Blessed are the nonchalant...

A chap should write a book1, plant a tree, and raise a son. ICL published my first book in 1975, I planted my first tree in 1961, and Christa and I raised Peter from 1980. In late 2006 I retired from IBM... and began a diary that helped me both during, and since, her last illness. I miss her very much.

Happy couple

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Molehole is moving to AWS, which has meant turning 'molehole' pages from SHTML files back into HTML files. You will, alas, have to re-bookmark any 'molehole' pages accordingly.
Please use as a sensible starting point from now on.
I shall leave this page here as a reminder, though it won't be updated. Links from it are all correct. (I hope!)

My interests include the work of three geniuses: Charles Babbage, Shary Flenniken and George Cogar. I enjoy humour. Examples? Ernest Bramah and Emo Philips. Jokes (example). I even wrote a Chandler parody (for a bottle of Scotch) — I was young and innocent. I've been known to fight large corporations (and win!). Or castigate the BBC Trust. (6Music was saved.) There's a piece here I wrote for the IBM Hursley staff rag. And one on reverse parallel parking. Even thoughts on being an unrecognised genius.

A miniature rumination on Time. One on my mother. (Plus my recent orphan status.) Brief thoughts on Win8.1 Pro. Longer ones on choosing and using Linux. Even my first (1975) hi-fi magazine article on Living with Dolby B.

I may voice the occasional opinion2 you find uncomfortable, but I don't set out to offend. Please tell me of any problems with the site. I keep things as simple as I know how — but no simpler. Thanks for dropping by.
Errors are (of course) deliberate. I provide something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistooks.


1  Local evidence. Martin Campbell-Kelly asserts (in the Preface to From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedgehog which quotes from a book of mine that I sent him) "In the whole scheme of things, CICS is much more important than Microsoft Windows".
2  See Harlan Ellison's® take on opinions.