Laptop PC

Having spent 36 hours away from home struggling in vain to persuade my Android Tablet PC to exchange files with my external webserver, let alone let me edit them, I nipped back down to Novatech to get a fairly dinky laptop PC.1 4GB of RAM, a 2-core with hyperthreading mobile Intel i5, and a 500GB drive. I initially put 64-bit Win 7 Pro on it, figuring it's then pretty much a miniature BlackBeast. It's now (November 2012) been persuaded to run Win 8 Pro.


The resolution (now 1366x768) wasn't too good initially until I picked up the latest Intel driver, and that took a while as I first had to figure out why the network (both wired and wireless) was conspicuous by its irritating absence. A drivers CD to the rescue. But I still like the Novatech approach of a completely empty machine on to which you choose what to load...

I keep a minimal set of programs on this device. Enough to run a local Apache server, fetch, update, and replace web files, check my email, browse the web, and (of course) play music and videos. Whenever I wander in range of wi-fi or a spare Ethernet cable.

July 2013 update: a chap doesn't really need another minimal BlackBeast when a chap can instead have a nice, new 32-bit Linux Mint 15... or so a chap's chums thought. So it's now running that with, from Day 1, more free software than you can ever wish to run.

April 2014 update: as my irritation level with Win8.1 Pro (on BlackBeast) fluctuates, I thought it sensible to refresh the laptop with a nice fresh coat of 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS just because I could. Let's see how I get on with that.

July 2014 update: away with Ubuntu. I'm now running a nice, new 64-bit Linux Mint 17. With Cinnamon. I like cinnamon.

February 2015 update: make that 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1. The laptop came in crucially handy when BlackBeast's Win8.1 Pro decided to go completely off the reservation. Hence my new 100% Linux lifestyle here in Technology Towers.


1  Nothing too fancy, though the 'performance manager' display shows four CPU cores.