Linux Mint

As I said here when the disastrous meltdown occurred, I've ditched Windows and switched to Linux Mint; a downstream variant of Ubuntu. The decision was relatively1 easy.

My first thoughts...

... were largely unprintable. I defy anyone confronted by a stubbornly dead-in-the-water PC to think much in the way of charitable thoughts for the first couple of minutes! Make a cup of tea instead. And don't panic. It's only a lump of metal and a few bits of not-very-smart sand, after all.

Panic button

Now, I'm only a lazy semi-intelligent primate, so I admit I did briefly consider just hopping out to get a new disk and Windows licence. But (a) that costs money, and (b) what's actually keeping me on Windows when all's said and done? Very few of my set of Windows applications have no direct Linux equivalents:

That just leaves file and system backup and who does that these days? :-)


1  Difficult decisions are easy when there's a loaded gun pointed at your head. Or when (for no discernible reason I or two of my guru chums could pinpoint after about 12 hours of intensive investigation) your 480GB Windows system SSD fails. It was the last straw.
2  I haven't had any serious need for DTP since about 1995 when a little thing called the Web came along and I became IBM's first Java webmaster.
3  Last time I used a spreadsheet to any serious purpose (and I don't class listing my MP3s in that category) was when I played out some financial "What if?" scenarios when I was deciding how much of my IBM pension to take as a tax-free lump sum in late 2006.