Cook, RobinPoint of DepartureRecently updated Cabinet memoirs2004
Cooper, DuffDuff Cooper DiariesEd by John Julius Norwich, cover 1915-19512005
Copperfield, PC DavidWasting more police timeRecipe as before, with many more contributors2012
Copperfield, PC DavidWasting police timeLife in today's police force, started as a blog2006
Coward, NoëlNoël Coward DiariesSuperb, entrancing1982
Crossman, RichardBackbench diaries (ed. Morgan)Oct 1951 to Dec 1963 in 1100 pages1981
Davenport-Hines, RichardHugh Trevor-Roper: Wartime JournalsAcidic commentaries during desperate times2012
Davies, RussellKenneth Williams diariesWhinges galore over 40 years1993
de la Bédoyère, GuyDiary: John EvelynAkin to Aubrey's Brief Lives1995
Eno, BrianYear with swollen appendicesThis is a nice man, reminiscent of Sean French1996
Fahey, James JPacific War Diary 1942 - 1945Compare with JPW Mallalieu's view!1963
Fraser, FloraMaud: illustr. diary of a Victorian womanDelightful watercolours & sketchbook plus notes1985
Fremantle, AnneWynne Diaries: 2 sisters, Napoleonic eraIncredible contemporary picture builds up1952
Garfield, SimonOur hidden lives: diaries of Britons. More Mass Observation fallout2004
Gebler, CarloFather and I: a memoirDrawing the poison out of the past2000
Gray, SimonCodaDiary of 'the beginning of my dying'2008
Gray, SimonEnter a foxDiatribes against himself2001
Gray, SimonFat chanceInside story of Stephen Fry's West End departure1995
Gray, SimonSmoking DiariesPlaywright started diaries at age 65; fine stuff2004
Gray, SimonYear of the JouncerClassily rehearsed stream of semi-self-consciousness2006
Hare, AugustusYears with MotherEdited with notes & intro by Malcolm Barnes1952
Henderson, NicholasMandarin: diaries 1969 - 1982Should be good for a laugh, even if hollow & forced1994
Lahr, JohnDiaries of Kenneth TynanUncovering 1971 to 19802001
Lahr, JohnOrton diariesFascinating & sad1986
Latham, RobertIllustrated Pepys (from the Diary)Excellent condensation1983
Latham, RobertShorter PepysStill long!1985
Lawrence, TEMintEye-opening; even eye-watering in parts1958
Lee, Christopher (2)Eight bells and top mastsDiaries of his 1950s stamp-treaming days2001
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #01: Ancestral voicesJan 1942 - Dec 1943 in the National Trust1975
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #02: Prophesying peaceJan 1944 - Sep 1945 in the National Trust1977
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #03: Caves of iceJan 1946 - Dec 1947 in the National Trust1983
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #04: Midway on the wavesJan 1948 - Dec 1949 in the National Trust1985
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #05: A mingled measure1953-19721994
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #06: Ancient as the Hills1973-19741997
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #07: Through wood and daleIntro by his great-nephew! 1975-19781998
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #08: Deep romantic chasm1979 through 1981 + travel notes2000
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #09: Holy Dread1982 to 1984 & passions dampened2001
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #10: Beneath a waning moon1985 - 1987; Thatcher's Britain if you please2003
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #11: Ceaseless turmoil1988-19922004
Lees-Milne, JamesDiary #12: Milk of Paradise1993-19972005
Logue, Mark; Conradi, PeterKing's SpeechFrom Lionel Logue's diaries2010
Macmillan, HaroldCabinet Years: 1950 - 1957Diaries edited by Peter Catterall2003
Manthorpe, VictoriaJapan diaries of Richard Gordon SmithSkimmed, looks interesting1986
McPherson, BimbashiLife in EgyptUnread, but skimmed1983
Mitchison, NaomiAmong you taking notes: wartime diaryOne million words nicely truncated by Dorothy Sheridan1985
Mullin, ChrisDiary #1: a Walk-On Part, covering end.... of Major and beginning of "new" Labour under Bliar2011
Mullin, ChrisDiary #2: a View from the Foothills, yet.... engagingly clear-sighted. Marvellous anecdotes, too2009
Mullin, ChrisDiary #3: Decline and Fall, covering the.... glorious/inglorious expenses scandal, and much joy besides2010
Musto, C; McCulloch, AWar and Uncle WalterEccentric's war diary2003
Nicolson, HaroldDiaries & letters 1930 - 1939Edited by his son1966
Nicolson, HaroldDiaries & letters 1939 - 1945Edited by his son1967
Nicolson, HaroldDiaries & letters 1945 - 1962Edited by his son1968
Nin, AnaisHenry and June (1931-32)From her 'unexpurgated' diary1986
Palin, MichaelDiaries 1969 - 1979: Python yearsInteresting, albeit obsessively detailed2006
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Plomer, WilliamKilvert's Diary, 1870-1879Detailed picture of the English countryside1944
Pratt, Jean LuceyNotable woman: romantic journalsEdited by Simon Garfield. Spanning sixty years2015
Reynolds, TomBlood sweat & teaEast London ambulance service diary. Compelling reading2006
RiverbendBaghdad Burning: girl's blog from IraqLife since the US occupation2005
RiverbendBaghdad Burning: volume 2Still aflame. She's considering leaving2006
Rous, HenriettaOssie Clark diariesPositively Ortonesque1998
Rowse, ALDiaries of AL RowsePoet, historian, major misanthrope; excellent stuff2003
Schlesinger, Arthur M JrJournals 1952 - 2000Seemed he knew everybody2007
Sher, AntonyYear of the kingAn actor who can really write, dammit1985
Strong, RoyDiaries 1967 - 1987Cultural politics of our Establishment figurines1997
Taylor, Irene & AlanAssassin's Cloak: anthology of world's.... greatest diarists.2000
Vickers, Hugo; Beaton, CecilBeaton in the SixtiesMore unexpurgated anecdotage2003
Vickers, Hugo; Beaton, CecilUnexpurgated Beaton diariesQuite magnificent2002
Waugh, EvelynDiaries (editor, Michael Davie)A long, largely complete, chronicle1979
Wesker, ArnoldBirth of Shylock & death of Zero MostelBirth, life & death of a play & its star1997
Winstone, RuthEvents, dear boy, eventsPolitical diaries from Woolf to Campbell2012
Woolf, VirginiaMoment's liberty: the shorter diary30 volumes cut to one, 1915 - 19411990
Wyndham, JoanLove is blueWartime randiness. 1941 onward, & she's in the WAAF1986
Wyndham, JoanLove lessonsWartime randiness, 1939-42. Hectic, desperate times1985


Biesty, StephenCross-sections: man-of-warWeird & wonderful. Hard to classify1993
Biesty, StephenIncredible Cross-sectionsI can see right through you!1993
Biesty, StephenIncredible ExplosionsMore clever cutaways1996
Brown, George IBig Bang: history of explosivesGunpowder to H-bombs1998
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Buderi, RobertInvention that changed the worldRadar from war to peace. See also R Hanbury Brown's Boffin1996
Burke, JamesPinball effect, & other journeys..... through knowledge.1996
Chesterman, JohnIndex of Possibilities: energy & powerIf only people would listen...1974
Davies, AGJSolid geometry in 3-D (anaglyphs)Bought while at school1967
Drexler, K EricEngines of creation: nanotechnologyThere's plenty of room at the bottom (Feynman)1990
Drexler, K EricUnbounding the futureMore nanotechnology, & its predicted effects1991
Dugan, SallyMeasure for measureTV-related examination of measurement tools & systems1993
Florman, Samuel CExistential Pleasures of EngineeringRevised edition of 1976 original1994
Forbes, PeterGecko's foot: bio-inspiration engineered....from Nature2005
Fuller, R BuckminsterBuckminster Fuller readerAnticipatory design specialist in his own words1970
Fuller, R BuckminsterUtopia or oblivion12 essays on telecomms, recovery of used metals, 21st Century1969
Gordon, JENew science of strong materialsOr why you don't fall through the floor1976
Gordon, JEStructures: why things don't fall downAnd why Greek chariots' wheels came off at night1978
Gosling, WilliamHelmsmen and Heroes: control theoryFeedback loops & theory far more widely applied1994
Halliday, StephenGreat Stink of London: Sir Joseph..... Bazalgette & cleansing of Victorian metropolis1999
Hart-Davis, AdamJust another daySciTech in our everyday lives2006
Hart-Davis, AdamWhat the Victorians did for usOur former world supremacy in engineering, etc.2001
Holman, JPExperimental methods for engineersUseful & fascinating formulae & experimental layouts1966
Hooper, MeredithI for InventionInteresting & quirky1992
Howarth, StephenCentury in OilStory of Shell, 1897 - 1997; lavishly told1997
Hunkin, TimAlmost everything there is to knowExcellent, engaging chap; works well on TV1988
James, Derek NSpirit of Hamble: Folland aircraftNicely illustrated history of Gnats etc2000
Kermode, ACAeroplane structureFlight without formulae1964
Kira, AlexanderBathroomPictures of people peeing helped designs; amazing stuff1976
Klein, Herbert ArthurScience of Measurement: historical surveyComprehensive & full of intricacy1974
Klein, Herbert ArthurWorld of Measurements: masterpieces,.... mysteries, and muddles of metrology (1st edition hardback)1974
Macaulay, David; Ardley, NWay things workThis is Ardley the jazz man!1988
Manduca, J; Love, BMeccano Magazine, 1916-1981Index, covers, & outline history1987
Nash, William AStrength of materialsGood, upstanding stuff :-)1957
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Petroski, HenryEvolution of useful thingsZips, forks, Scotch tape, paper clips, pots1992
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Petroski, HenryTo engineer is human: role of failure..... in successful design. By the 'pencil' man1985
Priestley, BTelevision interference manualUseful when a radio 'ham' lived too near1979
Pursell, CarrollWhite heat: people and technology8 chapters to supplement 1994 BBC documentaries1994
Rybczynski, WitoldOne good turnNatural history of the screw & its driver2000
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Tenner, EdwardWhy things bite back: revenge effectUnpredicted pitfalls of new technology1996
Tesla, NikolaFantastic inventions of Nikola Tesla& additional material/commentary on weird science1993
Weir, AndrewTombstone Imperative: truth about air..... safety. Horrifying & extremely unreassuring2000
Wood, L AshwellEagle book of cutawaysNostalgic1988

SF Factual

Ackerman, Forrest JWorld of Science FictionThe man who's a (true) fan lets rip1997
Adams, DouglasHitch-hiker original scriptsExactly as described1985
Advent publishersSF novel: imagination & social criticismHeinlein, Kornbluth, Bester, & Bloch with four lectures from 19571959
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Aldiss, BW; Wingrove, DTrillion year spreeUpdated wide-ranging survey of SF1986
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Ash, BrianVisual encyclopedia of SFVery entertaining to dip into1977
Ash, BrianWho's who in SF400 or so brief biogs; all too many, alas, are now obituaries!1976
Ashley, MikeIllustrated book of SF listsEnjoyable, now dated, ramblings in anorak land1982
Asimov, IsaacAsimov on Science FictionEditorials from his magazine plus other essays & articles1981
Bloch, RobertEighth stage of fandomAnorak territory - great!1962
Bouzereau, LaurentStar Wars: the annotated screenplaysTranscripted interviews with the guilty parties1997
Bujold, Lois McMasterSidelines: talks and essaysKindle edition. Some marvellous insights and good humour2013
Carter, Paul ACreation of Tomorrow: 50 yrs of mag. SFMarvellous stuff!1977
Clarke, Arthur CLost worlds of 2001Anecdotage from behind the scenes. See also J Agel1972
Clute, JohnSF: the illustrated encyclopediaLavishly illustrated; many potted biogs, nice to browse1995
Clute, JohnStrokes: essays & reviews 1966-1986Coincides with time over which I somewhat drifted away from SF1988
Delany, Samuel RMotion of light in water: writings 60-65Overrated, in my opinion1990
Disch, Thomas MDreams our stuff is made ofHow SF conquered the world1998
Ellik, Ron; Evans, BillUniverses of EE SmithAnorak territory - on a galaxy-wide scale1966
Eney, DickProceedings; Discon (1963)21st World SF convention in Washington; anorak territory1965
Frank, Jane & HowardFrank collection: SF artworkFascinating trawl through quite a haul in their house1999
Freas, Frank KellyArt of SFClassic stuff, sometimes ripped-off1977
Gaiman, NeilDon't Panic (guide to Hitch-hiker's guide)Official, & great fun, too!1987
Gunn, James EAlternate worldsNice overview1975
Gunn, James EIsaac AsimovOne hesitates to use the term 'anorak', but not for long1982
Gunn, James ENew encyclopedia of SFNot in same league as Nicholls tome; too selective1988
Hamilton, Peter FConfederation HandbookGuide to Night's Dawn trilogy from Peter for Xmas2000
Harrison, HarryGreat balls of fire!Sex in SF art, would you believe1977
Heinlein, RA; Kondo, YojiRequiem: new works, and tributes86,000 unpublished words + many a tribute1992
Heinlein, Robert AGrumbles from the graveMany of his letters to his agent, plus variety of material1989
Heinlein, Robert ANotebooks of Lazarus LongCalligraphically illustrated1973
Henderson, MaryStar Wars: the magic of mythAce companion to Smithsonian exhibition by its curator1997
Holdstock, R; Edwards, MTour of the UniverseNot too bad1980
Holdstock, Robert PEncyclopedia of SFGood1978
Howarth, Chris; Lyons, SRed Dwarf programme guideOK1993
Jakubowski, M; Edwards, MComplete book of SF&F listsAnorak heaven, & some excellent taste/erudition on display1983
James, EdwardFoundation 42: Spring 1988Critical essays: 'Who's afraid of SF?'1988
James, EdwardFoundation 43: Summer 1988Essays & articles on Feminism & SF, women in SF1988
James, EdwardFoundation 44: Winter 1988/89Essays, on Tiptree, Asimov etc1989
James, EdwardFoundation 52: Summer 1991Essays, including a long one on the "Dredd" phenomenon1991
James, EdwardFoundation 55: Summer 1992Essays, including 'How safe is John Wyndham?'1992
James, EdwardScience Fiction in the 20th centurySF as a cultural phenomenon, not just texts & authors1994
James, Edward; Mendlesohn, FCambridge Guide to Science FictionI used to think I was keeping up!2003
Kemp, EarlProceedings; Chicon III (1962)20th World SF convention in Chicago; anorak territory1963
Kemp, EarlWho killed Science Fiction?Superb mini-essays by many major writers from years gone by1963
Knight, DamonIn search of wonderRevised from 1956; includes 'One sane man' (Heinlein, who else?)1967
Kyle, DavidIllustrated book of SF ideas & dreamsNice to browse1977
Kyle, DavidPictorial history of SFLightweight, but OK1976
Lambourne, Robert et alClose encounters? Science and SFNature of science & its role in society via SF1990
Langford, DavidSex Column & other misprintsColumns from SFX magazine2005
Langford, DavidUp through an empty house of starsReviews & essays, 1980 - 20022003
Le Guin, Ursula KLanguage of the NightSpeeches & essays on fantasy & SF1979
Lefanu, SarahIn the chinks of the world machineInteresting skim1988
May, JulianPliocene companionAlmost anorak territory1984
Nicholls, PeterScience in SFVery interesting1982
Nicholls, Peter et alEncyclopedia of SF (1st edition)Bought on the day I saw 'Alien' in Staines -- excellent1979
Nicholls, Peter et alEncyclopedia of SF (2nd edition)Also now on Grolier CDROM -- endlessly worth browsing1993
Olander; GreenbergAsimov (Isaac)Nine essays & good Doctor's own afterwords. Get a life!1977
Olander; GreenbergClarke (Arthur C)Nine essays by 'English literature professors' gawd help us...1977
Olander; GreenbergHeinlein (Robert A)Nine essays remind me of blind pygmies describing an elephant1978
Panshin, Alexei & CoryWorld beyond the hill680 worthy pages on SF's development & effects on our society1989
Parkin, LancePocket Essentials: Alan Moore...Mini guide to author of Watchmen, Halo Jones et al2001
Patrouch, Joseph FSF of Isaac AsimovGood survey of themes, characters & settings1974
Platt, CharlesDream makersPotted biographies1986
Platt, CharlesWho writes SF?Excellent potted biographies1980
Pringle, DavidModern fantasy: the 100 best novelsArguable, though I've only read 34 of them!1988
Pringle, DavidSF: the 100 best novelsOne can argue with this list! I've read 55 of them1985
Pringle, DavidUltimate encyclopedia of SFSomehow glossy lightweight (cf Clute's 1995 volume)1996
Pringle, DavidUltimate guide to Science FictionWell, it's an opinion; albeit an arrogant one1990
Rogers, AlvaRequiem for AstoundingAnorak's tribute to a seminal magazine1964
Rottensteiner, FrankSF book: an illustrated historyAustrian; excellent use of many rare pix; oodles of typos, too1975
Slusser, George EdgarHeinlein: stranger in his own landCovers oeuvre to 1973's 'Time enough for love'1977
Slusser, George EdgarHeinlein: the classic yearsConcentrating more on earlier, shorter works1977
Stableford, B; Langford, DThird milleniumGlossy but lightweight1985
Summers, IanTomorrow and beyondSF artwork, basically197?
Tatarsky, DanielDan Dare: the biographyAn exercise in extreme completeism, even by my standards. Great!2010
Warner Jr., HarryAll our yesterdaysAnorak territory1969
Williamson, JNHow to write... horror, fantasy & SFGood advice1987
Zool, MHGood reading guide to SF & FBloomsbury guide1989


Austen Authors collectiveScenes Jane Austen never wroteKindle edition. P&P variant - another point of view2013
Beutler, LindaLongbourn to LondonKindle edition. P&P variant - another point of view2013
Grange, AmandaMr Darcy's diaryMy second alternative POV variant2012
Hurd, StanleyDarcy's tale #1: into HertfordshireKindle edition. P&P variant - another point of view2013
Hurd, StanleyDarcy's tale #2: into KentKindle edition. P&P variant - another point of view2013
Hurd, StanleyDarcy's tale #3: the way homeKindle edition. P&P variant - another point of view2013

Funny (F)

Adams, Douglas; Lloyd, JDeeper meaning of LiffMore spoof definitions based on place names1990
Adams, Douglas; Lloyd, JMeaning of LiffSpoof definitions based on place names, Xmas 83 from Gill Peek1983
AnonymousBunbury book of limericksA goodly assortment; some rather rude1988
Appleby, StevenEncyclopedia of personal problemsWorry no longer! Guardian's cartoonist2000
Ashford, DaisyYoung Visiters (sic)Written at age nine. Now illustrated by Posy Simmonds1919
Asimov, IsaacAsimov laughs againSecond & last set of his jokes, sadly; bought in NY1992
Asimov, IsaacAsimov's Treasury of HumorFirst wonderfully-annotated set of his jokes1971
Barras, LeonardBluebottles on my marmaladeWhimsical pieces of Northern humour1982
Barsley, MichaelBook of wit and humourDeliciously dated; Waugh, Herbert, Milne, Linklater, Potter1949
Barsley, MichaelLife and laughterAmis, Betjeman, Frayn, Campbell, Jennings, Nash, Wodehouse1962
Bashford, Sir Henry HAugustus Carp Esq. by himselfExcellent, but a slow, rewarding read1924
Batchelor, KayLaughing matter I: British humourFunny in parts1976
Batchelor, KayLaughing matter II: British humourAlso funny, in fewer parts1977
Bateman, MichaelThis EnglandDelicious whimsical selection from New Statesman, 1934-19681969
Beard, Henry et alBook of sequelsNot as funny as I'd hoped1990
Belloc, HilaireLibrary of HumourExcerpts from Moral Alphabet, Cautionary Tales, & others1935
Bennett, AlanUncommon ReaderTale of a literate monarch2008
Bennett, JoeBedside Lovers (& other goats)Further pieces - same vein2002
Bennett, JoeFun Run & other oxymoronsNZ's answer to Alan Coren?2000
Berkeley, HumphreyLife and Death of Rochester SneathThe original for Henry Root, perhaps?1948
Bethell, BrianDefence diaries of W Morgan PettyProto-Henry Root in parts1984
Bierce, AmbroseSardonic humor of Ambrose BierceNice stuff1912
Bishop-Potter, EDear PopsyCollected postcards of a private schoolboy to his father1984
Bowman, WEAscent of Rum DoodlePooter goes mountain climbing1956
Boynton, SandraGrunt: pigorian chantCod (pig) Latin verses & responses, + CD!1996
Brahms, C; Simon, SJNo bed for BaconShakespeare & Lady Viola in love1941
Brett, Simon (1)After HenryGood novel of the TV show of the BBC R4 series1987
Briggs, StephenWit and Wisdom of DiscworldPithy quotes, basically2007
Brooke-Taylor, TimGoodies FileBring 'em back1975
Brooks, MelHistory of the world Part 1Not bad, but not too funny either1981
Bywater, MichaelChronicles of BargepoleBargepole: the man who hates everything1992
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Campbell, PatrickFeast of true fandanglesFunny essays & articles1979
Campbell, PatrickP-P-Penguin Patrick Campbell24 carat hoot; includes 'Noulded into a shake'1965
Campbell, PatrickThirty five years on the jobF-f-f-funny articles & essays1973
Candappa, RohanCurious Incident of the WMD in IraqBlair, as it were, from super to nuts2004
Carr, JLHarpole reportSublime teaching diary; this copy to Carol (Mine, 40p, 1973)1972
Cassell & Coe-tales two: more Internet humourMore of what the Net is apparently for2001
Cassell & Coe-tales: Internet humourSome real corkers2000
Cleese, JohnGolden skits of Muriel VolestranglerClassic Python & other material1984
Cleese, JohnStrange case of end of civilisation...Lightweight1977
Coren, AlanCricklewood TapestrySlanted observations from his loft2001
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Coren, AlanSeems like old timesA year of columns from The Times1989
Coren, AlanSomething for the weekend?Columns from Punch1986
Coren, AlanYear in CricklewoodFunny man1991
Coren, VictoriaLove 16: love, parents & other problemsAlan's daughter. Another Adrian Mole1989
Cowley, StewartDIY brain surgeryFunnyish1981
Craig, PatriciaModern British comic writingWide range, with some unconventional delights1992
Cray, EdBawdy balladsIncl. 'Sexual Life of the Camel' & 80 more1970
Cuppy, WillDecline and fall of practically everybodyLike Sellar & Yeatman's stylish take on history1950
Cutler, I; Honeysett, MFly sandwichCutler's whimsical 'take' on nature1991
Cutler, IvorFremsleyGreat1987
Cutler, IvorGlasgow dreamerTypical1990
Cutler, IvorGrutsTypical Cutler1962
Cutler, IvorLife in a Scotch sitting room Vol 2Wonderful & weird1984
Davies, JohnEveryman's book of nonsenseMcGough, Marquis, Python, Nash: 150 or so items1981
de Crescenzo, LucianoDialogues9 anecdotes of Naples & Neapolitan life1985
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de Crescenzo, LucianoThus spake BellavistaNaples isn't fully attuned to the modern spirit :-)1977
de la Pasture, ElizabethUnlucky familyFolio Society edition1907
Deayton, AngusHave I got news for you?Better on the screen1994
Dillon-Malone, AubreyCynic's DictionaryMisbehaving words1998
Donaldson, WilliamBalloons in the black bagEmma Jane's further adventures1978
Donaldson, WilliamLetters to Emma JaneStylish (fictional?) tarty correspondence / satire1977
Doran, Amanda-JanePunch Book of utterly British humourSoon be autumn - the rain's getting colder!1989
Doran, Amanda-JanePunch lines: 150 years of Punch humourLovely selection, including AA Milne of all people!1991
Douglas, ColinBleeders come firstMedical mayhem as Dr Campbell hits Casualty ward1979
Douglas, ColinCure for livingDownbeat mayhem at the Life Ending centre in the USA1983
Douglas, ColinEthics made easyMayhem & murky medical ethics1985
Douglas, ColinGreatest breakthrough since lunchtimeRichard Gordonesque; sex'n'status in a teaching hospital1977
Douglas, ColinHazards of the professionAt least he's no longer just a Houseman!1987
Douglas, ColinHouseman's TaleEmasculated for TV; graduate medical student progress1975
Douglas, ColinSickness and healthLives & careers of two generations of doctors, paralleling NHS1991
Douglas, ColinWellies from the QueenDr Campbell afloat in the navy1981
Durrell, LawrenceAntrobus CompleteReplacement copy of the trilogy of stories1989
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Eggers, DaveCreated in Darkness by troubled....Americans. Best of McSweeney's2005
Ellis, HFBee in the kitchen & other distractionsEssays, articles, parodies & 'episodes'1983
Ellis, HFSwan song of A J WentworthFinal term includes a trip to New York1982
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Ellis, RonJournal of a coffin dodgerAdventures of an 84 year old bachelor playboy1989
Emerson, Hunt; Dowie, JohnHard to swallowAbandoned comedy routines, well-caught by Emerson1988
Fantoni, BarryColemanballs (12 vols)Private Eye's collections of verbal gaffes, 1982 on...2004
Feldman, SallyWoman's Hour book of (female) humourCan't possibly comment1993
Flanders & SwannSongs of Flanders & SwannUnique1977
Fougasse & McCulloughYou have been warnedComplete guide to the (pre-war) road1935
Frayn, MichaelNow you knowDesk top shags & police brutality1992
Frayn, MichaelSweet dreamsStalled on p12 (pathetic, isn't it?)1973
Galton, R; Simpson, ABest of HancockTen classics, incl. Blood Donor, Missing Page, Radio Ham1986
Galton, R; Simpson, AHancock's half hourInimitable scripts for comic genius1974
Garner, James FinnOnce upon a more enlightened timePolitically correct bedtime stories1995
Geisel, Theodor SeussDr Seuss's The Seven Lady GodivasAmazing1939
Gibbs, BobGetting old is when..... you don't remember being absent-minded2005
Gordon, RichardCaptain's TableHilarious saga of William Ebbs, Master of 'Martin Luther'1954
Gordon, RichardDoctor at seaServing under Captain Hogg of the Lotus1953
Grenfell, JoyceGeorge, don't do that...Sketches, songs & good-humoured talent2005
Grossmith, George & WeedonDiary of a nobodyJournal of hapless 1890s City clerk, Charles Pooter1892
Guareschi, GiovanniComrade Don CamilloLinked tales of trip to enemy's heartland: Russia1963
Guareschi, GiovanniDon Camillo and the Devil21 more misadventures1957
Guareschi, GiovanniDon Camillo and the Prodigal SonAnother 32 timeless tales1952
Guareschi, GiovanniDon Camillo meets Hell's Angels19 final tales as the 1960s invade Valley of the Po1969
Guareschi, GiovanniDon Camillo's dilemma25 gentle tales1954
Guareschi, GiovanniLittle world of Don Camillo22 stories, set somewhere in valley of River Po1951
GuinnessUltimate joke encyclopediaCuriously unfunny1986
Hargrave, JohnZUG book of pranksWhat it says on the tin2007
Hayman, Carole; Wakefield, LLadies of lettersBehind net curtains via suburban spoof correspondence1991
Hayman, Carole; Wakefield, LLadies of letters.comOut onto the Internet2001
Hayman, Carole; Wakefield, LMore ladies of lettersFurther taradiddles2000
Hendra, Tony et al80s - a look back at the decadeSomehow heavy-handed satire1979
Herbert, Alan PLook back and laughCollection of columns from Punch over 50-year period1960
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Hogg, GaryFairly truthful tales: comedy monologues....from the North of England. Alec has ham!2003
Hollowood, BernardScowle and other papersOne-time editor of 'Punch' with tales from the staffroom1948
Holy MolyHoly Moly rules of modern lifeNot as amusing as I'd hoped2005
Idle, EricWonderful world of Prince CharlesFunny after a fashion1976
Iggers, JeremyOff the office wallUsual suspects for office humour1991
Ingrams, RichardBeachcomber: works of J B MortonGood, in small doses. Nanny has this1974
James, CliveBrilliant creaturesStalled on p222 of a novel with an index!1983
James, CliveBrrm! Brrm!His 3rd novel, aka 'the man from Japan'1991
Jennings, PaulBook of NonsenseThe 'I said Oddley Diddley' man with 75 contributors1977
Jennings, PaulModel OddliesNostalgic1956
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Jerome, Jerome KThree men in a boatAbsolutely classic; let's not forget Montmorency1889
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Jerome, Jerome KThree men on the BummelMuch under-rated sequel1900
Jones, Terry (1)Fairy talesFor Peter, at the time1981
Katz, EliakimOld age comes at a bad timeAt age 50 every man has the face he deserves (Orwell)1997
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Kilroy, RogerGraffiti: the scrawl of the wildTrivial, literally1979
Kington, MilesBest by Miles: posthumous collection....of his humorous oeuvre2009
Klane, RobertHorse is deadSick & funny1968
Klane, RobertWhere's Poppa?Equally sick; even funnier1970
Landale, JamesLandale's cautionary talesUpdates Belloc, basically2006
Lee, IanThird word war: apostrophe theoryVisual puns1978
Legman, GershonRationale of the dirty joke (2 vols)Just wonderfully obsessive1968
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Lewis, RoyExtraordinary reign of King LuddAnother 'what would have happened if?' capitalism never reigned1990
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Macaulay, RoseTowers of Trebizond'Take my camel, dear' said my aunt Dot1956
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Marshall, MichaelStanley Holloway monologuesOur Albert, Sam Small, Ann Boleyn & others1979
Martin, StevePure drivelOccasionally frothy pieces1998
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Mather, Victoria et alAbsolutely typical tooSnide word/picture portraits of stereotypes1997
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Riddell, ChrisBuddhism for sheepMore animal nonsense1996
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Rubi, SionIntelligent JokesOften with a Jewish slant2005
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Sharpe, TomRiotous assemblyExtracting piss from South African police1971
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TimesFourth Leaders, 1949Editorials1949
TimesFourth Leaders, 1952Editorials1952
TimesFourth Leaders, 1954Editorials1954
TimesFourth Leaders, 1956Editorials1956
Tinniswood, PeterCall it a canaryPat leaves Carter Brandon!1985
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VanderMeer, J; Roberts, MThackery T Lambshead guide to....eccentric & discredited diseases. Some wonderful spoofs here2003
VariousComic Relief Christmas bookOK1986
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Westlake, Donald EDort #02: Bank shotDortmunder steals an entire bank (on wheels)1972
Westlake, Donald EDort #03: Jimmy the kidDortmunder and Parker crossover1974
Westlake, Donald EDort #04: Nobody's perfectDortmunder and a priceless oil painting1977
Westlake, Donald EDort #05: Why meDortmunder and a Turkish ruby1983
Westlake, Donald EDort #06: Good behaviorDortmunder and New York nuns1985
Westlake, Donald EDort #07: Drowned hopesDortmunder, and a stash now under a dam1990
Westlake, Donald EDort #08: Don't askDortmunder and stolen European saintly relics1993
Westlake, Donald EDort #09: What's worst that could happen?Stealing from Dortmunder is ill-advised, whoever you are!1996
Westlake, Donald EDort #11: Road to RuinDortmunder, the butler, did it!2004
Westlake, Donald EDort #12: Watch your back!Up against a would-be Tony Soprano at the OJ Bar & Grill2005
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Westlake, Donald EDort #14: What's so funny?Czar's gold chess set needs liberating2007
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Westlake, Donald EHelp - I am being held prisonerWith a name like Künt, too!1974
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Wodehouse, PGSomething FreshPart of 'Life at Blandings' omnibus1915
Wodehouse, PGStiff upper lip, JeevesAunt Agatha, the one who eats broken bottles...1963
Wodehouse, PGSummer lightningPart of 'Life at Blandings' omnibus1929
Wodehouse, PGSunset at BlandingsUnfinished, but with detailed plot notes1977
Wodehouse, PGThank you, Jeeves1st full-length novel: Jeeves hands in his notice1934
Wodehouse, PGUncle DynamitePart of the 'Uncle Fred' omnibus1948
Wodehouse, PGUncle Fred in the SpringtimePart of the 'Uncle Fred' omnibus1939
Wodehouse, PGVery good, Jeeves!11, incl 'Jeeves & the impending doom' (Aunt Agatha)1930
Wodehouse, PGWorld of Mr Mulliner (42 stories)Tall tales from the Angler's Rest1972
Wood, VictoriaLucky bag: the Victoria Wood songbookGood1984
Wright, BrianPenge PapersLiterate confessions of an unwaged metropolitan house-husband1985

Funny (NF)

Abrahams, MarcBest of Annals of Improbable Researchaka Journal of Inflated Research & Personalities!1998
Abrahams, MarcIg Nobel PrizesFrankly incredible tales of ignoble research spending2002
Abrahams, MarcSex as a heap of malfunctioning rubble...Spoof science articles à la Daedalus1993
Abrahams, MarcThis is improbable. ..Plentiful fresh examples of scientific, erm, idiocy2012
Adams, ScottStick to drawing comics, monkey brain!Good stuff from his blog2007
Adler, BillChurchill WitPresent to Christa from Karl (I suspect)1965
Ash, RussellTop 10 of everythingLists of trivia. Compelling time-waster1989
Ash, Russell; Lake, BrianBizarre booksBizarre titles of real books. Amazing1985
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Baker, RobertStress Analysis of Strapless Evening GownHumorous essays of non-science non-sense1963
Banks, M; Swift, AJokes on us: women in comedyFrom Music Hall to the present1987
Bastone, William et alSmoking Gun: dossier of amazing documentsFreedom of Information reductio ad absurdum2001
Baum, HaroldBiochemist's songbook (1st ed)A hoot. 13 gems incl 'We're here because Urea'1982
Baum, HaroldBiochemist's songbook (2nd ed)Six extra songs incl 'A Cautionary Carol'1995
Beard, HenryLatin for all occasionsFrom Carol1990
Beard, HenryLatin for even more occasionsBonus!1991
Bell, MichaelScouts in Bondage, & other from bygone times (with strange titles!)2006
Bell, Simon et alWho's had who: 'lay' linesJourney through the stained sheets of time. Wonderful1987
Benson, Ophelia; StangroomDictionary of fashionable nonsenseSlim volume of cod pedantry from 'Butterflies' website2004
Bermant, ChaimWhat's the joke? (Jewish humour)Surveyed through ages up to (reluctantly) Joan Rivers1986
Berry, AdrianHarrap's book of scientific anecdotes60+ well-chosen examples, including Phonus Interruptus1989
Binnie, GAC et alIn England now: humour in The Lancet50 years of Lancet's humour column1989
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Boffa, AlessandroYou're an animal, Viskovitz!Fables of life as various animals1998
Bradbury, MalcolmUnsent lettersTongue-in-cheek set of 18 unsent replies; almost an autobio1988
Brandreth, GylesBrief Encounters: meetings with....remarkable folk, often very funnily recalled2001
Briers, RichardCoward (Noël) and companyUproarious anecdotage1987
Brooks, RoyBrothel in PimlicoEstate agent's uniquely truthful small ads from 1950s/60s1985
Buckman, RobMedicine balls IIFunny1988
Bywater, MichaelLost worlds: what have we lost?....& where did it go? Brilliant!2004
Carolino, PedroFractured English as she is spokeFor Christa1883
Carr, Jimmy; Greeves, LucyNaked Jape: hidden world of jokesGood excuse for a collection of gags & commentaries2006
Carr, SimonGripes of WrathEveryday absurdities of UK life for grumpies like me2005
Caufield, CatherineMan who ate bluebottles, & other....great British eccentrics. Considerable change of style since!1981
Chapman, GrahamCalcium made interestingSketches, essays, & bits and pieces2005
Cohen, JohnEssential Lenny BruceEqualled finally after 30 years by Bill Hicks1967
Coldbacon/index.htmlGenuinely weird, funny in parts2006
Coleman, AlistairTales of Mirth and WoeScaryduck blog creator lets rip2006
Colgan, StevynJoined-up thinkingCircular chains of connection2008
Cook, WilliamHa Bloody Ha: comedians talkingInterviews with 30 or so of UK's new wave1994
Cook, WilliamTragically I was an Only Twin: completePeter Cook, comic genius2002
Crossley, JackYou couldn't make it upCurrent amusing clippings2003
Cryer, BarryPigs can fly50 years of true apocryphal stories2003
Daisey, Mike21 Dog Years: doing time at Amazon.comInsider tales (tails?) from a dot-comedian2002
De Guillaume, AndreHow to rule the worldTips for aspirant dictators2002
Deayton, AngusIn search of happinessSilly, like the TV 'documentary'1995
Diagram groupHow to hold a crocodileInspired1981
Dickinson, D; Hooper, BClangers in uniformCollection of blunders & anecdotage197?
Dixon, DougalAfter man: a zoology of the futureInteresting reverse look at evolution1981
Dixon, DougalNew dinosaurs: alternative evolutionQuirky but plausible1988
Donaldson, WilliamBoth the ladies and the gentlemenRunning a brothel, prior to 'Henry Root' & his letters1975
Donaldson, WilliamBrewer's Rogues, Villains & EccentricsAn A-Z of UK rogues; 670+ pages of them2002
Donaldson, WilliamHenry Root's world of knowledgeSelf-styled dictionary of common sense. Hmmm.1982
Donaldson, WilliamI'm leaving you Simon, you disgust me...Dictionary of received ideas2003
Ebdon, JohnEbdon's EnglandEnglish, & very proud of it1985
Freud, ClementFeast of Freud: Clement's wittiest piecesSelected by his journalist daughter, Emma2009
Garbage, GretaGreta Garbage's outrageous bathroom bookYou couldn't, as they say, make this stuff up2001
Geist, BillWay off the roadHeard about on NPR. offbeat small-town America2007
Haining, PeterSlip of the PenCollected blunders of writers2004
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Halpern, JustinSh*t My Dad SaysHe's like Socrates, but angrier, and with worse hair2011
Hammond, P; Hughes, PUpon the punA great many of our troubles are man-maid1978
Hansard, P; Silver, BWhat bird did that? (Bird droppings)Bizarre (on a par with 'How to shit in the woods')1991
Harrison, IanBook of DuosLacks Mutt & Jeff, but not much else2005
Hart-Davis, AdamTaking the Piss: a potted history of peeAmusingly erudite2006
Hay, PeterTheatrical anecdotesNearly 400 pages, some rather bizarre behaviour!1987
Heimel, CynthiaSex tips for girlsA hoot, specially on vibrators. Witty send-up1983
Henderson, BobbyGospel of the Flying Spaghetti MonsterEvery religion has to start somewhere!2006
Hewson, RobertMonty Python: the case againstCurious mixture1981
Hicks, BillLove all the people: letters, lyrics....routines. Intro by John Lahr2004
Holt, Nick (ed)Art of the Put-DownSome absolute gems2006
Holt, Nick (ed)Wit & Wisdom of great writersGreat value2006
Holt, Nick (ed)Wit & Wisdom of movies1,300 more quotes; some are funny!2005
Holt, Nick (ed)Wit & Wisdom of musicSlightly more misses than hits2006
Howell, GeorginaPenguin book of naughty postcardsNot much good1977
Ibrahim, MeccaOne stop short of BarkingExtracting humour from the London Tube2004
Ironside, VirginiaVirginia MonologuesWhy growing old is great?!2009
Jacobs, AJKnow-it-allSucking up Britannica2004
Jaggard, GeoffreyWooster's WorldRoll-call of all his amazing characters & their foibles1967
Jarski, RosemarieGreat British WitFat assembly of quotations2005
Jarski, RosemarieHollywood WitHas a new Billy Wilder story on p762000
Johnson, Kim HowardLife before and after Monty PythonInteresting1993
Jones, Annie; Mitchell, ABackstabber's guideMP Austin Mitchell's guide to getting ahead in various fields1991
Jones, Richard GlynThis fish is loaded! Surreal humourAlphabetical array of pieces1991
Karp, JoshFutile and stupid gesture: Doug Kenney....& National Lampoon's effect on American comedy2006
Kerr, PhilipPenguin book of fights, feuds & hatredsAnthology of serendipitous antipathy1992
Kilgarriff, MichaelMake 'em roar: comedian's handbookDetailed advice & performance suggestions1979
Lakin, WarrenVery best of Linda SmithI think the nurses are stealing my clothes...2006
Lansky, DougThere's no toilet paper on the road less.... travelled. Compendium of horrible misadventures1998
Larson, GaryThere's a hair in my dirt!Far Side goes scientific with a worm's story1998
Leyser, CrispinFilth! Book of the comedy eventIncludes many wonderfully funny, not to say filthy, comedians1994
Lipman, MaureenPast-it notesGlorious ragbag of reminiscences2008
Lipman, Maureen; Phillips, RYou got an Ology?BT TV commercial scripts1989
Lloyd, John; Mitchinson, JQI book of general ignoranceNow 26% more ignorant2009
Lloyd, John; Mitchinson, JQI: advanced banterGem-filled2008
Long, RobSet up, joke, set up, jokeAnother take on the Hollywood life2005
Losada, IsabelBattersea Park Road to enlightenmentSelf-discoveries of a Starbucks addict2001
Lowe, Steve; McArthur, AlanIs it just me or is everything shit?Encyclopedia of modern life; Z-list celebs as fuckwit pundits2005
MacHale, DesLovers' WitIs the barrel bottomless?2005
Mancroft, LordBooking the cooksUnread accounts of corporate fraud1969
Marshall, ArthurWish you were here (Donald McGill)Postcards selected & appraised1966
Marston, WendyHypochondriac's handbookAll the latest microbial mutations!1998
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Mayle, PeterExpensive habitsThings to make your accountant pale1991
McNally, J; Wallis, JFortean Times weird year 1996Given to Peter1996
Naismith, JonNew Uxbridge English dictionaryMore from ISIHAC radio comedy2008
Naismith, JonUxbridge English dictionaryFrom ISIHAC radio comedy2006
Newell, PeterRocket bookMoving pictures, if I remember1912
Norden, DenisClips from a LifeVery polished anecdotage2008
Nye, ChristopherMaximum DinerSetting up a diner in Uckfield2004
O'Farrell, JohnUtterly impartial history of Britainor 2000 years of upper class idiots in charge2007
Page, NickIn search of the world's worst writersSome priceless stuff2000
Parsons, NicholasDipped in Vitriol: hatchet reviewsCruel but funny1981
Pattinson, IainLyttelton's BritainMock gazeteer of the UK2008
Perry, John; Roberts, NeilHold ye front page IIExtending back some 21 billion years2000
Perry, John; Roberts, NeilHold ye front page!2000 years as told by the 'Sun' news?paper1999
Poundstone, WilliamBig secretsTrivia, more like1983
Poundstone, WilliamBigger secretsIf this is 'highly classified' we have very little to fear1986
Quantick, DavidGrumpy old menBritish malcontents2004
Raven, SimonEnglish GentlemanPenetrating analysis of vulgarity1961
Re/searchPranks 2Another 1,421 ideas. Ron English & others2006
Rees, NigelCassell dictionary of anecdotes1,000 choice examples1999
Rees, NigelGuinness book of humorous anecdotesMany old favourites trotted out for re-inspection1994
Rees, NigelNudge nudge wink winkQuotes relating to love & sex1986
Rees, NigelQuote... unquoteAphorisms, apothegms, bons mots, bromides...1978
Ring, TonyWit and Wisdom of PG WodehouseGood set of snippets2007
Roberts, JemI'm sorry I haven't a clue!Fully authorised history of the radio comedy2009
Rolph, CHMr Prone: week in life of an ignorant manLegal pitfalls; ignorance is no excuse, it seems1977
Rosenthal, Amy KrouseEncyclopedia of an ordinary lifeExactly that2004
Scapa, KimSex tips for boysBasically a send-up (or a cock up?)1986
Sedaris, DavidWhen you are engulfed in flamesApparently, this is post-Seinfeldian2008
Selsdon, EstherLittle Book of Rules of ThumbLook up 'Working on a submarine' (p198)1999
Sherrin, NedCutting EdgeWicked anthology of wit1984
Sherrin, NedIn his anecdotageFollow-up to 'Theatrical Anecdotes' & best Coral Browne story1993
Sherrin, NedTheatrical anecdotesScandalous titbits, & marvellous Coral Browne stories1991
Shields, TomMore Tom Shields' diaryMixture as before1993
Shields, TomTom Shields' diaryGlasgow Herald jottings1991
Simanek, Donald E; Holden, JScience AskewRetired physics teacher treads in Weber territory2002
Slee, ChristopherChameleon book of LASTsCurious selection of final acts & deeds1990
SpeckcoldbaconOddly named, but successful, transfer of a web site2006
SustainerFriend & FoeStories for the Army Benevolent Fund2001
Thompson, HarryPenguins stopped playPeripatetic cricketers2006
Times BooksNot dead yetQuotes celebrating 'the senior moment'2003
Truss, LynneEats, Shoots & LeavesZero tolerance approach to punctuation2003
Truss, LynneTalk to the HandUtter bloody rudeness of everyday life. Write on, sister!2005
Tyas, ShaunBookworm droppingsUnique 'eaves-droppings'1988
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Usborne, RichardWodehouse nuggets2,000 one-liners: 'Ice formed on the butler's upper slopes'1983
Wakeman, Rick, Roach, MGrumpy old rock star, & other....wondrous stories. Anecdotes aplenty2008
Warren, RozBest contemporary women's humorSuch good taste!1994
Warren, RozGlibquipsLovely quotes1994
Warren, RozWomen's glibberSome Flenniken in it1992
Weber, Robert LDroll scienceGreat1987
Weber, Robert LMore random walks in scienceExcellent1982
Weber, Robert LRandom walk in scienceExcellent1973
Weber, Robert LScience with a smileLast one to date1992
Welsch, RogerEverything I know about women I learned....from my tractor. Skewering males, I think!2002
Wilmut, RogerFrom Fringe to Flying CircusSatire and UK comedy from 1960 to 19801980
Wilmut, Roger; Rosengard, PDidn't you kill my mother-in-law?Alternative comedy in the UK: Comedy Store to Saturday Live1989
Wragg, TedPearls from SwineshireEducational wrangles in essay format1984
Wragg, TedRiches from WraggMore pungent educational polemics1990


DiMassa, DianeHothead paisan: homicidal lesbian...Heavy & crudely drawn, but biting & funny1993
Flowers, CharlesOut, loud & laughing: gay/lesbian humourMonologues, sketches & stories. Some fine material1995
Franson, LeanneTeaching through traumaFurther tragi-comedic episodes on the road to ???1999
Highsmith, PatriciaCarolWritten pseudonymously1952
Natalie, AndreaNight Audrey's vibrator spokeStone(wall) me! Wonderful cartoon angst in her pants1992
Ohio, DeniseEnd of the EmpireClosing of a cinema, entangled in gay/straight passions1993
Queer Press CollectiveQueer sense of humourLesbian, gay, & bisexual cartoons1993
White, EdmundBeautiful room is emptySkimmed, alas1988
White, EdmundFarewell Symphony (autobio novel)From the 60s to now, folding in AIDS of course1997


Allen, PhillipAtlas of atlasesIBM-sponsored meta atlas1992
Arthus-Bertrand, YannEarth from the Air: 365 daysWhat you see is the planet we get2001
Bayly, ChristopherAtlas of the British EmpireNicely produced1989
Berthon, S; Robinson, AShape of the worldIBM-sponsored book of Granada TV's mapping/discovery series1991
Cameron, R; Cooke, AAbove LondonPhotos from the air1980
Cameron, RobertAbove Los AngelesPhotos from the air1976
Cotterill, RodneyMaterial World: the Cambridge guideGeology, basically1985
Dech, Stefan; Messner, RMountains from SpacePhotos of peaks & ranges round the planet2005
Fleming, FergusBarrow's boysFilling blanks in 1816 atlases1998
Gamlin, LindaAtlas of mankindInteresting1982
Gerster, GeorgFlights of discoveryPhotos from the air1978
Getmapping.comPorts and Airports100 overhead shots and details2002
Keegan, J; Wheatcroft, AZones of conflict: atlas of future warsVery interesting1986
Kelley, Kevin WHome Planet: images from SpaceGood1988
King, Dean; Hattendorf, JohnHarbors and High SeasAtlas & geographical guide to Aubrey-Maturin travels (2nd ed.)1999
Lamb, Simon; Sington, DavidEarth story: shaping of our worldBBC series on rocks & landscapes, basically1998
Macintyre, MichaelNew PacificTV series related1985
Marshall, TimPrisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You.... Everything You Need To Know About Global Politics (Kindle)2015
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Miller, EmeryCartographic Satellite Atlas of worldFascinating1998
Monmonier, MarkHow to lie with mapsIn Huff's 'use & abuse' territory'1996
Noponen, PaavoWinter in FinlandBook of photos Dad brought back1966
Parker, MikeMap addict: tale of obsession,....fudge & the Ordnance Survey2009
Peters, ArnoAtlas of the worldEqual area displays may look zany but...1989
Philip's2016 Big Atlas of Britain and IrelandTo be left in my car, generally!2015
Redfern, RonMaking of a continentThe one Christa spilled porridge on!1983
Reisner, MarcCadillac desert: American West & its..... disappearing water1993
Sheffield, CharlesEarth watch: the world from SpaceStriking images1981
Trench, Richard; Hillman, ELondon under London: subterranean guide1984 with updates from 1993. Amazing.1993
Williamson, TomHedges and Walls: living landscapesInvestigating walls, banks & dykes, inter alia2002

Graphical (F)

Baciliero, PaoloTalking headVocalising penis with attitude. Wry & entertaining1989
Baikle, JimSkizz: alien cultures9 years on, & Skizz saves Earth, source of lofatyogurt plague1993
Baker, KyleWhy I hate SaturnWritten when he was 25, dammit!1990
Barr, MW; Bolland, BCamelot 3000Excellent comix retelling of Arthurian legend1988
Baxendale, LeoTHRPP!From creator of Bash Street Kids and Baby Basil1987
Bendis, Brian MichaelFortune and Glory: a true Hollywood comic.. book story. Creative people & Hollywood, heh?2000
Bilal, EnkiGods in chaosWeird comix style1980
Bilal, EnkiOuter statesGood stuff1990
Bilal, EnkiWoman trapAlso good1988
Bilal, Enki; Christin, PHunting PartyWeird but good1990
Bilal, Enki; Christin, PTown that didn't existGood1989
BrickDepresso: How I learned to stop worrying.... and embrace being bonkers! Or "Coming off meds" Excellent stuff2010
Brunvand, Jan HBig Book of Urban LegendsComix approach to his own special niche1994
Burns, CharlesHard-boiled Defective storiesLook twice at that title!1988
Burns, CharlesSkin deep: tales of doomed romanceStylish1992
Busiek, KurtAstro City: ConfessionDarker side of Astro City - after dark...1997
Busiek, KurtAstro City: life in the big cityNew take on superhero genre; comix format1995
Carey, MikeLucifer #01: Devil in the GatewayOffshoot from Gaiman's Sandman series1999
Carey, MikeLucifer #02: Children & MonstersGateway to an uncharted void2001
Carey, MikeLucifer #03: Dalliance with the DamnedShenanigans in new Garden of Eden2002
Carey, MikeLucifer #04: the Divine ComedyDeath's job: shut down Morningstar2003
Carnell, J; Lanning, ASleeze brothers fileLooked good1990
Chadwick, PaulConcrete #6: Strange Armor et alSome unpublished snippets2006
Chadwick, PaulConcrete #7: the human dilemmaMadness, politics, pizza, & a virgin birth2006
Chadwick, PaulConcrete Color Special #13: 'Damp descent', 'Lifestyles of rich & famous', 'Desert stars'1989
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Complete (initial series)9, incl 'A stone among stones', 'Always Fences', 'Everest: solo'1986
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Complete short stories 1986-8917, + foreword & intro; July 86 - August 89. Quite superb1990
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Fragile creatureOn the film set of 'Rulers of the Omniverse'1991
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Killer smile (4 parts)Larry taken hostage1994
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Odd jobs / no sweat2: Bodyguard to a rock star / Down on the farm1987
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Short stories 1990-199512, incl 'Like Disneyland, only toxic', 'American Christmas'1996
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Strange ArmorRe-worked 'origin of Concrete' story1998
Chadwick, PaulConcrete: Think like a mountainConcrete as eco-terrorist & Earth First!ers saving a forest1997
Chadwick, Paul; Perry, SSalimba #1 (3D)Predates any 'Concrete' stories1986
Charyn, Jerome; Boucq, FMagician's WifeUnusual comix1987
Chaykin, HowardTwilightUnread comix1991
Chaykin, Howard; Brereton, DBatman: thrillkillerElseworlds variant with 'Batgirl' in 19611998
Cho, FrankFrank Cho: illustratorAmazing talent2001
Clowes, DanielCaricature: 9 storiesDating from 1994 to 1998, including 'Gynecology'2001
Clowes, DanielDavid BoringMore urban angst2000
Clowes, DanielGhost WorldTeenage pair in 'Strangers in Paradise' style prequel1998
Clowes, DanielIce HavenMiniature slices of weird2005
Clowes, DanielLike a velvet glove cast in ironFrom 'Eightball' between 1989 and 19932000
Clowes, DanielLout rampage!From his 'Eightball' comix1996
Clowes, DanielOrgy boundMore material from his 'Eightball' magazine1996
Clowes, DanielPatienceWeirdly fascinating Time-travel loopiness2012
Cohen, M; Sherman, MStrange Attractors: Chaos jitterbugSpace Rangerettes, of a sort1996
Coleman, JoeCosmic retributionGreat stuff, very angsty comix1992
Cramer, DennisMara of the CeltsSvelte Celtic sex-pot1995
Crepax, GuidoCount Dracula (in Italian)Skimmed1983
Crepax, GuidoEmmanuelleComix approach; bought in Slough1978
Crepax, GuidoEmmanuelle 3Reworked version1990
Crepax, GuidoEmmanuelle, Bianca, Venus in FursDeluxe & delicious Taschen edition2000
Crepax, GuidoJames' Turn of the ScrewCreepily evil & erotic comix treatment1995
Crepax, GuidoJustine, The Story of OTaschen does him more than proud2000
Crepax, GuidoMan from HarlemSkimmed1978
Crepax, GuidoStevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeGood comix version1989
Crepax, GuidoStory of OAs comix - amazing. Initial Grove Press edition bought in Slough1975
Crepax, GuidoStory of O Volume #1Variant text & art from 1975 edition1990
Crepax, GuidoStory of O Volume #2Painfully pure Réage1991
Crepax, GuidoStory of O Volume #3New material more purely Crepax than Réage1991
Crepax, GuidoValentina rediscovered (HM Fall '88)Weird1988
Crepax, GuidoVenus in FursMasochistic comix variations1996
Cruse, HowardStuck rubber babyComix coming of (gay) age amidst Civil Rights 60s movement1995
Darnall, Steve; Ross, AlexUncle SamAmerican political history massively reinterpreted1997
Delano, Jamie; Ridgway, JohnHellblazer Vol. 1Horrific comix1989
Doran, ColleenDistant soil #01: the gatheringSlambang psi powers comix epic begun in 19871997
Doran, ColleenDistant soil #02: the ascendantHeir to alien religious dynasty faces psionic challenges1998
Drek, AntonCollected Drek: Wendy Whitebread, aka..... undercover slut & other graphic outings1990
Dunlop, Rob; Lumby, PeterTozzer & the invisible lap dancersWide-ranging Hollywood satire of excess2002
Eaton, JeremyIsland of Dr. MoralQuirky1994
Edgar, Jim; Bellamy, FrankGarth: the cloud of BalthusNostalgic1985
Edgar, Jim; Bellamy, FrankGarth: the women of GalbaMore nostalgia1985
Edney, RalphLazarus Lamb: riddle of the sphincterA twist on myth of Oedipus1983
Eisner, Will3-D classicsExcellent1985
Eisner, WillContract with GodFour 'tenement' stories1978
Eisner, WillNew York: the big cityGreat stuff1986
Eisner, WillSignal from spaceNew venture for him1978
Eisner, WillSpirit: six storiesKnuckling thugs, charming women & oozing style (1947-49)1988
Eisner, Will & 50 others!Spirit Jam: a conspiracy to produce a..... new Spirit story.1981
Eisner, Will; Wood, WallyOuter space SpiritWow1952
Elliott, D; Leach, GA1 true life Bikini confidentialGood grief!1990
Ellis, Warren et alTrans #01: back on the streetSpider Jerusalem (aka Hunter S Thompson!) Issues 01-031997
Ellis, Warren et alTrans #02: lust for lifeIssues 04-121997
Ellis, Warren et alTrans #03: year of the bastardIssues 13-181998
Ellis, Warren et alTrans #04: new scumIssues 19-241999
Ellis, Warren et alTrans #05: lonely cityIssues 25-302000
Ellison, HarlanDream Corridor Vol #114 stories, with inspired comix re-interpretations + new text1996
Ellison, HarlanDream Corridor Vol #2Apparently his final collection of graphic re-tellings2007
Emerson, HuntBig Book of EverythingClaimed to be almost an English Crumb1983
Emerson, HuntCasanova's last standEnglish Crumb? Not wholly convinced1993
Emerson, HuntColeridge's Rime of the ancient marinerGood stuff1989
Emerson, HuntLawrence's Lady Chatterley's LoverComix approach1986
Emerson, HuntRapid reflexes!Good stuff1990
Emerson, HuntYou are Maggie ThatcherOh no I'm not!1987
Ennis, Garth et alPreacher #1: Ancient historyCharacters' back plots from three 'special' issues1997
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #2: gone to TexasPart Western, part crime, part horror. Issues 1-71995
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #3: until the end of the worldExorcising demons from small town past, etc. Issues 8-171996
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #4: proud AmericansTo Paris & Manhattan against the Grail. Issues 18-261997
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #5: Dixie FriedTo New Orleans for voodoo help. 'Cassidy' special + Issues 27-331997
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #6: War in the sunShowdown in Monument Valley, Arizona. Issues 34-401998
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #7: SalvationA small town in Texas... Issues 41-501998
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #8: all Hell's a comingPeter bought this in York. Issues 51-581999
Ennis, Garth; Dillon, StevePreacher #9: AlamoIssues 59-662000
Fleener, MaryLife of the partyComplete autobiographical collection: 'autobiographix'1996
Forest, Jean-ClaudeBarbarellaIncredible for its time1966
Friedman, Drew & Josh AlanWarts and allNurtured by the 'RAW' stable1990
Gaiman, Neil et alDeath: the high cost of livingMarvellous1994
Gaiman, Neil et alDeath: the time of your lifeExpanded from original 1996 four-part series1997
Gaiman, Neil et alMagic #0: Books of MagicTimothy Hunter's initiation begins1990
Gaiman, Neil et alNeil Gaiman's Midnight Days5 short & rather horrid tales1999
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #00: OvertureLong-planned (and very welcome) prequel to the whole saga2015
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #01: preludes and nocturnesCapture, release, regaining control, repairing damage1988
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #02: the doll's houseAncient tales, Rose Walker, 'Cereal' convention1989
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #03: Dream countryBezoar, feline dreams, faerie theatre, dead façades1990
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #04: season of mistsDestiny's garden, empty Hell, dead return, negotiation1990
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #05: a game of youThe Cuckoo, take our goodbyes whenever we can1991
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #06: fables and reflectionsEmperor of the US, Orpheus, Ramadan1991
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #07: brief livesDelirium seeks brother, Dream and Orpheus (his son)1992
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #08: World's EndTales at the Inn of the World's End1993
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #09: the kindly onesA child has been stolen; someone will pay, and die1994
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #10: the wakeNo more loose ends, but no more Sandman!1996
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #11: The Dream HuntersFox, monk, & Mikado of all night's dreaming1999
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman #12: Endless NightsUnlinked stories; fabulous artists. Exquisite work2003
Gaiman, Neil et alSandman: Midnight theatreNot part of new mainstream sequence, but 'original' character1995
Gaiman, Neil; Buckingham, MMiracleman: the golden ageAn all-British comix super-hero?1992
Gaiman, Neil; Riddell, ChrisSleeper and the SpindleVariant of Sleeping Beauty, lovely illustrations2014
Gaiman, Neil; Vess, CharlesStardust: being a romance within the..... realms of Faerie1999
Gaiman, Neil; Zulli, MLast TemptationBased on Alice Cooper's concept album1995
Galiano, Marta, PonsDorm girlsNicely-explicit, but a bit weird1991
Giardino, VittorioLittle EgoWickedly affectionate parody of Winsor McCay's 'Little Nemo'1989
Gibrat & LeroiPinocchiaComix take on a trans-gender variant1996
Gloeckner, PhoebeChild's Life & other storiesTotally amazing Seda-like, Crumb-like...1998
Gloeckner, PhoebeChild's Life & other stories (revised ed.)Still totally amazing Seda-like, Crumb-like...2000
Gloeckner, PhoebeDiary of a Teenage Girl (revised ed.)Depressing, repellent, and yet amazing2015
Gorey, E; Neumeyer, PeterFloating Worlds: the letters of Edward....Gorey and Peter F Neumeyer. Memoir of their friendship2011
Gorey, EdwardAmphigoreyUnique & deeply strange; 15 little books from 1953 to 19651972
Gorey, EdwardAmphigorey Also17 more, including 'Glorious nosebleed'1983
Gorey, EdwardAmphigorey Too20, from 1953 to 1965, incl. 'Beastly Baby'1975
Gorey, EdwardCurious sofa: a pornographic Ogdred Weary. Delicious!1961
Gorey, EdwardUnstrung Harp, or Mr Earbrass writes....a novel. Miniature gem, as ever1953
Graham, AlastairFull moon afloatStrong followup. Copy to Leigh1994
Graham, AlastairFull moon soupWonderful tale told in large, detailed, paintings. Copy to Leigh1991
Gregory, RobertaBitch is bornGood angry stuff1994
Gross, AllanArt of Insight StudiosFrank Cho, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley2001
Hampson, FrankDan Dare: pilot of the futureBrilliant1981
Hampson, FrankMan from nowhereDan Dare's creator, before Bellamy1979
Hampson, FrankReign of the robotsDan Dare1981
Hampson, FrankRogue planetDan Dare1980
Harper, CliffordEducation of DesireWeird & dark1984
HermannTowers of Bois-Maury: BabetteBeautifully-drawn (comix) medieval wanderings1984
HermannTowers of Bois-Maury: Eloise de MontgriBloodthirsty pillaging of landowners' estates1989
Hernandez, GilbertBirdlandExpansion of 1st edition1990
Hernandez, GilbertGirl crazyStrange stuff1997
Hernandez, GilbertL&R #12: Poison RiverLuba's life until mistress of fetishistic gangster-musician1994
Hernandez, Gilbert et alReturn of Mister XIdiosyncratic1986
Hernandez, JaimeL&R #01: Love and rocketsPerils of post-punk romance in a funky barrio setting1987
Hernandez, JaimeL&R #05: House of raging womenAngst of life in L.A.1992
Hernandez, JaimeL&R #11: Wigwam BamArchie comics meets Laurie Anderson?1994
Hernandez, JaimeL&R #13: Chester SquarePunk rock, pro wrestling, love & morality1996
Hogarth, BurneBurroughs' Tarzan of the ApesI remember Penny Guthrie finding this erotic!1972
Horrocks, DylanHicksvilleLife in a NZ backwater1998
Horrocks, Dylan et alMagic #8: Names of MagicFive-issue miniseries2001
Jordan, SydneyJeff Hawke (2 vols)Memories of early 60s 'Daily Express' comic strip1987
Kelly, SelbyBest of Pogo: from the Okefenokee StarReplaces a long-lost copy from Carol!1987
Kirchner, PaulBusWeird but funny & clever perspective shifts1987
Koike, K; Ikegami, RCrying Freeman #1. Portrait of a killerVicious manga; the tearful assassin1990
Koike, K; Ikegami, RCrying Freeman #2. Portrait of a killerInitiation into cult of assassins1990
Kurtzman, HarveyGrasshopper and the Ant, TheFrom 'Esquire' back in 1960; now properly reissued2001
LaBan, Terry et alDreaming: Beyond the shores of night3 comix stories set in Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' realm1998
Lawrence, DonCathy #1Primitively graphic stuff1991
Lay, CarolJoy RideAmazing & well-sustained surreal comix fantasy1996
Lay, CarolNow, EndsvilleLonger early work that led to 'Story Minutes'1993
Lay, CarolStrip Joint100+ examples of her weekly 'Story Minute'1998
Linsner, Joseph MichaelDawn: Lucifer's haloNew York, with added goddess1997
Lob & DruilletLone Sloane / DeliriusWonderful comix artwork1972
Lob & PichardCandice at SeaRude comix foreshadow of 'Marie-Gabrielle'1977
Lomax, DonVietnam journal: Indian CountryGraphic in every sense1990
Lopez, Solano; BarreiroYoung WitchesDegradation before graduation1992
Louys, PierreAphrodite #1Illustrated by Milo Manara1999
Louys, PierreAphrodite #2Illustrated by Georges Bess1999
Mack, DavidKabuki: circle of bloodI'll categorise this comix manga modern fiction later!1997
Manara, MiloAuthor in search of six charactersBergman returns with co-star Lulu1989
Manara, MiloButterscotchBallerina Beatrice & her invisible admirer1987
Manara, MiloButterscotch 2Terrorists & bank-robbery1996
Manara, MiloClick #1 (A woman under the influence)Technology with which to inflame passion by remote control1987
Manara, MiloClick #2Saga of sexual remote control continues1992
Manara, MiloClick #3Insanely obscene Amazonian odyssey1994
Manara, MiloDies IraeBergman in Africa with a prepubescent Tinker Bell1990
Manara, MiloGreat adventureWell-drawn continuous dreamlike adventures of Bergman1988
Manara, MiloGulliveraSex-changed version of Gulliver, à la Manara1996
Manara, MiloHidden cameraFreelance TV crew on a voyeuristic mission1990
Manara, MiloManara's Kama SutraNice endpaper sequence, too1997
Manara, MiloMemoryBasically a colour sketchbook2002
Manara, MiloMiel, toute seule, la nuitUnusual1990
Manara, MiloPaper ManSimple, heart-breaking Western tale1982
Manara, MiloPerchance to dreamBergman in India trailing a missing film crew1990
Manara, MiloLe Piège (the trap)Irresistible, even in French (79ff)1998
Manara, MiloShorts8 short weirdly-sexual fantasies1989
Manara, MiloWomen of ManaraSelf-explanatory sketchbook1995
Manara, Milowww.Manara hits the Net1999
Manara, Milo; Enard, J-PArt of SpankingAs described, every bit as politically incorrect as you'd think1991
Manara, Milo; Pratt, HugoIndian SummerColonists & Indians in 17th C New England1986
Manning, MichaelSpider GardenCrepax meets fetishistic Hokusai!1996
Martinet, JeanneTruer than True RomanceOriginal artwork, but updated texts. Brilliant idea2001
Mason, TomBest of Spicy TalesOK1990
MaxPeter PankA novel comix angle, Pan as a punk. Whimsical & sexy1990
McCay, WinsorBest of Little Nemo in SlumberlandCovers 1905 - 1927, edited by Richard Marschall, + Sendak et al1997
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 1: 1905-1907Large-format colour reprints1989
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 2: 1907-1908Reprints series continues1989
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 3: 1908-1910More reprints1990
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 4: 1910-1911More reprints1990
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 5: 1911-1912Quite sublime, as usual1991
McCay, WinsorComplete Little Nemo 6: 1913-1914Final set of reprints1993
McCay, WinsorLittle Nemo (in German)For Christa1982
McCay, WinsorLittle Nemo: 1905 - 1914Taschen does him proud, 419 full colour strips2000
McCloud, ScottZot! Book 11st ten issues1984
McGuire, RichardHereInvariant space, massively variant times2014
Mezieres, JC; Christin, PAmbassador of the shadowsGood, comix1969
Mezieres, JC; Christin, PHeroes of the EquinoxGood, comix1978
Mezieres, JC; Christin, PWelcome to AlflololGood, comix1972
Mezieres, JC; Christin, PWorld without starsGood, comix1972
Miller, Frank (2)Batman: the dark knight returnsStylish comix & highly influential, it now turns out1986
Miller, Frank (2)Batman: year 1Good1988
Miller, Frank (2)Give me LibertyDark stuff1990
Miller, Frank (2)RoninGreat comix style1987
Moebius (Jean Giraud)ArzachUnique comix style1977
Moebius (Jean Giraud)Man from the CiguriContinues 'Airtight garage' in inimitable comix form1996
Moncuse, SteveFish police: hairballsWeird but interesting comix1987
Moore, AlanShocking futures15 comix tales, punny & violent & often twisted1986
Moore, AlanTwisted times12 comix tales, with 4-eyed Abelard Snazz & time twisters1987
Moore, Alan et alSuperman: the man of tomorrow3 comix tales updating, faithfully, the Man of Steel1988
Moore, Alan et alTop 10: book 1City entirely for super-heroes1999
Moore, Alan; Baikle, JimSkizzComix tale of interpreter from Tau-Ceti, lost in Birmingham1989
Moore, Alan; Burrows, JacenNeonomiconVariant of HP Lovecraft's Innsmouth tale2011
Moore, Alan; Davis, AlanDR & Quinch's ... awesome guide to lifeAlien college students & their havoc-wreaking tendencies1987
Moore, Alan; Gebbie, MelindaLost Girls boxed setDorothy, Alice and Wendy2006
Moore, Alan; Gibbons, DaveWatchmenAwesome comix anti-super-hero tale1987
Moore, Alan; Gibson, IanBallad of Halo Jones (3 parts)Comix tales of a 'simple' heroine. (Hah!)1986
Moore, Alan; Lloyd, DavidV for VendettaBleak comix look at totalitarian England1990
Moore, TerrySIP #01: Strangers in ParadiseComix tale of tangled lives & a sinister past. Just wonderful1995
Moore, TerrySIP #02: I dream of youDealing with Mrs Parker & the Mob's $850,000. Superb1996
Moore, TerrySIP #03: It's a good lifeGetting shot of Freddie; accepting David. Excellent1996
Moore, TerrySIP #04: Love me tenderGym workout, new job in ad agency, Katchoo & David on/off1997
Moore, TerrySIP #05: Immortal enemiesEnd of Darcy Parker's assassination plot1997
Moore, TerrySIP #06: High School!Includes Princess Warrior satire1998
Moore, TerrySIP #07: SanctuaryRecollections from a middle-aged viewpoint1999
Moore, TerrySIP #08: My other lifeFateful plane crash2000
Moore, TerrySIP #09: Child of RageKatina turns the tables2001
Moore, TerrySIP #10: Tropic of desireFrancine to marry?2001
Morrison, Grant et alFilth, TheTo be classified!2004
Morrison, Grant et alInvisibles #1: say you want a revolutionStrange days, indeed. Vol 1, issues 1-81995
Morrison, Grant et alInvisibles #2: ApocalipstickTendrils of global conspiracy. From Vol 1, issues 9-161995
Morrison, Grant et alInvisibles #3: bloody hell in AmericaFreedom versus control. From Vol 2, issues 1-41997
Morrison, Grant et alInvisibles #4: counting to nonePeter bought duplicate in York. Vol 2, issues 5-131997
Morrison, Grant et alInvisibles #5: Kissing Mister QuimperFrom Vol 2, issues 14-221998
Morrison, Grant; Hughes, RDareComix update of a legend (Dan Dare)1991
Nicholson, Jeff et alDreaming: thru the gates of horn & ivoryMore from Morpheus' strange realm1999
Oliveros, Chris et alBest of 'Drawn and Quarterly'Beautiful, hard-hitting comix art1993
Oliveros, Chris et alDrawn and Quarterly, Vol #4Includes Tintin biography/homage2001
Ottaviani, JimImitation GameStory of Alan Turing2016
Ottaviani, JimSuspended in LanguageStory of Niels Bohr2009
Padua, SydneyThrilling adventures of Lovelace and BabbageThe "not quite true" story2015
Pichard, GeorgesCarmenComix retelling of Opera's sensuous lady1981
Pichard, GeorgesMarie-GabrielleTotally off the wall sado-masochistic comix extravaganza1977
Poe, Edgar AllanGraphic ClassicsMaxon Crumb inter alia2001
Pratt, HugoBallad of the salt sea (Corto Maltese)Off to the Pacific1975
Pratt, HugoCelts (Corto Maltese)Journey in Europe during 1917-19181975
Quinn, ParrisShadow and Light #13 short erotic tales rendered as monochrome cartoons1998
Quinn, ParrisShadow and Light #22 tales; one a sequel1999
Quinn, ParrisShadow and Light #3Another triple XXX dose2000
Rakezic, Sasa; Kathman, BobFlock of dreamers: dream-inspired comix....from Crumb, Veitch, Woodring, not all very convincing1997
Rieber, John et alBooks of FaeriePrecursors to Books of Magic1993
Rieber, John et alBooks of Faerie: Auberon's TaleEarly life of various of the characters1999
Rieber, John et alMagic #1: BindingsManticore, unicorn, Timothy's real father...1994
Rieber, John et alMagic #2: SummoningsTea in Hell, Victorian cyborg, teen succubus in a box...1994
Rieber, John et alMagic #3: ReckoningsTimothy is lead comprehensively astray by Barbatos1995
Rieber, John et alMagic #4: TransformationsDeath drops by to say 'hi'; Timothy is now 141996
Rieber, John et alMagic #5: Girl in the boxA lost mermaid to contend with, with 'tits'1996
Rieber, John et alMagic #6: Burning GirlBought in Bluewater1997
Rieber, John et alMagic #7: Death after DeathIssues 42 to 502001
Robinson, AlexBox Office poison600pp saga of dreary jobs, messy apartments, girlfriends etc.2001
Rodriguez, GabrielLittle Nemo: Return to SlumberlandWon the 2015 Eisner award (for a one-off)2015
Ross, Steven et alTerry Pratchett's 'Colour of magic'Where gods are more blamed than worshipped. Comix approach1991
Rotundo, MassimoEx libris eroticis (2 vols)Italian saga1989
Rowson, MartinF*CK: a history of the world in 65.... unfortunate incidents. Bit of a one-note joke2008
Rowson, MartinGulliver's Travels adapted and updatedRidiculously talented man2012
Rowson, MartinTristram ShandyStalled about 1/3 thru, but enjoying the ride!1996
Rowson, MartinWaste LandFilm noir who-dunnit version of TS Eliot1990
Sarson, JadeFor the love of God, Marie!Engaging take on life, living and loving2016
Saudelli, FrancoBlonde #1: double crossBondage cartoon tale of food-based espionage1991
Saudelli, FrancoBlonde #2: Bondage PalaceWhere's that secret of eternal youth?1993
Saudelli, FrancoBlonde #3: Phoebus IIICarnal catfights on all-woman prisoner world1996
Seagle, ST; Kristiansen, TIt's a birdDifferent take on Superman2004
Simmonds, PosyGemma BoveryAs serialised, & signed!1999
Simmonds, PosyLiterary LifeDoctor Derek and literary company2003
Simmonds, PosyMrs Weber's DiarySublime1979
Simmonds, PosyMrs Weber's OmnibusGathering of the clan, as it were2012
Simmonds, PosyMustn't grumbleI love this woman!1993
Simmonds, PosyPick of PosyPerfection1982
Simmonds, PosyPure PosyMarvellous1987
Simmonds, PosyTamara DreweBought in Bournemouth2007
Simmonds, PosyTrue LoveWonderful1981
Smith, JeffBone: the great cow raceWilling to try this1992
SokalCanardo: a shabby dog storyRather good1981
SokalCanardo: blue angelMore please!1981
Spiegelman, ArtMaus I: a survivor's taleGrim1986
Spiegelman, ArtMaus II: and here my troubles beganGrim1991
Stack, FrankNew adventures of JesusSandals define him as a hippy1979
Stanton, EricDominant wives & other storiesAmazing dominatrix-dominated comic art1998
Starlin, Jim; Oliff, SteveGilgamesh II4-part comix story1989
Strauss, Neil; Chang, BHow to make money like a porn star!Warning: may make you awkward around women!2006
Talbot, BryanTale of one bad ratPeter Rabbit lost in Cardboard City1996
Taylor, KevinGirlX-rated occult antics1990
Thompson, JillDeath: at Death's doorExcursions with Gaiman's Sandman Goth sister2003
Thorne, FrankGhita of AlizarrSex, sorcery & swordplay with a blonde warrior woman1985
Thorne, FrankGhita: the thousand wizards of UrdMore misadventures with Ghita1985
Thorne, FrankIron DevilLadies of the night in hardcore adventures1995
Thorne, FrankLannSultry, rejuvenated space adventuress1984
Twain, MarkGraphic ClassicsIncludes a Shary Flenniken piece2004
UnknownTandra Chronicles #3Has its confused moments1992
Utz, Trevlin LeeDonna MiaA Demoness to make you forget other girls...1997
Varenne, AlexErma JaguarWeird1990
Vaughan, Brian KSaga #01Star-crossed soldiers2012
Vaughan, Brian KSaga #02Star-crossed soldiers2013
Vaughan, Brian KSaga #03Star-crossed soldiers2014
Vaughan, Brian KSaga #04Star-crossed soldiers2014
Vaughan, Brian KSaga #05Star-crossed soldiers2015
Vosburg, Mike; Ventrella, PLori LovecraftSly comix sex/horror romp2000
Wagner, J; Grant, ABogie ManGood1991
Wagner, J; Grant, ABogie Man: election specialGood1992
Waldron, P; Finch, JAdventures of a lesbian college school..... girl. Just as tacky comix as it sounds1997
Watson, AndiGeishaAndroid with a knack for painting1999
Watterson, BillExploring Calvin and Hobbes: an exhibition.... catalogue2014
Wells, HGGraphic ClassicsIncludes a Shary Flenniken piece2002
Wilkin, Karen; Ross, CliffWorld of Edward GoreyRepresentative sampling plus biographical material2002
Willingham, BillFables #5: HomelandsIssues 34 - 412005
Wilson, Colin (2)Into the shadow of the sun - RaelComix, good1988
Wood, Cynthy J et alLegends of the stargrazersUnread1989
Wood, Wally (Wallace)Came the Dawn (and other stories)Suspense and crime shockers from the 1950s (ed Gary Groth)2012
Wood, Wally (Wallace)Compleat Cannon1970-1973 run: Last of the 60s super spies2001
Wood, Wally (Wallace)Compleat Sally Forth1970-1973 complete run of sf comedy strip1998
Yaco, Link; Heebink, JohnSpace chicks & businessmen + CuntThey came for sperm! Plus advanced linguistics lesson1998
Zarate, OscarIt's dark in LondonCompelling & disturbing1996

Graphics (NF)

Achilleos, ChrisBeauty and the BeastAirbrushed fantasy & mild erotica1978
Achilleos, ChrisMedusaAirbrushed fantasy & mild (yet cover censored!) erotica1988
Achilleos, ChrisSirensAirbrushed fantasy & more mild erotica1986
Artmonsky, RuthArt for the Ear: 40 years of illustration for.... BBC radio publications. Beguiling examination of much 'ephemera'2015
Artmonsky, RuthDesign: FHK HenrionNot yet read2015
Artmonsky, RuthDesign: Jan Le Witt and George HimQuite a pair2015
Artmonsky, RuthDo You Want it Good or Do You Want it Tuesday?The Halcyon Days of W.S.Cowell Ltd. Printers2015
Artmonsky, RuthJack Beddington: The Footnote ManNot yet read2015
Artmonsky, RuthPleasures of Printing: Thomas Griffits at.... Vincent Brooks, Day & Sons and The Baynard Press2015
Artmonsky, RuthUnashamed Artists: A Celebratory Miscellany.... of Advertising Art2015
Backemeyer, SylviaEric Fraser: designer & illustratorBeautiful survey of his work in Radio Times etc1998
Baines, PhilPenguin by DesignCover artwork, 1935 - 20052005
Baker, MartinArtists of Radio Times: a Golden Age of.... British illustration2015
Baker, Nicholson; BrentanoWorld on Sunday: graphic art in....Joseph Pulitzer's newspaper (1898-1911)2005
Benedict, B; Barton, LPhonographicsAlbum cover artwork1977
Berry, Susan; Martin, JudyDesigning with colourFor Christa1991
Bindman, DavidHogarth and his times: serious comedyAccompanies a 300th anniversary British Museum exhibition1997
Burder, David GStereogramNice images aligned with a long-term interest of mine1994
Caldwell, DoreenAnd all was revealed (ladies underwear)Half price from Windsor Hammicks - I think!1981
Campbell, AlastairNew designer's handbookGraphics design, of course1993
Castle, PhilipAirflowAirbrush superrealism1980
Champ, JohnYoga for men: photographsPure exploitation!1978
Curtis, CecileArt of scraperboard engravingAttractive outline of techniques involved1988
Curtis, ST; Hunt, CAirbrush bookIf only...1980
Dalley, TerenceIllustration and design: complete guideAs described1980
Davis, GrahamQuick solutions to great layoutsUsual ideas1993
Dean, R; HipgnosisAlbum cover albumDuring my Dean phase1977
Dean, R; Howells, DAlbum cover album 2Pretty silly, I guess1982
Dean, RogerViewsI was younger then!1975
Di Grappa, CarolFashion: theoryNothing special1980
Dragon's WorldGuide to fantasy art techniquesInteresting source of ideas1984
Dragon's WorldLots of kisses39, to be exact; mostly airbrush pix. Intro by Lisa Tuttle1984
Dragon's WorldMouse and KelleyTwo Underground poster folk1979
Driver, DavidArt of Radio TimesTotally superb collection of varied work1981
English, Michael3-D eye: posters, prints, paintingsAirbrush super-realism1979
Ernst, BrunoAdventures with impossible figuresZany impossibilities, even from Meccano1986
Ernst, BrunoEye beguiled: optical illusionsElegantly illustrated impossible objects1986
Errigo, AngieRock album cover: illustrated historyPretentious, moi?1979
ErtéFashion drawings and illustrationsWonderful stylish stuff1976
ErtéGraphicsLargely fashion-related1978
Esquire magazineVarga: the Esquire years (Vargas)Unique1987
Farren, MickGet on down: decade of rock postersGood heavens!1976
Finch, ChristopherArt of Walt DisneySomewhat fawning1975
Gallo, MaxPoster in historyInteresting survey1972
Garland, KenMr Beck's Underground Map: a historySaga of Harry Beck's London Underground diagrammatic map1994
Glynn, PrudenceIn fashion (20th Century dress)Interesting1978
Glynn, PrudenceSkin to skin: eroticism in dressInteresting1982
Goldmann, F; Hiltscher, KGimmix book of recordsCover artwork1981
Gordon, J; Hiller, AT-Shirt bookVisual trivia1988
Gower, ChristopherEPS: Illustrated book of stockingsFemale hosiery1998
Heller, Steven; Anderson, GGraphic wit: art of humour in designComprehensive survey; many contributors & examples1991
Heller, Steven; Gorey, EdwardEdward Gorey: his book cover art and designExactly as described. Rather wonderful, too2015
Hiner, MarkRed & Blue illusion book (anaglyphs)Good, but not very sophisticated images1996
HipgnosisGoodbye lookTypical Floyd art1982
HipgnosisWalk away RenéArtwork for, inter alia, Pink Floyd1978
Holmes, NigelBest in Diagrammatic GraphicsSuperb & imaginative images1993
Holmes, NigelPictorial mapsSome superb graphics; bought in Cambridge1991
Jacobs, Frank (2)Strange MapsGloriously weird examples2009
Jankel, A; Morton, RCreative computer graphicsSo dated already1984
Johnson, Arthur WBookbinding: practical guideBoth practical & excellent advice1985
Johnson, PaulineCreative bookbindingUseful1963
Jones, AllenProjectsAirbrush & other media; I share his fetishes!1971
Jones, AllenSheer magicAirbrushed glamour1979
Kery, Patricia FrantzGreat magazine covers of the worldCousin Jayne liked this1982
Lahr, Jane; Ferrer, LindaErosNice selection of work1996
Livingston, A & IDictionary of Graphic Design & DesignersThames & Hudson & husband & wife from Falmouth College of Arts1998
Lopez, AntonioAntonio's GirlsFashion artistry1982
Lopez, BorisJust bloomedTeen beauties; present from Chris P2000
Maguire, GregoryMaking Mischief: a Sendak appreciationRevisiting some very long-time favourites2009
Martin, JudyComplete guide to airbrushingUseful1983
MaxDreamSpyillustrations 1973 to 20032003
McCandless, DavidInformation is beautifulInfographics in other non-words2009
Meadows, Mark StephenPause & Effect: interactive narrativeThoughtful artist meets theory2003
Meglin, NickArt of humorous illustrationGood1973
Mette, C MichaelAirbrush worksGood1990
Morgan H; Symmes, DAmazing 3-DFascinating1982
Morgan, J; Welton, PSee what I mean: visual communicationPerception, meaning, codes, conventions, icons1986
Mouly, FrancoiseBlown Covers: rejected 'New Yorker' coversSome stunning examples2011
National GeographicInside Out: best of 60 or so diagrams..... and cutaways.1998
Olley, MichelleErotiqueModern art2005
Olley, MichelleLove Lust DesireMore elegantly mild erotica2001
Powers, AlanFront cover: great book jacket & cover..... design. WYSIWYG, naturellement2001
Priester, Gary W; Levine, GEye tricks: 3D stereogramsCheck out clover leaf on p153! Magical2004
QuartoIllustrator's reference: figureClothed from (literally) all angles1987
QuartoIllustrator's reference: nudesFrom all angles - access all areas (hairiers?)1989
Robertson, BruceCharts and Diagrams, step by stepSome useful examples1988
Robotham, TomVarga: Alberto Vargas' pinupsIneffable airbrushery1991
Satterwhite, Al & JoySatterwhite on color and designUseful1986
Seckel, AlOptical illusionsExcellent examples2000
Shaw, Lem et alRadio Times: cover story - 90 years of classic.... covers. Fascinating trawl through decade by decade2013
Sorayama, HajimeComplete worksAstonishing & prolific range of images1998
Sorayama, HajimeGynoidsPeter likes this, too1992
Sorayama, HajimeHajime SorayamaJapanese airbrush1989
Sorayama, HajimeHyper illustrations 1Japanese airbrush1989
Sorayama, HajimeHyper illustrations 2More of the same1992
Sorayama, HajimePin-UpJapanese airbrush1984
Sorayama, HajimeRobot sexyJapanese airbrush, Peter likes it1983
Sorayama, HajimeVenomRecent snakeskin collection2002
Sparke, PennyDesign in contextBeautifully produced & illustrated survey of 200+ years1987
Staller, IllonaCicciolinaItalian MPs are so much sexier than ours1992
Steele, ValerieFetish: fashion, sex & powerPerfect title for this guidemap to 'Skin Two' territory1996
Stein, RalphPin-Up: from 1852 to nowAs described, though 'now' is now many years ago!1974
Stoddart, JimSeven hundred PenguinsSome awesome cover artwork over the years2007
Swann, AlanLayout source bookSome very nice ideas here1989
Talbot, BryanAlice in Sunderland: an entertainmentRichly informed & informative2007
Tambini, MichaelLook of the Century: Design icons of the.... 20th Century. Dorling Kindersley mini-brick book1999
Thompson, P; Davenport, PDictionary of visual languageVery wide range1980
Trope, DonnaBeauty Shots (exhibition catalogue)Rather extreme fashion shots2001
Tufte, Edward RVisual display of quantitative informationNeat; especially graphic of Napoleon's march on Moscow1983
Turner, LowriGianni Versace: fashion's last emperorLightweight eye candy1997
Vallejo, BorisHindsightBoris sure likes his butts!1998
Vargas, A; Austin, ReidVargas: 60 years of illustrationVintage airbrush glamour1978
VariousOcchio PrivatoSome nice stuff1987
VariousSexy dreamsErotic airbrush work1987
Whitaker, SteveEncyclopedia of cartooning techniquesGood1994
Wood, DenisPower of mapsThe inner, if not secret, life of maps and representations1992
Woodward, TimSkin two: Retro 1, the first 6 issuesPeter likes this1991
Wortley, RichardPin-Up's Progress: history of the art1870-1970 via bosoms, buttocks, nipples, legs & pubic hair1971
Wortley, RichardStriptease: a pictorial historyNeed I say more?1976
Wroblewski, ChrisSkin shows: the art of tattooWeird but fascinating1989
Wroblewski, ChrisTattooed womenSome attractive1992

Historical (F)

Chevalier, TracyGirl with a pearl earringLife in 1664 Delft1999
Davis, LindseyCourse of HonourVespasian's love life with a freed slave as his mistress1997
Davis, LindseyFalco #01: Silver pigsPrivate Eye Marcus Didius Falco & silver ingots from Britain1989
Davis, LindseyFalco #02: Shadows in bronzeOff to the seaside with the family!1990
Davis, LindseyFalco #03: Venus in copperTangling with a fortune-hunting redhead1991
Davis, LindseyFalco #04: Iron hand of MarsWhere's the German legion commander gone?1992
Davis, LindseyFalco #05: Poseidon's GoldHis dead brother can still cause trouble, it seems1992
Davis, LindseyFalco #06: Last Act in PalmyraOff to the East & murder in a travelling theatrical troupe1994
Davis, LindseyFalco #07: Time to departTrying to get rid of Rome's top gangster1995
Davis, LindseyFalco #08: Dying light in CordubaMy next read1996
Davis, LindseyFalco #09: Three hands in the FountainDirty work underfoot in Rome's sewers1996
Davis, LindseyFalco #10: Two for the lionsWe're up to AD 73 & a great census1998
Davis, LindseyFalco #11: One virgin too manyTime to catch up!1999
Davis, LindseyFalco #12: Ode to a bankerPunnily enough...2000
Davis, LindseyFalco #13: A body in the bath houseBack to Britain, chasing shoddy & murderous builders2001
Davis, LindseyFalco #14: the Jupiter MythHolidaying amidst Londinium's gangsters2002
Davis, LindseyFalco #15: The accusersEntangled with lawyers2003
Davis, LindseyFalco #16: Scandal takes a holidayMissing gossip columnist2004
Davis, LindseyFalco #17: See Delphi and dieOops2005
Davis, LindseyFalco #18: SaturnaliaCaptive on the loose2007
Dunant, SarahBirth of VenusFlorence in Savanarola's time2003
Eco, UmbertoName of the RoseMoving, eventually1980
Forester, CSEarthly ParadiseColumbus's 3rd voyage to Indies1940
Forester, CSHorn #01: Mr Midshipman HornblowerOn Indefatigable to Western Atlantic; promotion to Lieutenant1950
Forester, CSHorn #03: Lieutenant HornblowerBush, the Renown, poverty on half-pay, Maria1952
Forester, CSHorn #04: Hornblower and the HotspurChannel blockade duties; then finally a Post Captain1962
Forester, CSHorn #05: Hornblower and the crisisUnfinished, plus 'Widow McCool' (#02) & 'Last Encounter' (#13)1967
Forester, CSHorn #06: Hornblower and the AtroposEastern Mediterranean & Nelson's funeral procession1953
Forester, CSHorn #07: Happy ReturnLydia, in South America, chasing Natividad & El Supremo1937
Forester, CSHorn #08: Ship of the LineHis first ship of the line, harrying Spanish coast1938
Forester, CSHorn #09: Flying ColoursEn route to Napoleon's firing squad. Escape down Loire1938
Forester, CSHorn #10: CommodoreA squadron to the Baltic for Russian alliance1945
Forester, CSHorn #11: Lord HornblowerMutiny, treachery, & Bush's death1946
Forester, CSHorn #12: Hornblower in the West IndiesNow Rear-Admiral; still thwarting Napoleon's latest plans1958
Forester, CSHornblower CompanionInsights into his creativity1964
Garner, AlanLad of the GadFive Gaelic folktales1980
Garner, AlanStrandloperLife in 1801 Australian 'dreamtime'1996
Golding, WilliamClose quartersContinuation of the naval trilogy1987
Golding, WilliamFire down belowEnd of the sea trilogy1989
Golding, WilliamRites of passageStory of a voyage to Australia in journal form1980
Graves, RobertClaudius #1: I, ClaudiusMagnificent racy autobiography of Clau-Clau-Claudius1934
Graves, RobertClaudius #2: Claudius the GodBegins with acclamation as Emperor, ends miserably1934
Graves, RobertCount BelisariusTroubleshooter to Emperor Justinian1938
Graves, RobertThey hanged my saintly BillyTrial in 1856 of Dr William Palmer, well reconstructed1957
Harris, RobertPompeiiWell-researched blast stories2003
Huxley, AldousDevils of LoudunRead enough to be very angry at religion. Fiction?1952
Manning, FrederickHer privates weBattle of the Somme as seen from its trenches1929
Marshall-Andrews, RobertPalace of wisdomIt's 1684, in library of San Lorenzo1989
Massie, AllanAugustusHis lost memoirs, & 20th Century parallels1986
Massie, AllanCaesarCaesar, as observed by Brutus1993
Massie, AllanTiberiusIn his own words1990
Moore, AlanVoice of the fireA 5,000-year urban English dreamtime walk1996
Nye, RobertFalstaffUnread cod(piece) autobiography of Shakespeare's character1976
Nye, RobertFaustNew take on Faust's story1980
Nye, RobertGilles de Rais: his life and deathPaedophile, murderer & devout Christian1990
Nye, RobertMerlinRude & very funny1978
Nye, RobertVoyage of the DestinySir Walter Raleigh's confessions1982
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #01: Master and CommanderAubrey's first ship, the brig Sophie & first court-martial1970
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #02: Post Captain1803, & war resumes; Sophia Williams & Diana Villiers appear1972
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #03: HMS SurpriseDebtors' prison before HMS Surprise & Indian Ocean1973
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #04: Mauritius CommandAttacking French bases on Mauritius & Reunion1977
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #05: Desolation islandHMS Leopard, card cheats, & rescuing Governor Bligh (of Bounty)1978
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #06: Fortune of War1812, fire, shipwreck, capture by Americans1979
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #07: Surgeon's MateEscape from Boston, Catalan troop manoeuvring1980
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #08: Ionian MissionToulon blockade duty, then Greek islands1981
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #09: Treason's HarbourMediterranean & Malta duties1983
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #10: Far side of the worldHMS Surprise to South Seas via Cape Horn for whaling fleet1984
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #11: Reverse of the medalRisky investments, crime, espionage & the pillory!1986
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #12: Letter of MarqueOff Navy List (though innocent) to be a privateer1988
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #13: Thirteen gun saluteRestored to List, Malaysia & its natural delights1989
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #14: Nutmeg of ConsolationMaturin bested by a platypus' poisonous spur!1991
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #15: Clarissa OakesSurprise is carrying a female surprise1992
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #16: Wine-dark seaUp the west coast of South America1993
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #17: The CommodoreReturning to yellow fever off the African slaving coast1994
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #18: Yellow AdmiralBrest blockade duty & proof of Jack's past adultery1996
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #19: The hundred daysMaturin the widower with Bonaparte's Muslim gold1998
O'Brian, PatrickAubrey #20: Blue at the MizzenPeacetime Chilean hydrographics1999
VariousNew English bible; new testamentFrom Mum & Dad1961
Waters, SarahFingersmithLondon, 1862: fraud, insanity & secrets2002
Waugh, EvelynHelenaEmpress, mother of Constantine1950
White, THBook of MerlynThe 'lost' last volume of Once & Future King1977
Wilder, ThorntonIdes of MarchThis is Christa's copy1948
Wishart, DavidGermanicusMarcus Corvinus & Livia's machinations again1997
Wishart, DavidI, VirgilAn oblique view of history1995
Wishart, DavidNeroRoman life as seen by Nero's Advisor on Taste1996
Wishart, DavidOvidMarcus Corvinus recovers Ovid's ashes1995
Yourcenar, MargueriteMemoirs of HadrianPraised on BBC World Service!1951


Ackroyd, PeterDickens' LondonPictorial studies of the stories' landscapes1987
Aikman, LonnelleWe, the people: story of US CapitolNational Geographic Society book (Christa)1964
Allen, CharlesPlain tales from the RajOral histories from 1900 to 19471975
Allen, CharlesTales from the Dark ContinentBritish colonial Africa anecdotage1979
Allen, CharlesTales from the South China SeasAnecdotage from Far East fringes of 20th C. British Empire1983
Arthur, MaxForgotten voices of the Great WarVeterans' own words: history of WWI2002
Arthur, MaxForgotten voices of the second world warMore transcripted history2004
Atterbury, PaulDiscovering Britain's lost railwaysSome 14,500 miles of track lost & memories fade1995
Bach, JohnBligh (Lt. William) NotebookFacsimile & annotated transcription, 28 April to 14 June 17891986
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Barker, Theo (ed)Long march of Everyman1750 - 1960 from BBC Radio 4 series1974
Barnett, CorrelliAudit of War: decline since WW IIIllusion & reality of UK as a great nation1986
Barraclough, GeoffreyTimes atlas of world historyBought in Slough1978
Beard, MaryConfronting the ClassicsThe state of modern 'scholarship' in the field2013
Beard, MarySPQR: a history of ancient RomeSaturated with minute details2015
Beckett, AndyWhen the lights went out; the Seventies2009
Begg, Richard C; Liddle, PFor five shillings a dayPersonal histories of World War II2000
Black, EdwinIBM and the HolocaustNazis counting & much worse on their Hollerith machines2001
Bourdain, AnthonyTyphoid MaryThe New York carrier of the early 1900s2001
Braudel, FernandPerspective of the worldHeavy1979
Braudel, FernandStructures of everyday lifeHeavy1979
Braudel, FernandWheels of commerceHeavy1979
Briggs, RobertFunny kind of war: a wartime logCartoonist's journal written up in Stalag V11A after capture1985
Brooks, CliveLife on the LinersFascinating anecdotage1990
Brown, JimBridging the ItchenLocal history; fascinating2001
Burford, EJ; Shulman, SOf bridles and burningsFemale punishments in this supposedly civilised country1992
Burnett, JohnHistory of the cost of livingWhat goes up, goes on going up!1969
Burnett, JohnUseful toil: workers' autobiographiesFrom 1820s to 1920s; 27 extracts1974
Calvocoressi, P; Wint, GTotal War950 pages on causes & courses of World War II1972
Campbell, John (1)Experience of World War IIGrim but gripping1989
Cannadine, DavidOrnamentalism: how the British saw their.... Empire2001
Cannadine, DavidPleasures of the PastEssays & reviews on modern history/books1989
Cantor, Norman FIn the wake of the PlagueReinterpretations of life in post-Plague Europe2001
Carcopino, JéromeDaily life in ancient RomeBaths, wine & women... these things make life itself!1941
Carey, JohnFaber book of reportageLoose title for items as far back as 430 BC. Splendid selection1987
Carter, GeorgeOutlines of English historyUseful potted histories1974
Charlesworth, K; Cameron, MAll that... the other half of historyEnglish history with an all-female cast for a change1986
Chesney, KellowVictorian underworldFascinating; wouldn't want to have been there198?
Chin, Oliver9 of 1: a window to the worldComix examination of WTC September 11 2001 attacks2003
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 1. the gathering stormEvents after 19181948
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 2. their finest hourFall of France, Battle of Britain1949
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 3. the grand allianceRussia and America1950
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 4. the hinge of fateDesert war, Russian front, Tripoli1951
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 5. closing the ringItaly and preparations for D-Day1952
Churchill, Winston SWWII: 6. triumph and tragedyEffectively disguised blessing1954
Cobbett, WilliamCobbett's AmericaSkimmed1815
Collins, PaulBanvard's folly: 13 tales of rotten luckHistory's brilliant losers2001
Corrigan, GordonBlood, sweat and arrogance: & the myths.... of Churchill's War. Sixty years on: let the debunking continue2006
Corrigan, GordonMud, blood and poppycockRethinking World War I2003
Costello, JohnLove, sex and war: 1939-1945Scarcely a myth (or Miss) left standing!1985
Courtney, NicholasGale Force 10: life & legacy of....Admiral Beaufort. He of the windy scale, of course2002
Crane, NicholasMercator: the man who mapped the planetOverdue English biography of he who set our world view2002
Croall, JonathanDon't you know there's a war on?People's Voice, 1939-45. Contemporary ephemera & voices1988
Croutier, Alev LytleHarem: the world behind the veilIllustrated first-hand accounts1989
Danziger, Danny; Lacey, RobYear 1000: what life was like at turn of.... first millennium1999
Davenport-Hines, RichardEnglish Affair: sex, class and power.... in the age of Profumo2013
Davenport-Hines, RichardSex, death and punishmentFascinating & grim reading1990
Davidson, James NCourtesans and fishcakesConsuming passions of classical Athens1997
de Vries, LeonardHistory as hot news: 1865-1897Slow motion news coverage1973
Dening, SarahMythology of sexBeautifully illustrated historical survey1996
Dodd, GeorgeDays at the factoriesGrim tales of former days1843
Douglas, RoyWorld War 1939-45: cartoonists' visionExcellent, even if nobody ever learns1990
Dowswell, PaulEgyptian Echo - tabloid historyKing Tut in god swap shock1996
Dowswell, PaulRoman record - tabloid historyVolcano "safe" claims Senator1997
Dowswell, Paul; Fleming, FStone Age Sentinel - tabloid historyMan burns finger in fire. Expert warns of new cave danger1998
Drummond, JCEnglishman's food: 5 centuries of dietHe (& family) were brutally murdered in 1952. Was he a spy?1957
Dry, SarahNewton Papers: Strange and True Odyssey.... of Isaac Newton's manuscripts2014
Duncan, Dayton; Burns, KenLewis & Clark: journey of the Corps of..... Discovery. Epic 1804-1806 explorations of the United States1997
Dyer, ChristopherMaking a living in the Middle AgesPeople of Britain, 850 - 15202002
Ellis, JohnWorld War II: the sharp endActual experience of Allied front line soldiers. Superb1980
Everett, PeterYou'll never be 16 againBBC-related nostalgia for the 1950s/60s1986
Fagan, BrianLittle Ice Age: how climate made historyCovering 1300 to 1850 & the European climate that prevailed2000
Ferguson, NiallCash Nexus: money & power 1700 to 2000National cash flow & its effects on success2001
Ferguson, NiallColossus: rise & fall of American empireParadoxical realities of US power & influence2004
Ferguson, NiallEmpire: how Britain made....the modern world.2003
Ferguson, NiallWar of the WorldCarnage that is the 20th century round the globe2006
Fleming, FergusGreek Gazette - tabloid historyNude scientist in bathtub sensation. Archimedes splash smash1997
Fleming, FergusMedieval Messenger - tabloid historyMystery plague rocks Europe - you've been bad, says bishop1996
Foyster, ElizabethTrials of the King of Hampshire: madness....secrecy and betrayal in Georgian England2016
Frazer, James GGolden bough (abridged)From magic, via religion, to science. 750 pp of irrationality1922
Fussell, PaulBloody game: anthology of modern war800+ pages, very very few of them dull1991
Fussell, PaulWartime: understanding & behaviour WW IIImpact of the war on soldiers and civilians1989
Gardiner, JulietWartime Britain 1939 - 1945Impressively researched2004
Gavin, Francis JNuclear Statecraft: History and Strategy in.... America's Atomic Age. Insights into the policy process2014
George, M DorothyLondon life in the 18th CenturyPre-Industrial Revolution London. Amazing1925
Gerhardie, WilliamGod's fifth column: biogr. of 1890-1940A riposte to pompous official histories1981
Gibbon, EdwardDecline and Fall of the Roman EmpireAbridged & well-illustrated version1979
Gillies, MidgeWaiting for HitlerUK voices from September 19402006
Gillman, Peter & LeniCollar the lot! (British WWII internment)Amazing what comes out years later1980
Gilmour, IanRiots, risings and revolutionGovernance & violence in 18th Century England1992
Girouard, MarkLife in the English country houseOne for the older generation1978
Girouard, MarkLife in the French country houseWhy change a winning formula?2000
Gleeson, JanetArcanum: porcelain's European re-inventionMeissen & its background stories1998
Gonick, LarryCartoon history of the UniverseGreat1982
Gonick, LarryCartoon history of the Universe IISpringtime of China to Fall of Rome1994
Guy, JohnKings & Queens (1000 to present day)4 well-illustrated youngish guides1997
Hastings, MaxOxford book of military anecdotesFrom Jericho to Port Stanley1985
Hawkins, DesmondWar report: D-day to VE-dayBBC war correspondents' reports in a coherent framework1946
Haynes, NatalieAncient Guide to Modern LifeParallels from the past2010
Heartfield, JamesUnpatriotic History of the 2nd World WarMinus the patriotic whitewash, it was mostly about saving capitalism2012
Herrin, JudithMedieval MiscellanySumptuous selection of texts & illustrations1999
Hibbert, ChristopherEnglish: a social history 1066-1945Thorough, comprehensive, & very long (900 pp)1987
Hickman, KatieDaughters of Britannia: lives & times..... of diplomatic wives.1999
Hinde, ThomasCourtiers: 900 years of English court lifePlus ça change, it seems1986
Hoare, PhilipSpike Island: memory of military hospitalNetley, in fact2001
Hobsbawm, EricInteresting Times: a 20th C lifeFascinating observer2002
Holmes, T RiceArchitect of the Roman Empire (27 BC - 14 AD)Wrapping up the loose ends!1931
Holmes, T RiceArchitect of the Roman Empire (44 BC - 27 BC)The Age of Augustus, in forensic detail1928
Holmes, T RiceCaesar's conquest of GaulMarred by very poor quality OCR (Kindle)1903
Howe, EllicBlack Game: British subversion in WWIIFakes, forgeries & clandestine radio stations1982
Howson, GeraldIt takes a thief (Thief-taker General)Life & times of Jonathan Wild (1720s)1970
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MacHale, DesWit, the last laughAnd still they come1999
MacHale, DesYet more WitHere we go again1998
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Dickens, CharlesGreat expectationsRichly enjoyable (well-annotated Norton replacement of 1972 copy)1861
Dickens, CharlesHard timesChrista's copy - unread1854
Dickens, CharlesLittle DorritMandarins in the Circumlocution Office!1857
Dickens, CharlesMartin ChuzzlewitGreat stuff, done well with Scofield on TV; bought in Guernsey1843
Dickens, CharlesOliver TwistThe 'item of mortality' & his story1838
Dickens, CharlesPickwick PapersStalled, repeatedly (on p68)1836
Dickens, CharlesTale of two citiesUnread, so far1859
Duncan, PaulPocket Essentials: Noir FictionLittle handbook efficiently exemplifying this genre2000
Fadiman, AnneAt Large and At SmallNew set of delicious essays2007
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Pugh, SheenaghDemocratic genre: fan fiction in a....literary context, kicked off by Jane Austen (arguably?)2005
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SF magazines

Bonfiglioli, KyrilImpulse 1966 044, incl 'Pavane: the Lady Anne', 'Light feint'1966
Bonfiglioli, KyrilImpulse 1966 056, incl 'Brother John'1966
Campbell, John WAnalog: 1971 05-07Includes 'Outposter' & 3 Telzey stories1971
Ferman, Edward LF&SF: 1966 10Includes an Asimov bibliography (hah!)1966
Ferman, Edward LF&SF: 1971 11Has uncollected Zenna Henderson People story: 'That Boy'1971
Pohl, FrederikWorlds of IF: 107, August 1966Includes 'Neutron Star', 'In the bone'1966


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Green, DR; Lewis, JScience with pocket calculatorsUseful numerical methods, including mortgage formulae1978
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Hoffman, PaulArchimedes' revengeJoys & perils of mathematics: 666 and friends1988
Huff, DarrellHow to lie with statisticsWonderful advice & Calman cartoons to boot1954
Huff, DarrellHow to take a chanceExcellent intro to probability & splendid examples, too1959
Ifrah, GeorgesUniversal history of numbers'Encylopaedic' barely scratches the surface...1994
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Anuff, Joey; Cox, Ana MSuck: worst-case scenarios in media..... culture, advertising & the Internet (Wired)1997
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Rough GuideInternet RadioUseful tips, techniques, & station listings/URLs2002
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Saunders, DaveBest Ads: Sex in advertisingGood overview & many examples1996
Saunders, DaveBest Ads: Shock in advertisingMore compelling examples1996
Watkins, Julian Lewis100 greatest advertisementsGood1959
Williamson, JudithConsuming passionsGood1986


Ackland, Lesley10-step PilatesReshaping via focused muscle exercises1999
Appleby, LouisMedical tour through the whole island..... of Great Britain. Defoe updated with psychiatrist's slant1994
Barlow, WilfredAlexander PrincipleAre we sitting comfortably? (Updated in 1990)1973
British Medical AssociationNew Guide to medicines and drugsTypical Dorling Kindersley production1994
Chalker, RebeccaNew view of a woman's bodyEarly exposition from October Books1981
Cooke, GillianHealth and beauty bookNothing special1979
Desowitz, Robert SMalaria capers: parasites and peopleMalaria as a world murder mystery1991
Eagle, RobertTaking the strainGood advice, I guess1981
Francis, GavinAdventures in Human BeingAnother medical tour de force2015
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Gomez, Dr JoanDictionary of symptomsUseful and reassuring (occasionally!)1967
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Gonzalez-Crussi, FThree forms of sudden deathOK1986
Gordon, RichardAlarming history of medicineStill waiting for his alarming history of sex -- read on!1993
Hammond, Dr PhilTrust me I'm (still) a doctorCollected and updated columns2008
Hawkins, Clifford